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History of Adair
County, Iowa,
and its People.  1915.

Volume 1.


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Grove Township is well watered by the Middle River, Grand River, Turkey Creek and numerous smaller branches throughout the township.  There has never been very much timber of natural growth here.  The soil is of a rich, dark and sandy loam.


The official organization of Grove Township occurred in 1860.  At the first election in November of that year the following officers were elected: P. C. Barrows, clerk;  S. Barrows, justice of the peace;  John Bruce, member of board of supervisors;  J. M. Witt,  Jacob Bruce,  S. Barrows, trustees;  J. M. Witt,  P. C. Barrows, constables;  Jacob Bruce, road supervisor;  S. Barrows, assessor.

The name Grove was suggested by Jacob Bruce, one of the pioneers of Jefferson Township, and was adopted officially.


The first settlement in Grove Township was made by J. R. Pierce, who entered land in 1856.  He resided here about four years, when he removed to Kansas.

W. H. Brainard entered land in Grove Township in 1857.

James McMaster, a pioneer settler of Grove Township, located a claim on section 4 in an early day.  He remained here for a number of years, after which he removed to Creston and there died.

John Wagner came in the spring of 1869 and settled upon section 29.  He remained here until 1875 and then went to Guthrie County.

James Merritt also came in the early spring of 1869 and settled upon section 29.  In 1875 he went, with his family, to the State of Kansas.

In April, 1869, Fred Schutze entered land on section 29.

P. O. Swisher came in March, 1870, and entered land on section 20.

Gordon Shanklin was among the early settlers of Grove.  He located on section 4, where he remained until 1882, then removing to Guthrie County.


Groveland postoffice was established in 1870 with Frederick Hodges as postmaster.  He held the office until April, 1872, when Asa Wilson was appointed.  Following him came Hugh Gray, M. Howell, and Mr. Walbridge.

In June, 1877, five acres in the southeast corner of section 9 were purchased from the heirs of  H. N. Peck, for $45, for use as a cemetery.  The first interment was the body of Mr. Aiken.

In 1873 the Groveland Sunday School was organized with J. B. Dunn, superintendent, and P. O. Swisher, assistant superintendent.

The first birth in Grove Township was a child to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Smith.

The first death in the township was that of a Mr. Taylor.

The first minister to hold services was Rev. J. B. McGinnis.

The first marriage was that of William Sproul and Elizabeth Stuart in 1864.  They afterwards removed to Kansas.

Mr. Brainard broke the first ground in the township in 1857.  He also sowed the first wheat and oats and planted the first corn.

The first house erected was by J. R. Pierce in 1856.  He also set out the first orchard in the township.



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