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History of Adair
County, Iowa,
and its People.  1915.

Volume 1.


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The land in this township is of the finest quality, the surface rolling, and in the vicinity of the river, quite abrupt.  It is one of the best watered townships in the county, as three considerable streams traverse it, together with many tributaries.  Grand River, the largest and most important, enters this township on the north and west lines of section 6, in two branches which unite in the northeast corner of that section.  Flowing thence in a general southeasterly course it crosses sections 5,8, 17, 16, 22, 27, and 35.  Nine Mile Creek, or the south branch of Grand River, enters in the southwest quarter of section 31, and flowing nearly east, traverses sections 31, 32, 33, 34 and makes a confluence with the parent stream in the southwest quarter of section 35.  Bush Branch, having its headwaters in Harrison Township, enters on the north of section 3, and waters sections 3, 2, 11, and 13, on the latter of which it makes its exit.


Most probably the first man to make a settlement in the township was James Bush, who located upon section 13 in June, 1854.  He was a native of Delaware County, Ohio.

In 1854 William Schweers, a native of Germany, located in the township with his family.  He died in 1880.

George Grimma was the third to make a settlement, coming from Keokuk County, Ia., to this township and locating upon section 27 in October, 1855.  He resided here until his death on September 18, 1879

John Augustine, in the spring of 1855, settled upon section 29.  This was about May 1st, and after erecting a log cabin, he set about to open a farm.

Nelson Phinney located upon section 25 in 1855, where he remained some years, then removed to Winterset.

William Shoemaker came here in 1855 and located upon section 25.  He afterwards went to Union Township.

In 1856 Christian Augustine came to Grand River Township and settled on section 29, where he took up a claim.  He had come to the county in 1855.  He was a native of Germany.

George W. Hawkins, who served in the First Iowa Cavalry in the War of the Rebellion settled on section 1 of Grand River Township in 1869.  John W. Perry and George C. Sackett settled on section 2 in 1870.  About the only settlers in the present township of Grand River at that time were James Bush, Joel Savage and possibly some of the Bunce brothers, three or four of whom came about the same time.


Grand River Township, which then embraced all of what is now Union and Grand River, was organized in 1855 and the first election was held at the house of William Schweers on section 34.  It is said that there were only thirteen votes polled at this time. John Augustine was elected township clerk and Alvin Greer, justice of the peace.  Robert Wilson,  Alvin Greer and Nelson Phinney were the first trustees.


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