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History of Adair
County, Iowa, 1915.

Biographical.  Volume 2.


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James Russell Peters.

Mr. and Mrs. James Peters

James Russell Peters has for forty-three years been a witness of the changes that have been wrought and the development that has been carried forward in Adair county, for he has spent the entire period of his life in this county, his birth having occurred in Jefferson township in April, 1872.  He is a son of James and Mary Ellen (Russell) Peters, who were natives of Peoria county, Illinois.  The father lived in the city of Peoria until he reached the age of ten years, when his parents removed to a farm in that county, so that he was reared to agricultural life, early becoming familiar with all the duties and labors that fall to the lot of the farmer.  When he had attained his majority he began farming on his own account and was thus busily engaged in Peoria county until 1869, when he drove across the country to Adair county, Iowa, and purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land on section 22, Jefferson township, for which he paid eight dollars per acre.  The work of improvement has been carried steadily forward since that time and the farm is now valued at one hundred seventy-five dollars per acre.  James Peters continued the active work of the fields until 1909, when he retired from business, but is still living on the old home place at the age of seventy-four years.  His wife also survives and has reached the age of seventy-eight.

James R Peters was reared upon the old homestead and the public schools of Menlo provided him his educational opportunities.  He remained with his parents until he reached the age of twenty-five years, although on attaining his majority he began farming for himself on rented land.  After operating that place for ten years he removed to Madison county, Iowa, where he carried on farming for five years, owning three different tracts of land during that period.  He then sold out and returned to Adair county, purchasing one hundred and sixty acres of land in Grove township.  For a year he remained upon that place and then traded it for land in Canada and also purchased a half section in Howard county, Iowa, which he later exchanged for two hundred and forty acres in Jefferson township, Adair county.  Upon the latter tract he has placed many excellent improvements, but he rents the farm to others and operates the old homestead, having followed this course for six years.  He gives his attention to the development of this place, which comprises two hundred and forty acres, and the excellent appearance of the farm indicates his careful supervision, his practical and progressive methods and his unfaltering determination.

In March, 1897, Mr. Peters was married to Miss Lillie B. Lowe, a daughter of J. N. and Susie (Isley) Lowe, the former a native of North Carolina and the latter of Pennsylvania.  They were prominent settlers of Adair county, arriving here in the '60s, and the father has since engaged in farming.  At the time of the Civil war he entered the army and served in defense of the Union cause.  His wife passed away in May, 1888.  In the family of Mr. and Mrs. Peters are seven children:  Dorothy E., seventeen years of age;  Susie M., aged fifteen;  Alice L., twelve;  James D., ten;  Clarence H., nine;  Irene M., sever;  and Burnette R., six years of age.

In politics Mr. Peters is a progressive republican.  Broad reading keeps him in touch with the leading questions and issues of the day and his support of any measure results from a firm belief in the righteousness of the cause.  His religious faith is that of the Methodist church, to which he and his wife belong.  They are well known in this county, where they have resided for so many years, and they have a large circle of warm friends.



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