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History of Adair
County, Iowa, 1915.

Biographical.  Volume 2.


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Frederick S. Whittum.

For seven years Frederick S. Whittum has been engaged in the operation of an excellent farm of three hundred and twenty acres in Jefferson township and he also has other agricultural interests.  In a word, he is one of the most progressive and enterprising farmers of the county, keeping in touch with all modern methods, so that his labors produce excellent results in the cultivation of his fields.  He was born in Lincoln township, this county, October 11, 1881, his father being George D. Whittum, of whom extended mention is made elsewhere in this volume.  His youthful days were largely devoted to the attainment of a good English education in the district schools and in Stuart high school, from which he was graduated with the class of 1901.  He subsequently entered Grinnell College, which he attended for one year and then returned home, after which he was busily engaged in farm work for two or three years.  At the end of that time he entered the Capital City Commercial College in Des Moines and was graduated therefrom with the class of 1908.

On reaching manhood Frederick S. Whittum became associated with his father in a cooperative way in the further development and improvement of the home farm, but in 1908 he took up his abode on what is known as the old William Easton farm of three hundred and twenty acres in Jefferson township, which belongs to his father, and for the past seven years he has devoted his time and energies to its operation.  He also continues to cooperate with his father and brother Arthur in their agricultural enterprises, the interests of the three being mutual.  He is actuated in all that he does by the spirit of enterprise and advancement and his intelligently directed labors, productive of good results, have made him one of the foremost agriculturists of the county.  He specializes in feeding stock, handling two carloads of cattle annually, and he also raises, feeds and sells from two to three carloads of Poland China hogs each year.  He feeds all of the grain which he raises and buys much more.

In his political views Mr. Whittum is a republican and reading keeps him in touch with the vital questions and issues of the day, but while he is interested in the political situation, he does not seek nor desire the rewards of office, preferring to give his undivided attention to his farming activities, which are of an important and extensive character and which have gained him recognition as one of the leading and successful representatives of farm life in Adair county.



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