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History of Adair
County, Iowa, 1915.

Biographical.  Volume 2.


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Henry Traugott Miller.

Henry Traugott Miller, a well known and successful farmer residing on section 32, Prussia township, was born in Saxony, Germany, on the 4th of July, 1854.  His parents Gottlob and Johanna (Kruge) Miller, were also natives of that province and there both passed away, the former in 1889 and the latter in 1873.  The father was at one time overseer of a coal mine and was later superintendent of a waterpower works.

Henry T. Miller received his education in Germany.  As a boy he worked in a restaurant in Leipzig and thus provided for his own support, but when nineteen years of age he came to America, chiefly to gratify his desire to see something of the world.  He made his way direct to Adair county, Iowa, and found employment as a farm hand, in which capacity he worked for three years.  He was then married and took up residence in Prussia township, where he rented land for a similar period.  In 1880 his circumstances were such that he was able to purchase eighty acres of land, upon which he took up his residence immediately and which is still his home farm.  He has prospered beyond his expectations and from time to time has invested in more land until his holdings now comprise seven eighty-acre tracts, or five hundred and sixty acres, in Prussia and Eureka townships.  In 1914 he retired from active life and now rents his land to others, although he still oversees the operation of his farms to some extent.  He has largely concentrated his energies upon the raising of high grade cattle and hogs for the market and as he has made a careful study of the business and has managed his affairs well he has gained financial independence.  He also owns stock in the Farmers Lumber Company of Fontanelle.

On the 14th of January, 1877, in Fontanelle, occurred the marriage of Mr. Miller and Miss Anna Katharine Rohner, a daughter of Michael and Dorothy (Einsele) Rohner, natives of Wurtemberg, Germany.  Both passed their entire lives in the fatherland.  In 1874 Mrs. Miller emigrated to the United States and located in Bureau county, Illinois, whence after a short time she came to Adair county.  Mr. and Mrs. Miller have become the parents of nine children.  Louise Dorothy is the wife of George Weinheimer, a farmer of Prussia township, by whom she has a daughter, Annie.  Herman F., a farmer of Prussia township, married Miss Margaret Hell, by whom he has five children, Oscar, Leslie, Rudolph, Arthur and Lucile.  Frederick Ernest, an agriculturist of Summerset township, married Miss Katharine Baudler and they have two children, Fred and Irene.  Anna is the wife of Claus Hell, a farmer of Eureka township, and they have two children, Erwin and Wilma.  Clara married Fred Mangels, who is farming in Lee township, and they have a daughter, Doris Katharine.  Frank and Emil are farming the homestead.  Carl William is a clerk in the employ of the Farmers Lumber Company of Fontanelle.  Pauline, the youngest of the family, is at home.

Mr. Miller formerly supported the democratic party, but now votes for the man whom he deems most capable, irrespective of his political affiliation.  For the past fifteen years he has been trustee of Prussia township, his long continuance in the office proving the acceptability of his services.  He was also for a number of years school director of his home district.  Both he and his wife belong to the German Lutheran church at Fontanelle and in their daily lives are true to its teachings.  Mr. Miller is one of the foremost citizens of his county and can be depended upon to do his share in advancing the general welfare.



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