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History of Adair
County, Iowa, 1915.

Biographical.  Volume 2.


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William F. Kading.

Farming and stock-raising claim the attention of William F. Kading, whose home is pleasantly and conveniently situated on section 19,Walnut township, not far from Adair.  He was born in Jefferson county, Wisconsin, on the 22d of August, 1875, and is of German descent, both of his parents, Ferdinand and Henrietta (Kempe) Kading, having been natives of the fatherland.  The father was born October 15, 1846, while the natal day of the mother was February 15, 1847.  They came to the United States in early life, Ferdinand Kading settling in Wisconsin, where he took up the occupation of farming, being employed by others until he felt justified in making an independent start as a farmer.  He then rented land and in 1877 he left Wisconsin for Iowa.  For a year he lived in Madison county and in 1878 became a resident of Walnut township, Adair county, where he purchased eighty acres, upon which his son William now resides.  The father took up his abode upon that tract and there remained until 1902, when he removed to a farm just east of the old home place.  The succeeding four years were there passed but in 1906 he retired from active life and became a resident of Casey, where for eight years he lived quietly in the enjoyment of a rest which he had truly earned and richly deserved.  He died in Casey June 6, 1914, but his widow still resides there.

William F. Kading was but two years of age when his parents came to Iowa, so that practically his entire life has been spent in Adair county.  The usual experiences of the farm lad were his.  When not busy with his textbooks in the schoolroom he worked in the fields and he learned many lessons from Mother Nature as well as from those teachers who were employed to direct the intellectual development of the youths of the neighborhood.  In early manhood he married and took up his abode upon a farm of one hundred and sixty acres which was willed to him by his father, and upon that place he has continued to live, his attention being given to general farming and to stock-raising.  He both breeds and raises good grades of cattle, hogs and horses and he has studied the best methods of caring for his stock so as to keep them in good condition and thus secure high market prices.  His work is at all times carefully systematized and his business affairs wisely managed, and the results which are achieved place him among the substantial residents of Walnut township.

On the 18th of December, 1901, Mr. Kading was united in marriage to Miss Amelia Wegner, a daughter of Edward and Minnie (Lemke) Wegner, both of whom were natives of Germany, the former born May 2, 1846, and the latter December 24, 1844.  In the year 1868 Mr. Wegner came to the new world and established his home in Wisconsin, where he afterward met and married Miss Lemke.  In 1877 they reached Adair county, Iowa, settling in Walnut township, where he carried on general farming.  There were few residents in the district at that period and nearly all of the land was raw prairie, but with characteristic energy he began the development of his place and good results accrued.  Mrs. Wegner died on the old home place February 8, 1905.  After living upon that farm for twenty-eight years Mr. Wegner removed to Casey in 1907 and retired from active business life, but indolence and idleness are utterly foreign to his nature and he could not be content without some occupation, so he is now clerking in the W. C. Betts store in Casey.  Mr. and Mrs. Kading were married in the Wegner home in Walnut township by the Rev. Kroitz, who at that time was pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran church at Casey.  Their home has been blessed with seven children:  Harold, who was born October 24, 1902;  Leroy, born May 24, 1904;  Lawrence and Laura, twins, born January 3, 1906;  Gertrude, who was born March 31, 1909;  Gladys, who was a twin sister of Gertrude and died in infancy;  and Elmer, who was born July 18, 1911.  The children who are of school age are attending school in district No. 4 in Walnut township.

Mr. Kading is now serving for the fourth year as school director in that district, where, as a boy, he was himself a student and where his children are now pursuing their education.  He is a democrat in his political faith and he and his wife are members of the German Lutheran church of Casey.  Both are representatives of oldtime German families and are connected with families who were pioneer residents of Walnut township.  The work which the fathers instituted has been carried on by the younger generation and William F. Kading is today accounted one of the successful and progressive agriculturists of his township.  He is widely and favorably known and many substantial qualities have gained for him the regard of all with whom he has been associated.



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