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History of Guthrie and
Adair Counties, Iowa, 1884

Title Page and Preface.


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Guthrie and Adair Counties,



Together with sketches of their towns, villages and townships, educational,
civil, Military and political history; portraits of prominent
persons, and biographies of old settlers and
representative citizens.



History of Iowa,

Embracing accounts of the pre-historic races, and a brief review
of its civil, political and military history.




Springfield, Ill.
Continental Historical Company.



To The Pioneers


Guthrie and Adair Counties,

This volume is

Respectfully Dedicated,

With the hope that your virtues may be emulated
and your toils and sacrifices duly appreciated
by coming generations.




The importance of preserving in concise form the traditions of the past has never been questioned, nor the usefulness of local history been disputed.  Believing that the counties of Guthrie and Adair afforded most excellent material for a good county history, the Continental Historical Company placed in the field a full corps of experienced historians, prepared to spare no time or money in compiling a complete and reliable work.  The manuscript of these histories have been submitted to the committees chosen by your own citizens for the purpose, who, after a critical examination of them, have approved of our work.  We feel confident that we here present our patrons with a work that is as correct as is possible for humanity to make.  That errors have crept in, and may be found, we do not doubt.  Man is at best but a fallible creature, but every statement herein published is honestly believed in by the parties furnishing the information, by the historians, and by the committee of revision.  All desire the truth, and nothing but the truth.  They gave much time and labor to the work, and deserve the thanks of the citizens of the county for the faithful discharge of the trust reposed in them.  Our thanks are due to the numerous friends who have so kindly assisted us in gathering up items and assisting in the compilation of this volume.  We cannot name them all, for their name is legion, but we must not forget to mention Colonel S. D. Nichols, Charles Ashton, John W. Foster, Joseph W. Cummins, and W. P. Moulton, of Guthrie county;  James and Alexander Gow, Dr. E. Spooner, Abner Root, R. E. Ewing, and others of Adair county, and the gentlemanly officials of both counties.

Nor must we forget to remember and thank the historians of the company who have labored so hard and faithfully for the good of all --- James S. Walters, Myron E. Lusk, Joseph H. Power, Maurice E. Power, James McFarland, Charles W. Moseley, N. T. Hellyer, J. K. Vint and Miss Adele Walters.  They all tried to do their work well and to please our patrons.

In conclusion, we would say that our work is done; the History of Guthrie and Adair Counties is before you.  We cheerfully hope it will please you.

Yours truly,

The Continental Historical Company          

Springfield, Illinois, October, 1884.



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