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A. T. Andreas
Illustrated Historical Atlas
of the State of Iowa, 1875


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Allamakee County Patrons

Part 2:  Lafayette - Lansing Townships


A. T. Andreas

Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875




Lafayette Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Anderson, Michael Milton Grocery Store Manitowoc, Wis. 1871 Village Creek
Apple, Joseph Milton Wagon Maker Germany 1860 Village Creek
Aldrich, James Section 7 Farmer Saratoga, N. Y. 1865 Village Creek
Brownell, Edward Section 7 Farmer Switzerland 1852 Village Creek
Borer, John S. Section 14 Farmer Switzerland 1852 Lansing
Convers, Jane D. Milton Milliner, & Dressmkr. St. Lawrence Col, N. Y. 1851 Village Creek
Dayton, H. O. Section 18 County Surveyor Saratoga Co., N. Y. 1856 Village Creek
Doehler, F. Section 18 Flour Mill Germany 1855 Village Creek
Ericksen, James Milton Boot and Shoe Maker Norway 1853 Village Creek
Froehlich, Henry Section 21 Farmer Germany 1859 Village Creek
Johnson, Ingelbrigt Section 31 Farmer and Teacher Bergen Stift, Nor. 1865 Dalby
Jackson, J. P. Section 29 Farmer Fairfield Co., Ohio 1851 Village Creek
Kelleher, Vm. Section 4 Farmer Ireland 1854 Lansing
Murphy, John Section 15 Farmer Ireland 1848 Lansing
Murphy, Patrick Section 15 Farmer Ireland 1868 Lansing
Pope, Henry Milton Painter Ireland 1850 Village Creek
Roggensack, Martin Sections 2 & 11 Farmer Germany 1862 Lansing
Spinner, Peter Milton Blacksmith Baden, Germany 1856 Village Creek
Stiber, Conrad Section 21 Farmer Germany 1859 Village Creek
Towle, Jno. P. Milton Farmer & Carpenter Franklin Co., Me. 1861 Village Creek
Tisdale, E. D. Section 31 Farmer Upper Canada 1852 Village Creek


Lansing Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Burgess, E. Lansing Boots and Shoes Somerset Co., Me. 1861 Lansing
Bockfinger, Ph. Lansing Carriage & Plow Fcty. Germany 1856 Lansing
Bates, J. W. Lansing Hotel and Livery Orange Co., Vt. 1856 Lansing
Bascom, E. B. Lansing Grain Dealer Sullivan Co., N. H. 1855 Lansing
Blum, E. A. Lansing Groceries & Provis'ns Germany 1855 Lansing
Boeckh, Ed Lansing Foundry Baden, Germany 1854 Lansing
Beusch, Henry Lansing Contractor & Builder Germany 1855 Lansing
Corell, John Lansing Furniture Dealer Germany 1856 Lansing
Camp, Geo. W. Lansing Attorney at Law Litchfield Co., Conn. 1852 Lansing
Craig, N. S. Lansing Physician & Surgeon Broome Co., N. Y. 1861 Lansing
Clark, George Section 6 Farmer Illinois 1854 New Albin
Cornell, F. L. Lansing Photographer Chenango Co., N. Y. 1867 Lansing
Dreher, Jacob Lansing American House Germany 1865 Lansing
Dignan, N. Lansing Wholesale Liquors Boston, Mass. 1854 Lansing
Davis, S. H. Lansing Marble Works Warren Co., Ohio 1852 Lansing
Dietrich, Chas. Lansing Marble Works Guttenberg, Ger. 1870 Lansing
Davis, J. W. Lansing Physician Davis Co., Ind. 1864 Lansing
Dorrmann, Jacob Lansing Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods Baden, Germany 1866 Lansing
Elmendorf, L. M. Lansing Jewelry and Music Schoharie Co., N. Y. 1855 Lansing
Ellefson, E. Lansing Scandinavian House Norway 1853 Lansing
Erickson, W. C. Lansing Contractor & Builder Christiana, Norway 1854 Lansing
Fuiks, L. & Bro. Lansing Merchant Tailors Established 1873 Lansing
Gruber, Mathias Section 16 Farmer Baden, Germany 1855 Lansing
Gruber, Louis Section 10 Farmer Baden, Germany 1854 Lansing
Gruber, Johan Section 9 Farmer Baden, Germany 1854 Lansing
Gruber, Thomas Section 31 Farmer Baden, Germany 1855 Lansing
Geinzer, George Section 9 Farmer Baiern, Germany 1855 Lansing
Grant, T. P. Lansing Hardware, Stoves & Tinware Hartford Co., Conn. 1858 Lansing
Gugelman, R. Lansing Painter Switzerland 1854 Lansing
Hazleton, S. H. Lansing Banker & Ins. Agt. Tioga Co., Pa. 1856 Lansing
Haines, J. K., Sr. Section 22 Hardware, Stoves & Tinware Loudon, N. H. 1855 Lansing
Hesla, N. E. Lansing Hardware Norway 1858 Lansing
Haas, Jacob Lansing Brewery Germany 1854 Lansing
Haney, Dick Lansing Attorney at Law Allamakee Co., Io. 1852 Lansing
Hancock, Jno. M. Lansing Jewelry England 1854 Lansing
Heutrick, Adam Section 32 Farmer Germany 1855 Lansing
Hufschmidt, C. W. Lansing Grain Dealer Germany 1856 Lansing
Hemenway, Barclay & Co. Lansing Dealers & Manufacturers of Lumber Organized 1872 Lansing
Hirth, Adam Section 18 Farmer Baden, Germany 1852 Lansing
Hirth, Bernard Lansing Dlr. in Watches, Jewelry, Organs, S. Mach. Baden, Germany 1851 Lansing
Hammarstrom, F. A. Lansing Blacksmith Sweden 1869 Lansing
Hohenadel, Peter Lansing Half Moon House H. Darmstadt, Ger. 1849 Lansing
Henssler, Joseph Lansing Bakery Baden, Germany 1868 Lansing
Henrich, Bros. Lansing Soda Mnfr. Rhine Prov., Ger. 1874 Lansing
Haney, John, Jr. Section 30 Miller Ohio 1839 Lansing
Jacoby, Wm. Lansing Catholic Priest Luxembourg 1866 Lansing
Johnston, Saml. B. Lansing Lumber Dealer Dutchess Co., N. Y. 1855 Lansing
Karberg, Peter Lansing Publisher Germany 1857 Lansing
Kerndt, G. & Bros. Lansing Merchants Germany 1854 Lansing
Kaeppler, C. R. Lansing Miller Baden, Germany 1853 Lansing
Kluver, L. Lansing Diamond House Bergen Stift, Norway 1873 Lansing
Kinne, Samuel H. Lansing Attorney at Law New York 1857 Lansing
Lachner, Joseph Section 16 Farmer Allamakee Co., Io. 1854 Lansing
Lisher, J. M. Lansing Central House Shelby Co., Ind. 1853 Lansing
Lloyd, W. & Sons Lansing Merchants Organized 1874 Lansing
Lyse, John Lansing Carpenter Christiana, Norway 1866 Lansing
Moellerman, John Section 13 Farmer Westphalen, Germany 1865 Lansing
Miles, G. Lansing Clothing England 1852 Lansing
Medary, T. C. Lansing Publisher Trumbull Co., Ohio 1855 Lansing
Metcalf, James T. Lansing Publisher Belmont Co., Ohio 1870 Lansing
Marti, Jacob Lansing Bakery Switzerland 1856 Lansing
Manger, Wm. A. Lansing Furniture Mnfg. Germany 1854 Lansing
Manderschied, A. Section 7 Farmer Baden, Germany 1852 Lansing
Nielander & Brockhausen Lansing Merchants Germany 1854 Lansing
Nachtwey, Theo. Lansing Druggist Germany 1859 Lansing
Nelson, L. M. Lansing Barber Christiana, Norway 1859 Lansing
Nelson & Erickson Lansing Local & Foreign Exch., Farmer & S. Mach. Norway 1854 Lansing
Norton, Thos. Lansing Agt. & Dlr. In Farming Machinery Boston, Mass. 1858 Lansing
Oleson, Lars Lansing Merchant Christiana, Norway 1854 Lansing
Pape, Mrs. J. H. Lansing Merchandise Germany 1854 Lansing
Punnel, Peter Lansing Painter Luxemburg, Ger. 1863 Lansing
Ruprecht & Ibach Lansing Livery Germany 1854 Lansing
Rieth, John Lansing Hardware & Stoves Germany 1855 Lansing
Riser, John Section 30 Farmer Berne, Switzerland 1858 Lansing
Sandry, Andrew Section 29 Farmer Switzerland 1849 Lansing
Scholtes, Peter Section 15 Farmer Luxemburg, Ger. 1854 Lansing
Strub, Joseph Section 24 Farmer Switzeland 1856 Lansing
Schinzel, John Lansing St. Nicholas Hotel Germany 1856 Lansing
Spencer, R. P. Lansing Hardware Erie Co., N. Y. 1856 Lansing
Schiek, F. & Co. Lansing Merchants Germany 1858 Lansing
Schook, Jacob Lansing Butcher Wurtemburg, Ger. 1856 Lansing
Simon, John Lansing Cigar Mnfg. & Rest'nt Prussia, Germany 1868 Lansing
Simonson, S. (Mela) Lansing Boots and Shoes Trondhjem, Nor. 1861 Lansing
Simon, Mathias Lansing Restaurant Germany 1866 Lansing
Smith, Joseph H. Lansing Harness & Saddlery Centre Co., Pa. 1855 Lansing
Thomson, James M. Section 3 Farmer Aberdeensh'e, Scot. 1854 Lansing
Thomson, John M. Section 11 Farmer Canada 1854 Lansing
Thomson, George Section 14 Farmer Aberdeensh'e, Scot. 1854 Lansing
Tollefson, Andrew Lansing Contractor & Builder Christi'na Stift, Nor. 1861 Lansing
Thomas, J. W. Lansing First National Bank Missouri 1853 Lansing
Thomthe, H. J. Lansing Merchant Tailor Norway 1869 Lansing
Taylor, J. I. Lansing Physician Washington Co., N. Y. 1852 Lansing
Thayer, Q. Lansing Groceries & Provisions France 1852 Lansing
Thompson, P. F. Lansing Groceries Norway 1866 Lansing
Weipert, Ferdin'd Lansing Farmer Baden, Germany 1856 Lansing
Weipert, Paul Section 4 Farmer Baden, Germany 1856 Lansing
Wuest & Urmersbach Lansing Grocery Germany 1854 Lansing
Waechter, C. C. Lansing Book Dealer Bavaria 1853 Lansing
Wiehe, W. E. Lansing Book-keeper Germany 1849 Lansing
Watts, Cyrus Lansing Attorney at Law Portage Co., Ohio 1859 Lansing
Wier, Clark Lansing Druggist & Book Dlr. Allegany Col, N. Y. 1868 Lansing
Whitney, Geo. W. Lansing Millwright Onondaga Co., N. Y. 1862 Lansing
Wagner, F. W. Lansing Harness & Saddlery Bavaria, Germany 1855 Lansing
Zeimel, Michael Section 15 Farmer Luxemburg, Ger. 1854 Lansing



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