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History of Cedar
County, Iowa, 1878.


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Biographies - Center Township

H - K


Haley, John,  laborer.

Hall, J. R.,  farmer, Section 2; Post Office Tipton.

Hall, R.,  retired physician.

Hall, Wm. D., cooper.

Haller, Louis.

Hamm, W. A., salesman.

Hammond, Chas.,  banker, Tipton; born in Piscataquis County, Maine, April 29, 1839; came to Hampton, Illinois, with his parents in infancy; came to this county in 1842; one of the early settlers; from 1849 to 1862 attended school and assisted his father in the mercantile business; in 1864, engaged in mercantile business for himself, and continued five years; he has been engaged in the banking business here since October 1, 1871.  Married Miss Anna R. Kirby, from Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, August 20, 1866; they have four children --- Kirby, Willard, Maud, Charles C.; lost one daughter in infancy.

Hammond, Herbert,  cashier in bank.

Hammond, Hiram, nurseryman.

Hammond, Willard,  deceased; was born in Swanzey, New Hampshire, March 3, 1813; his parents died when he was 16 years of age; he then lived in the family of a Presbyterian minister for three years, and taught school; when 20 years of age commenced business with $300, at Guilford, Maine, and continued seven years.    Married Miss Susan Gower, of Industry, Maine, Jan. 2, 1837; bought a stock of goods, and March 10, 1839, they started West, and came to Hampton, Illinois, near Rock Island, and engaged in business; the following year came to Iowa; attended the land sales at Dubuque, and purchased land quite extensively in this and adjoining counties; in March, 1842, he came with his family to this county, and located at Washington Ferry; engaged in farming for six years; the following Spring, 1849, engaged in mercantile business in Tipton, and continued until the time of his death, February 21, 1864.  He held the office of Mayor, and other township offices, and was identified with the interests of the county.  He left a wife and seven children --- Helen Maria, Charles, Susan Frances, Josiah W., Emma, Frank and Herbert; lost one son --- George W.  He left quite a large estate;   Mrs. Hammond lives on the home place, just outside the city limits.

Hancock, D. O., farmer, Section 24; Post Office Tipton.

Hancock, Samuel,  farmer, Section 24; Post Office Tipton; born in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, October 3, 1818; moved to Crawford County, Ohio, at an early age;   came to Cedar County, Iowa, by wagon, being twenty-one days on the way, and arrived here September 28, 1841, and settled in Rochester Township.; engaged in farming; only five cabins on the road from Tipton to Rochester, and plenty of deer, turkey, and wolves here then; has lived here thirty-six years --- one of the early settlers;  owns a farm of ninety acres.  Married Elizabeth Shreiver, from Pennsylvania, November, 1839;  they have ten children --- Catherine D., Mary M., Barbara E., George W., Daniel O., Louisa, Irene Belle, Elizabeth, Noah L., Della May;   lost one son --- John.

Hanna, James,  farmer and stock raiser, Section 24; Post Office Tipton; born in Green Brier County, Virginia, December 10, 1824; lived there about twenty-seven years, then came to Cedar County, in 1851;  about twenty-seven years ago he began and worked for $14 a month for old Jonathan Morgan; then went to farming on the old Joe McCroskey place; then moved where he now lives; owns 400 acres of land and twenty acres of timber, and is largely engaged in farming and stock raising.    Married Miss Sarah Ann Fulwider, daughter of Henry Fulwider, one of the earliest settlers of this county, in January, 1852; they have six children --- William W., Henry M., Joseph B., James A., Lewis L., Ellen F.; lost one daughter.

Hanna, Joseph,  farmer, Section 24; Post Office Tipton.

Hanna, Wm.,  farmer, Section 24; Post Office Tipton.

Harrison, M.,  farmer; Post Office Tipton.

Hartson, A. C.,  hotel keeper.

Hatch, P.,  farmer, Section 36:  Post Office Tipton.

Hawler, Charles W., County Recorder, Tipton; born in Stark County, Ohio, September 13, 1845; lived in Ohio ten years, and came to this county with his parents in 1855; returned to Ohio in 1858; learned the trade of carpenter and builder; came to this county again in 1869; was clerk in the mercantile business; was in the army in the 162d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company H, one hundred day service; returned and enlisted in the 184th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company F, Army of the Cumberland; was elected Recorder of this county in the Fall of 1872; re-elected in 1874, and again re-elected in 1876.  Married Miss Rena Rogers, from Missouri, March 28, 1872.  They have three children --- Harry, Hattie and a baby.

Hayden, Perry,  laborer.

Hayes, C. I.,  carpenter.

Heckenlively, G. W.,   farmer, Section 9; Post Office Tipton.

Heckenlively, J. B., farmer, Section 4; Post Office Tipton.

Heizer, E. J.,  clerk.

Hellyer, A., farmer, Section 24; Post Office Tipton.

Helmer, John,  farmer;  Post Office Tipton.

Hepner, Wm. T.,  carpenter and builder, Tipton; born in Warren County, Ohio, September 19, 1832; lived there sixteen years; moved to Indiana and lived there eight years; learned the trade of carpenter and joiner; came to Cedar County in 1856; was in the army; enlisted in the 29th Regiment Indiana Voluntary Infantry Company D; was wounded in the battle of Pittsburg Landing; returned to Indiana and came to Tipton, and engaged in building; has built and helped build many buildings here.    Married Barbara Ann Cripliver, from Wayne County, Ohio, in April, 1857; they have three children --- Read, Kate, Myrtle.

Hicks, G. S.,  merchant.

Hill, Wm.,  farmer, Section 24; Post Office Tipton.

Hepple, R.,  Section 27; Post Office Tipton.

Hirschefeldt, Fred. W.,  manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, Tipton; born in Prussia Jan. 29, 1816; he was apprenticed to a manufacturer of boots and shoes, and learned the trade, then came to America in 1852, and came to Tipton in October, 1853, and began business here; no one in this business now who was here when he came; has worked at his trade forty-eight years.  Married Mary Harris, from Ohio, in June, 1865; they have three children --- Frank, Charlie and Nellie.

Hobsteter, Conrad,  blacksmith, Tipton.

Hall, Joshua,  farmer, Section 2; Post Office Tipton.

Hoon, Joseph,  laborer.

Hoon, Lee,  blacksmith, Tipton; born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, September 13, 1853; lived there twelve years and came to Tipton, Cedar County, in 1864; learned trade of blacksmith and has been engaged in it for the past eight years; married Miss Etta Cripliver, from this town and county, July 3, 1874.

Hoon, Silas,  wagon maker.

Horn, J. C.,  farmer, Section 33; Post Office Tipton.

Horn, W.,  farmer, Section 35;  Post Office Tipton.

Howard, Joseph,  farmer, Section 32; Post Office Tipton; born in Knox County Ohio, June 22, 1814; lived there about thirty-eight years; came to Cedar County in October, 1852; in the following November, he settled on the farm where he now resides; has lived on this place over twenty-five years; only a few settlers here when he came, who are living now; owns farm of 160 acres; is engaged in farming and stock raising.  He held office of Postmaster under Presidents Pierce and Buchanan for six years, and has also held school and road offices.  Married Miss Emeline Baker, from Knox County, Ohio, in February, 1841; they have six children --- James D., living in Iowa; Mason, living in Denver; Delphus W., physician, Genoa, O.; Jemima, Charlotte E. and Louie; they have lost three children.

Howard, W.,  farmer; Section 32.

Huber, George,  County Treasurer.

Huber, H.,  farmer, Section 9; Post Office Tipton.

Huber, Harriet A. Mrs.,  Tipton; born in Delaware County, Ohio, October 25, 1820, and lived in that State about nineteen years; she married John Huber July 6, 1839; he was born in Fairfield County, Ohio, in 1811; he was educated at Athens, Ohio, and Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, and afterward studied law in Lancaster, Ohio, with John T. Brazee, and was admitted to the bar; they came from Ohio in an open buggy, stopping at Knoxville and Geneseo, Illinois, and arrived here March 21, 1840, and were among the earliest settlers here; entered 240 acres of land; he went to Marion, Linn County, and practiced his profession there four years, then returned here and settled where they now live, and practiced law in Tipton; held office of Prosecuting Attorney of this county; he died March 9, 1870, leaving an estate of 540 acres of land; they had ten children;  seven living --- Elnathan S., Caroline S., Philip R., Mary L., Henry L., Lucy M., W. Scott; lost three children --- John, Francis E. and Lysander.  Elnathan was in the army, in the 24th Regiment. Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company C.

Hudelson, James T., farmer and stock raiser, Section 12; Post Office Tipton; born in Henry County, Indiana, December 17, 1829; lived there thirty-six years; was engaged in the mercantile business in Knightstown for many years; also was in stock business there; came to Cedar County in 1865, and engaged in stock dealing and farming; owns 320 acres of land just out of town; he has held town and road offices.  Married Miss Nancy C. Stratton from Henry County, Indiana, November, 1853; they have five children --- Charles C., Harry B., Maggie M., Frank and Carrie; they have lost three children.

Humphrey, E. E.,  printer.

Hutton, Chas.,  laborer, Section 34; Post Office Pleasant Hill.

Ingledew, Geo.,  tenant farmer, Section 19; Post Office Tipton.

Ingledew, John,  renter, Section 19; Post Office Tipton.

Ingman, Ed.,  painter.

Ingman, Luke D.,  merchants; dry goods and carpets; Tipton; born in Seneca County, Ohio, April 2, 1832; came to Newton, Iowa in 1856 and came to this county in September, 1859.  Married Melvina Wilmeth from Ohio in 1852; she died at Newton, Iowa, December, 1856; they had two children --- Merrett E. and Effie L.    Went in the army in 1861; enlisted in Company A, 5th Iowa Volunteer Infantry; was Fifth Sergeant in the first company raised in Tipton;  he was in the battles of New Madrid, through the siege of Corinth, Iuka, Mississippi; was wounded slightly by being shot through the cheek at Iuka; was through the siege of Vicksburg, in the memorable charge of 22d of May; in the Fall moved to Chattanooga; was in the battle of Mission Ridge, under Sherman, on the extreme left; was mustered out September 28, 1864; returned and engaged in business with Mr. Dean, March, 1871; has held office of Treasurer of City Council two years, also member School Board, Supt. M. E. Sunday school for the past six years.  Married Miss Mary Firth, from Union County, Ohio, October, 1857; they have one daughter --- Ruth Alice.

Ives, William H.,  farmer, Section 33; Post Office Tipton; born in Coshocton County, Ohio, August 10, 1844;  came to this county with his parents in 1854; was in the army, in 8th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Cavalry, Company K, and was Assistant Veterinary Surgeon of the regiment; he with two others was taken prisoners by guerrillas and sentenced to be shot;  they were brought out for execution, and the other two were shot, and he escaped though followed by soldiers and blood hounds; he was in twenty-three fights.   Married Miss Martha Miller, of this county; they have two children --- Lucy and Bessie.  Mrs. Melinda Miller, mother of Mrs. Ives, was born in Champaign County, Ohio; she married Wiseman Ford, from Virginia; they came to this county in 1839; they came by wagon, and was four weeks on the way, and were among the earliest settlers;  he died in 1840; they had three children --- Elizabeth, Nancy and John.  She married William Miller, from Maryland, in 1842;    they had four children --- Mary and Martha living, Joseph and Charles, dead.

Jack, John T.,  loan agent.

Jackson, Malery R.,  publisher Conservative, Tipton; born in Licking County, Ohio, August 26, 1845; learned the printing business in office of the Iowa State Press in Iowa City; came to this county in 1859; established the Conservative, its first issue being March 31, 1869; since then it has been steadily growing in popular favor.

Jackson, Martin,  farmer;  Post Office Tipton.

Jacobs, C.,  farmer, Section 7;  Post Office Tipton.

Jacobs, L.,  farmer Section 7; Post Office Tipton.

Jacobs, Peter,  farmer, Section 7; Post Office Tipton; born in Montgomery County, Ohio, July 11, 1819; lived there, and in Indiana twenty years, and came to Iowa in 1839; they crossed the Mississippi River in a small flat boat just large enough to hold the wagon and horses; the river was rough, and the ice made it very dangerous, but they crossed in safety; he first went to Missouri and not liking it turned back and crossed the river at St. Louis; came to New Boston and crossed over to Iowa.  The first deer he ever shot, was on Sunday, in the Winter of '39 in a corn field; came to Cedar County July 3, 1840; worked by the month, and broke prairie; carted the first wheat he raised to Muscatine and sold it for 25 cents a bushel; used to go long ways to mill in the most severe weather.  He went to a show in Tipton in 1855, and they wanted him to pay twice, and they got into a fight and he whipped them all single handed and alone.    He owns 200 acres of land.  Married Nancy Ann Gillilan, from Ohio, May 14, 1843; they have six children --- Clark, Lewis, Betsy A., Henry C., Lunette and Jimmie; lost one daughter.

Jagger, S. H.,  firm of S. H. Jagger & Son, proprietors Fleming House; born in Tompkins County, New York, February 25, 1813; was engaged in hotel business in Tompkins, Cortland and Tioga Counties for thirty years; came to Tipton and opened the Fleming House in 1878.  Married Caroline Clark, from Tompkins County, New York; she died in 1843, leaving two daughters, Adelia and Amelia.  Married Malintha Jenks, from Tompkins County, New York, December 21, 1848; they have three children --- William H., Carrie L. and Albert E.  William H. Jaggers was born in Tioga County, New York, September 20 1849; was in hotel until 20 years old; came to Tipton engaged in the business with his father.   Married Miss Lillie Vallette, daughter of Col. Vallette, of Chicago, February 21, 1872; they have two children --- Frankie Alice and Edith.

Jeffers, Walter,  Superintendent County Poor Farm, Section 25; Post Office Tipton; born in Rhode Island December 18, 1859; moved to Massachusetts in infancy; lived there eighteen years; then lived in Michigan and Mississippi; came to Cedar County in the Spring of 1872, and went to farming; he was appointed Superintendent of the County Farm by the Board of Supervisors, in January 1878.  Married Miss Sarah Evens, of this county, daughter of Mrs. Julia Ann Evens, September 15, 1874; they have two children --- Robert Lewis, born July 4, 1875; Charles Edgar, December 22, 1877.

Johnson, Charles;  Post Office Tipton.

Johnson, John, Post Office Tipton.

Johnson, O. M.,   stock dealer; Post Office Tipton.

Johnson, P. W.,   farmer; S. 34; Post Office Tipton; born Holmes County, Ohio, November 28, 1820; lived here thirty-two years, and came to Cedar County by wagon; he and his wife and four children were twenty-seven days on the way and it cost him thirty-two dollars. and arrived here October 31, 1852, over twenty-five years ago; engaged in teaching school; has been on this farm since 1853; owns 110 acres of land; has been officially connected with the town many years; has held the office of Justice of the Peace eight years, Assessor six years, Town Trustee, Town Clerk and Secretary Town School Board.     Married Sarah Wiggins, from Fayette County, Pennsylvania, November 17, 1843; they have seven children --- Hattie, John C., Rebecca A., William G., Mattie B., Silas L., Minnie M.; lost two sons --- Jefferson and Oscar; John was in the army in the 11th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company E; was in several battles.

Johnston, J. C., farmer, Section 2; Post Office Tipton.

Johnston, W. H.,  farmer; Section 2; Post Office Tipton.

Kelly, Charles,  farmer, Section 35; Post Office Tipton.

Kelly, William,  farmer, Section 35; Post Office Wilton; born LaGrange County, Indiana, February 22, 1844, and came with his parents to Cedar County by wagon in 1847;  they settled where John Bolton now lives, and were, among the early settlers -- only few here then.  Mr. Kelly was in the army; enlisted Aug. 1862, in the 24th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company B.  It was called the Temperance Regiment when organized; the Colonel was a minister and presiding elder, and there were fifteen Methodist ministers in the regiment, but most of them forgot it before they got home.  Mr. Kelly enlisted as a private at the age of seventeen; was promoted to Orderly Sergeant; was then promoted first Lieutenant, and was Acting Adjutant of the Regiment three months; was detailed as Ambulance officer of their division, the Second, Thirteenth Army Corps; had charge of Freight Division from Goldsboro' to Newbern; was in seven battles and mustered out August 1865, and engaged in farming and stock raising; owns farm of 168 acres.  Married Miss Mattie Moore from Ohio, January 12, 1871; they have one son --- Harry L., born November 21, 1872.

Kemp, John A.,  boarding house.

Kennedy, E. M.,  printer.

Kensinger, John,  farmer, Section 14; Post Office Tipton; born in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, October 6, 1815; lived there nineteen years and then moved to Ohio for some years, and moved to Indiana and lived there eight or nine years, and came to this county in a wagon with two yokes of oxen and one horse, and arrived here in June, 1853; pre-empted land, where he now lives from Government, and engaged in farming.    Owns 135 acres of land.  Married Annie Darger from Berks Co., Pennsylvania, July 12, 1840; they have three children --- Mary M., Annie T. and Jacob A.; lost one in infancy.  Jacob A. lives at home and helps manage and carry on the farm.

Kensinger, J. A.,  farmer, Section 14; Post Office Tipton.

Kent, G. O.,  painter, Section 23; Post Office Tipton.

Kent, Orison,  farmer; Post Office Tipton.

Kester, S.,  Section 5;  Post Office Tipton.

Kettell, Wm.,  farmer and brick manufacturer;  Section 4;     Post Office Tipton; born in Buckinghamshire, England, April 26, 1831;    lived there twenty-three years, and came to this country in 1854; came to Cincinnati, and then came to Cedar County in 1855, and engaged in plastering; has lived here twenty-two years; is engaged in making brick and farming; owns a farm of seventy acres; has held the office of School Director; was in the army; enlisted in the 2d Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company C.  Married Miss Eliza Jane Roberts, from Ohio, in September 1857; they had nine children, four sons and five daughters; have lost two children.

Kilbourn, J. E.,  photograph artist.

Kinsey, Dewatt,  farmer, Section 29; Post Office Tipton.



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