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History of Cedar
County, Iowa, 1878.


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Biographies - Center Township

T - Z


Taylor, Samuel, retired farmer.

Teeter, James A., plasterer.

Thiel. Mathias, beer saloon.

Thomson, A., farmer Section 15; Post Office Tipton.

Thompson, A., farmer, Section 10; Post Office Tipton.

Thompson, Jane, Mrs., Section 10; Post Office Tipton; born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  She married Alexander Thompson in 1837, and they came to America the same year and lived in Ohio five years; came to Cedar County by wagon; lived at Linn Grove until 1854, when they moved to where they now live, engaged in farming; they own 120 acres of land.  Mr. Thompson held office of Justice of the Peace, town and school offices.  They had eleven children, six of them living--Alexander, William, Ellen, Susan, James and John.

Thompson, P. W., blacksmith.

Thompson, S. P., Section 26; Post Office Tipton.

Thompson, Thomas W., blacksmith, Tipton; born in Indiana March 12, 1839, and when 4 years old came with his parents by wagon, to Tipton; when 14 years of age began learning his trade, and after serving his apprenticeship  four years and working journey work for one year, he engaged in business for himself, and has continued since.  He has lived here thirty-five years, and has worked at his trade for twenty-five years.  Married Miss Addie McKee, from Pennsylvania, in August, 1863; they have one son--Harry W. Thompson.

Tuthill, John S., Deputy Recorder and Justice of the Peace, Tipton; born in the city of New York, July 22, 1814; lived there twenty-six years; learned carpenter and joiner trade, and came to Cedar County in the Summer of 1840; was one of the early settlers; commenced working at his trade; only a few here when he came.  Has held office of Justice of the Peace for the past fifteen years; has also held office of County Treasurer, by appointment. to fill a vacancy.  Married Elizabeth Lett, from Ohio, in 1843; they have two children--Carrie and John S., have lost three--two sons and one daughter.

Tuthill, Wm. H., Judge, banker, Tipton; was born in the city of New York December 5, 1808; he received his education there and prepared himself for his chosen profession.  He came to Cedar County, Iowa, in Spring of 1840; was one of the early settlers here; he engaged in mercantile business and was admitted to the bar, and was Judge of the 8th Judicial District for two terms, though he would consent to be placed in nomination only as an independent candidate.  Though prominently identified with the interests of the county and State, he has steadily avoided official position, having received nominations to Legislature and State Senate, and declined both.  Judge T. is honorary member of several historical and literary societies, and published a review of the Dred Scott Decision, and has contributed to the annals of the State of Iowa, and has one of the finest private libraries in the State.  He has been engaged in the banking business here for the past twenty-eight years, and knows of no one now engaged in banking who was in it when he commenced.  Married Miss Dorothy Platner, from Cherry Valley, New York in August, 1843; they have one son--James W. engaged in the drug business here.

Van Fleit, A., carpenter.

Van Meter, F. M., carpenter.

Van Pelt, N., carpenter.

Van Pelt, Wm. A., carpenter.

Van Pelt, Wm., barber.

Vanness, William H., furniture business, Tipton; born in Jefferson County, New York, March 4, 1829; lived there twenty-one years; went to California in 1850; was engaged in mining and irrigating; returned to New York in 1857; moved to Ohio and engaged in dry goods business at Sandusky; was in the army in 101st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company G; was in battles at Perryville, Chickamauga, and in many skirmishes; was hurt in the battle at Perryville.  Came to this county in Fall of 1864, and engaged in sheep raising and farming; was elected Clerk of the Circuit and District Court in 1872, and re-elected in 1874; engaged in the furniture business here in 1875.  Married Ellen A. Jones, from Jefferson County, New York, October 20, 1859; they have one daughter, and have lost three children.

Vanzanett, C., farmer, Section 26; Post Office Wilton.

Vest, R. C.

Wallace, Peter, merchant.

Wampler, Samuel, co-operative store, Tipton; born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, April 3, 1818; lived there nineteen years; also lived in Franklin County; was engaged in selling goods; came to this county in 1855; engaged as clerk in store, also in farming.  Was elected Treasurer of this county in 1860; was elected again in 1872, and re-elected in 1874; has been manager of the co-operative store for the past two years.     Married Elizabeth R. Schmucker, in August, 1843; she was a daughter of George Schmucker, engaged in the iron business at Coe Forge, Blair County, Pennsylvania, brother of Rev. Simon Schmucker, of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; they have four sons and four daughters.

Warner, Marshal.

Watters, Peters, farmer, Section 12; Post Office Tipton.

Weaver, Benjamin, retired merchant.

Weaver, Jacob, tinner.

Welsh, Dennis, engineer.

Werling, John, carpenter and farmer, Section 11; Post Office Tipton; born in Germany, December 25, 1829; came to this country when 12 years of age and settled in Ohio for fourteen years; learned the trade of carpenter and joiner, and came to Cedar County November 29, 1855; engaged in building, and has contracted and built many of the largest and best buildings in Cedar County; also owns a farm of 120 acres.  Holds the office of President of the School Board.  Married Catherine Willer from Germany, in Ohio, in 1852; she died in 1865; they had seven children--Mona, Catherina, died 1869; Charles, died December 24, 1877; Lena, John, Mary E., Louisa.

Werling, John T., carpenter and builder, Tipton; born in Ohio May 5, 1848; lived there nineteen years and came to Cedar County in 1868, and has been engaged in building since; he has helped build many of the best buildings in Tipton, and also in Stanwood.  Married Miss Agnes Porter from England, June 26, 1875.

Werts, David, farmer, Section 30; Post Office Tipton.

Wertz W. C., wagon maker.

Westcott, J. O., druggist.

Whan, John, merchant, Tipton.

Wheeler, John D., confectioner.

Whitson, R. C., carpenter.

Whitson, John, farmer, Section 8; Post Office Tipton.

Wickman, John, stone mason.

Wiggins, Basel, farmer, Section 27; Post Office Tipton.

Wilhelm, Benjamin, State Agent of U. B. Mutual Aid Society of Pennsylvania, Tipton; born Lebanon County, Pennsylvania July 14, 1804; lived in Pennsylvania eighteen years; then moved to Ohio and lived thirty-three years; came to Muscatine, Iowa, in 1855, and 1864 came to Cedar County to Tipton, and has lived here thirteen years.  Held the office of Deputy Sheriff and Constable for seven years; in 1872 was appointed agent of the United Brethren Mutual Aid Society of Pennsylvania; was appointed State Agent of same County in 1874; has held the office of Deputy Collector of delinquent taxes, Assessor and Coroner.  Married Sarah Beard, from Ohio; she died in 1849; they had five children--John H., David O., Simon P., Elizabeth and Lucinda.     Married Mary Jane Linn, from Ohio, in 1851; they have one son--Orion Oscar.

Wilkinson, John, retired farmer, Section 28; Post Office Tipton; born in Northumberlandshire, England, April 15, 1807; lived there thirteen years and came to this country in 1820; lived in Centre County, Pennsylvania, and was engaged in mining many years; came to Iowa in 1867; was engaged in farming for seven years; then sold his farm.     Married Miss Hannah David from Center County, Pennsylvania.  They have eight children--Mary Jane, Sarah E., Deborah, Joanna, Ellen, Thomas, Clementina, Carpenter.

Willer, George, farmer; Section 12; Post Office Tipton; born in Germany February 23, 1827, and came to America June 19, 1839; lived in Ohio twenty-six years, and came to Cedar County, Iowa, 1865 and engaged in farming and stock raising; owns 250 acres of land.  Married Julia Terss, from Germany, in Ohio, in 1852.  They have six children--Mary, Julia, Wendel, John, Mena, and Peter, and have lost five children.

Willer, John, farmer, Section 4; Post Office Tipton.

Williamson, Charity and Amy E., Misses, Section 15; Post Office Tipton; were born in Somerset County, New Jersey; they came to this county with their parents in October 1851; they own thirty-eight acres of land.  Their father, Cornelius Williamson, was born in Somerset county, New Jersey.  He married Mahala Bishop, from the same place; they came by wagon to Cedar County, being five weeks on the way; arrived October, 1851; they had six children--Abraham, Amy E., Charity, Rachel A., Henrietta. Lost one daughter--Sarah Jane.  Mr. Williamson died July 14, 1852; Mrs. Williamson, died 1870.

Williams, Frank, farmer; Post Office Tipton.

Williams, James, farmer; Post Office Tipton.

Williams, Morris, laborer, Section 14; Post Office Tipton.

Wilson, Joseph, farmer, Section 12; Post Office Tipton.

Wirick, Jacob, carpenter.

Wirick, Joseph, farmer, Section 10; Post Office Tipton; born in Richland County, Ohio, October 11, 1828; lived there twenty-one years; came to Iowa; reached Davenport the day he was twenty-one years old and came to Cedar County in the Fall of 1849.  Married Miss Sarah Myers, of Richland County, Ohio, daughter of Henry Myers, April 1, 1853; they came on this farm in 1856 and engaged in farming; owns 120 acres of land, and has held school and road offices; they have fourteen children--Thomas, Ida, Lodusca J., Cassius M., Plimpton H., Orange P., Asher, Viola, Minnie, Myrtie, Louie, Helen, Frank P., Beatrice; lost one son--Lucien.

Wirick, Thomas, farmer, Section 10; Post Office Tipton.

Wirick, W. F., shoemaker.

Wise, Henry.

Wisner, John, laborer.

Witmer, D. F. proprietor elevator, and grain buyer.

Wolf, William P., attorney at law, firm of Wolf & Landt, Tipton; born in Stark County, Ohio, December 1, 1833; received his education, taught school, and commenced the study of his profession there; came to this State, to Cedar County, and completed his study of law and was admitted to the bar; commenced the practice of law.     He was elected Representative to the State Legislature in 1863.   Was in the army, commissioned Captain of Company I, 46th. Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, was wounded by being shot by guerillas near Colliersville, Tennessee; served his time out and then returned and associated with Judge Rothrock; resumed the practice of his profession and was appointed Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue by President Lincoln; was elected to the State Senate in 1867; represented this District in the sessions of 1868-1870.    His law partner, Judge Rothrock having been elected Judge of the Supreme Court in 1867, Mr. Wolf and Sanford V. Landt became associated together in the practice of law; in 1870, he was elected Representative to Congress to fill an unexpired term.   He has been much interested in educational matters, having been engaged in teaching here, and has held the office of Superintendent of Schools of the county.   Married Miss Alice Macy, daughter of Samuel Macy, of Ohio, August 31, 1859; they have six children--Mary, Lucy, Clara, Charles L., William W., baby.  They have lost two children--Thomas T., and Bertha Alice.

Woodis, William S., music teacher, and selling musical instruments, Tipton; born in Worcester County, Massachusetts, December 7, 1836; lived there twenty-one years; came to Cedar County in October, 1857; has been engaged in teaching music and in selling musical instruments; and has been leader of the Tipton band ten or twelve years, and has been leader of the choir in the Lutheran Church for many years.  Married Miss Susan Campbell, from Worcester County, Massachusetts, November, 1862; they have two children--Ellery and Charlie.

Woods, R. M. farmer, Section 29; Post Office Tipton.

Worling, Jno.

Wright C. G., Section 11; Post Office Tipton.

Yard, Robt., laborer.

Yates, Sylvanus, attorney, Tipton; born in Columbiana County, Ohio, February 7, 1835; was educated in that State and studied law, and graduated at the law college in Cleveland, Ohio, and was admitted to the bar; came in 1857, to Cedar County, and has practiced his profession here since 1859.  Held the office of Clerk of the District Court four years, and held the office of Judge of the Circuit Court four years; was Mayor of Tipton three years; also County Attorney for the past five years.     Married Miss Sarah W. Smith, from Carroll County, Ohio, September 6, 1859; they have three children--Luella, Sherman, Mabel; lost three children, two daughters and one son.

Yates, S. Y., attorney at law, Tipton; born in Wayne County, Ohio, January 20, 1851; lived there until seventeen years of age, and came to Cedar County in 1868; entered the Agricultural College at Ames, and took a course of civil engineering; studied law with Messrs. Piatt & Carr, of Tipton, and was admitted to the bar, and since then has practiced his profession here.  Has held the office of County Surveyor and Secretary of Cedar County Agricultural Society, Town Clerk, and Secretary of the School Board.

Young, David.

Young, W. A., merchant.

Zeitler, John, carriage maker, Tipton; born in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, September 21, 1809; learned his trade, carriage making at Milton, Pennsylvania; lived there forty-six years; came to Cedar County in 1855; was engaged in farming eleven years, then engaged in his business again, and has continued in it since.     Married Mary Stonecker, from Pennsylvania, in 1833; she died in 1869.    Married Mary Roberts, from Ohio in 1871.  He has eight children--David, Hilburn, William, John F., Benjamin C., Robert, Eliza A., Mary A. Mr. Zeitler had four sons in the army--Hilburn, William, John and Benjamin.  William and John served their time and re-enlisted again.  They were all wounded, and William and John draw pensions from the Government.



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