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History of Cedar
County, Iowa, 1878.


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Soldiers' Monument.


Remembering the heroic deeds of their sons, and wishing to perpetuate the memory of those who fell on the field of battle and were buried in graves far away from home and kindred, the people of Cedar County determined to erect a monumental offering to their names and heroism.  By a notice published in the several newspapers of the county, a public meeting was called to assemble at the Court House, in Tipton, on Saturday, June 25, 1865, to inaugurate measures to perfect plans to secure this commemorative object.    The meeting was largely attended and characterized by a unanimity of sentiment that is always born of a good purpose.

At that meeting, the Cedar County Soldiers' Monument Association was formed, and the following articles of incorporation adopted:

Article 1.  The name of this incorporation shall be the Soldiers' Monument Association of Cedar County, Iowa.

Article 2.  The object of this Association shall be to erect a monument in the public grounds of the town of Tipton, to the memory of the soldiers from Cedar County, who lost their lives in the late was against the rebellion of 1861.

Article 3.  All persons contributing one dollar or upward, shall be considered a member of this Association, and shall be entitled to vote on all subjects at any meeting of the Association.

Article 4.  The officers of this Association shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Board of Managers, consisting of one from each Township, and a Board of Trustees, which shall consist of the Board of Supervisors or their successors.

Article 5.  All vacancies occurring in the Board of Officers shall be filled by the Board of Managers.

Article 6.  This Association shall assume to itself all the rights, powers, privileges and immunities which are now or which may during the existence thereof, be conferred by law upon societies of a similar character.

Article 7.  The following named persons shall constitute the officers of this Association until the first Saturday in September, A. D. 1865;  President, Samuel Pancoast; Vice President, L. L. Sweet; Secretary, Josiah F. Kennedy;  Treasurer, Wm. H. Tuthill.  Managers -- Center Township, James B. Wright;  Cass Township, S. E. Gunsolus;  Dayton Township, M. Springsteed;  Fremont Township, George Calb;   Farmington Township, Joseph Weaver;  Gower Township, Thomas James;  Linn Township, Joseph Downing;  Massillon Township, James M. Kent;  Pioneer Township, Thomas Andre;  Sugar Creek Township, Martin G. Miller;  Springfield Township, Jacob Geiger;  Springdale Township, H. C. Gill;  Red Oak Township, W. A. Rigby;   Rochester Township, James Jennings;  Iowa Township, Daniel Walters;   Inland Township, Thomas M. Curtis.

In witness of the above articles, we hereunto set out hands and seals, this 24th day of June, A. D. 1865.

Sam'l Pancoast, G. P. Ingman, L. L. Sweet, J F. Kennedy, Wm. Elliott, Sylvanus Yates, Charles Ford, and others.

The management caused the following circular to be issued:

To the family or friends of the soldiers of Cedar County, who lost their lives in their country's service during the late rebellion:

You are hereby earnestly requested to send to me, as Secretary of the Monument Association of Cedar County, at your earliest opportunity, the following facts in regard to the deceased soldiers of Cedar County -- whether they died in camp, hospital or on the battle field, or at their homes:

1.  Their name in full, parentage, and time and place of birth.

2.  A brief biographical sketch, showing their profession and occupation; their attainments, whether literary or scientific; the church and fraternities, if any, to which they belonged; and in short, anything of interest connected with their history.

3.  The time and place of enlistment; the Company and Regiment to which they belonged; the Corps and Division in which they served; the battles and expeditions in which they took part; the camp, hospital or battle in which they lost their life; the cause of their death and place of burial.

4.  A statement of interesting incidents connected with their military career; such as promotions, special acts of bravery and dying words to friends or comrades in arms.

It is earnestly hoped that every brave boy from Cedar County who lost his life in our nation's defense -- from Beaver, who fell at New Madrid, to Soper, the intelligence of whose death has so recently reached us -- shall not only have his name inscribed on the marble monument, but that each name shall have its appropriate history.

Where obituary notices have been published or orations delivered, showing the above facts, the necessity of writing new sketches may be obviated by sending them.

It is designed to collect these facts and have them published in book form; the proceeds derived from the sale of them to be put into the hands of the Treasurer of the Monument Association.

No fallen hero's name should be omitted.  Let relatives or neighbors or the officers under which they served, whether in or out of the army, see to it that the record of their brave deeds be not forgotten.

                      -----------     Josiah F. Kennedy

Tipton, Iowa, July 8, 1865.

We, the undersigned, officers of the Cedar County Soldiers' Monument Association, earnestly recommend a full and speedy compliance with the request of the Secretary, as stated in the above circular.

         Sam'l Pancoast, President
         L. L. Sweet, Vice President
         Wm. H. Tuthill, Treasurer.

Books for subscriptions to the funds of the Association were opened on the 4th of July, 1865, and the sum of $650.00 was subscribed and paid in less than half an hour.    Under such auspices, the erection of the monument was commenced.  Block No. 32, on the which the monument was erected, had been set aside, by the early county authorities, for public purposes, and this block was donated to the Association.

The corner stone of the monument was laid, under Masonic direction, on the 4th day of July, 1866, on which occasion a very appropriate and patriotically eloquent oration was delivered by Rev. Samuel Adams.  On the completion of the monument, the Tipton Advertiser, of October 3d, 1867, presented the following:

The Soldiers' Monument was completed on Saturday, the 28th day of September, 1867, by William H. Simpson & Co., of Chicago.  The foundation is seven by eight feet, and two feet above the surface of the ground.  The earth will ultimately be filled in to the top of the first base, with a graded descent, each way, to the main ground.

The first base consists of two slabs, eight inches thick, four feet six inches long, three feet nine inches wide, and presenting a surface seven feet six inches square.   The two weigh 6,000 pounds.  On the above rests the second base, a solid piece, one foot thick, five feet six inches square, and weighing 4,950 pounds.  Each of the above bases are made of Joliet marble.

The plinth, or first piece of the monument proper, is ten inches thick, four feet two inches in width and breadth, and weighs 2,600 pounds.

The die comes next, three feet by three feet, two feet high, and on the south, east and north sides are the names of members of different companies, while the following inscription appears on the west side:

Beloved and Honored, who Died for their
In the Great War of the Rebellion,
In Grateful Remembrance, has erected this
Monument, A. D. 1867.

The above piece weighs 3,000 pounds.  The first section of the shaft is two feet two inches by two feet two inches, four feet high, and weighs 3,000 pounds.   Each side of it is entirely dotted with names.

Next follows the second section of the shaft, two feet by two feet, five feet high, and weighs 3,300 pounds.  This section, also, contains names of deceased soldiers.

The third section of the shaft is one foot nine inches by one foot nine inches, six feet two inches high, and weighs 2,500 pounds.  It is executed in bass relief, with several devices -- laurel wreath, eagle, muskets, etc. -- on the several sides, making it, we think, the most attractive section in the monument.

The fourth section of the shaft is octangular, sixteen inches by sixteen inches, six feet nine inches high, and weighs 1,800 pounds.

The whole is surmounted by a beautifully-executed globe and flag, thirteen inches by thirteen inches, four feet high, and weighs 250 pounds.  The plinth and pieces above it are all made of the best Vermont marble.

The monument is thirty feet six inches high, and its total weight is 27,500 pounds. The monument cost $3,000.  Of this amount, $1,500 was raised by private subscription, and the balance was appropriated by the county.

This monument bears the following names of soldiers, and the companies and regiments to which they belonged:


First Iowa Infantry, Company D -- S. H. Tulloss.  Second Iowa Infantry, Company B -- W. G. Russell.  Company G -- L. Ocheltree.  Fifth Iowa Infantry, Company A -- N. Alexander, J. J. Anderson, B. Ayres, W. Beaver, G. Belgard, Jr., B. F. Brown, H. Clemons, W. H. Coe, J. A. Edgar, R. A. Farrell, J. M. Fuller, James M. Fuller, J. A. Fobes, W. D. Hale, G. W. Hardman, G. W. Logan, L. Shawl. J. G. Stout, W. P. Styles, W. D. Waterhouse.  Seventh Iowa Infantry, Company A -- J. Yeager.  Company B -- W. T. Campbell.  Eleventh Iowa Infantry, J. S. Whittlesey, Chaplain;  Company A -- W. Fieldman.   Company B -- J. D. Pound.  Company D -- M. B. Bowles, G. O. Cooper, T. Hunnigutt, R. H. McClain, E. McDonald, J. D. Nolan, A. Port, H. Rice, W. G. Rogers, D. Spillman.  Company E -- W. Alexander, A. Brown, A. Carrey, W. Cross, J. F. Compton, J. W. Dwiggans, W. Dwiggans, C. Frink, T. M. Haines, D. A. Hobaugh, D. Huff, C. J. Johnson, C. Lane, E. McLoney, A. Ryan, J. P. Rice, G. W. Simmons, W. Simmons, A. C. Smith, G. A. Sweet, H. L. R. Sweet, G. T. Wilcott.  Company I -- J. H. Brown, E. Howe, J. Kester, J. H. Leech.  Company K -- J. Madden, S. T. Safley.


Second Iowa Cavalry, Company A -- J. M. Barclay, B. McLain, G. W. Mowrey.  Company B -- G. Crozier.  Company C -- J. Kiser.  Company G -- F. Chamberlain, W. Baker, J. P. Dunn, P. G. Frame, S. S. Fuller, J. Gill, R. Haskins, G. A. Mowery, I. M. Smith, J. Thompson, E. Brown.  Fourth Iowa Cavalry -- G. Soper.  Sixth Iowa Cavalry, Company A -- H. G. Wright.   Company I -- J. Quinn, I. Rice.  Eighth Iowa Cavalry, Company K -- C. F. Macy, W. H. H. Montgomery, T. Richmond, D. O. Rider.  Ninth Iowa Cavalry, Company G -- C. B. McCroskey.  Tenth Kansas Infantry, Company C -- A. J. Miller, H. A. Miller, J. Westfall.  D. H. Whittlesey, Wisconsin Regiment.  J. W. Dudley, Company F, Eighty-ninth Illinois Infantry.   J. F. Cripliver, Company B, One Hundred and Fifty-third Indiana Infantry.   E. A. Firth, Marine Brigade.

On the Base are inscribed the names reported without Regiment or Company -- A. Hartsell, B. Coppoc, C. Gerry, L. Woolwine, T. Emmons, D. Sleeth.


Twentieth Iowa Infantry, Company C -- J. F. Barrett, S. Caldwell, K. Vanausdol.  Twenty-second Iowa Infantry, Company A -- W. L. Cleghorn, T. R. Baker, N. Morrison, E. Sailor.  Twenty-sixth Iowa Infantry, Company I -- C. Beddow, L. F. Finch, O. E. Finch, J. Heming, P. Hutchinson, E. Hennegan, W. F. H. Gardiner, G. Jenkins, L. H. Rundall, C. Smith, L. Smith, J. L. Steele, E. Thurman, W. True.  Thirty-first Iowa Infantry, Company G -- A. J. Ballou, E. Kellogg, J. G. Zeck.  Company K -- J. H. Pine.  Thirty-second Iowa Infantry, Company K -- G. Pierson.  Thirty-third Iowa Infantry, Company D -- E. Moore.  Thirty-fifth Iowa Infantry, Company B -- H. Phelps, M. Holmes.  Company C -- J. Bauer, E. Morrow, N. C. Thomas.  Company G -- R. Barnard, D. D. Dubois, S. Garber, T. Gruwell, G. McQuillan, J. A. Macy, J. Miller, J. H. Perry, W. O. Phipps, E. Williamson.  Company H -- F. A. Cole, W. Cummins, J. D. Coe, G. S. Comstock, J. W. Dorcas, J. Fisher, J. G. Hicks, C. Hutchins, P. Hyde, M. Johnson, J. H. Keith, J. V. Milligan, J. Robinson, D. C. Rogers, C. Thayer, J. A. Seright, H. Weaver.  Company I -- W. Brandt, H. H. Bagley, J. A. Evans, J. T. Lee, M. A. Lee, T. L. Hempshill, W. Russell, P. Shawber, W. H. Vincent.


Company K -- Eli Barlean, Eph. Barlean, W. L. Bailey, E. C. Bennett, A. C. Bowles, M. Connnor, W. M. Dugan, J. Gay, G. W. Hart, W. H. Hupp, A. Melott, W. A. Noe, L. Parr, L. Parr, H. Pritchard, E. W. Rice, J. Snyder, E. J. Wheatley.  Forty-sixth Iowa Infantry, Company I -- J. W. Bagley, L. Brown, J. W. Thompson.  Forty-seventh Iowa Infantry, Company G -- J. E. Maris, J. Matteson.


Thirteenth Iowa Infantry, Company A -- N. Gilliland, W. Harper, D. Umstead, D. G. Weaver, J. Wickham.  Fifteenth Iowa Infantry, Company A -- A. Scrivens.  Company C -- J. Wyllie.  Company G -- R. T. Melton, G. J. Westfall.  Company D -- A. H. Boynton, P. H. Kenedy.  Company K -- G. E. Perkins.  Sixteenth Iowa Infantry, Company C -- J. Piggott.   Company E -- J. E. Craig, J. P. Embree, J. H. Freyberger, G. Y. Gillespie, A. J. Irish, J. A. Hines, J. W. Linn, J. F. Nass, W. Ritchey, J. Roberts.  Company F -- J. C. Hemming.  Seventeenth Iowa Infantry,  Company H -- S. Eicher.  Company K -- J. Smith.  Twenty-fourth Iowa Infantry, Company B -- N. H. Begole, Z. Blakely, E. F. Brown, J. Chapman, J. R. Collins, J. W. Cripliver, J. E. Crisman, W. Edmiston, L. Dillon, G. A. Given, B. F. Fobes, C. McGowan, I. McKay, G. Moir, E. Williams, A. Montgomery, E. R. Pattison, F. Pruett, J. W. Safley, S. J. Sanders, J. E. Sheets, I. Shintaffer, A. Soper, J. Smith, J. C. Starr, T. Stratton, G. H. Tillott, H. Waterman, E. M. Webb, O. F. Weeks, J. E. Weeks.  Company C -- J. Bartholomew, C. Blackburn, S. Breyfogle, J. S. Carpenter, H. H. Davis, W. Dennis, C. Drake, H. A. Downing, S. D. Johnson, G. Kiser, E. Marlow, A. Mattuck, W. O. Miller, C. M. McCroskey, R. N. McCroskey, F. Nungesser.


Company C continued -- M. Fraseur, J. P. Gallino, J. C. Gue, J. Hakeman, A. R. Huey, W. C. Huey, C. Heckathorn, S. Johnson, W. H. Peters, D. M. Perry, J. Watt, T. Richards, R. Safley, J. Strawhecker, W. W. Willey, Z. Utz.  Company D -- P. Burnett, J. R. Gould, G. Gifford, J. H. Hawkins, J. E. Hiatt, W. C. Russell, I. Smith, J. P. Walker, W. Whisler, J. Zerbe.  Company H -- A. Heald.



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