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The Blue Book of Iowa Women A History of Contemporary Women

Compiled by Winona Evans Reeves, 1914.


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Miss Grace Roberts

For fifty-five years, through three generations, the Van Cise home in Mt. Pleasant, has had its doors hospitably open to kinsmen, friends and to strangers, who for any cause would welcome shelter under the wide spreading roof.  Miss Grace Roberts, with her two aunts, still live in the old home.  In 1857, when Iowa was "away out west," Dr. Edwin G. Van Cise brought his family to Mt. Pleasant, being attracted by the good schools there, for he had nine children to educate.  He established a drug store and practiced his profession.  His oldest daughter, Elizabeth Garretson, married Dr. Watson Roberts, who became Dr. Van Cise's partner in the practice of medicine.  Dr. Roberts died in 1872, leaving two children, a son, Edward, and a daughter, Grace, who with their mother, went back to the old home to live.  Dr. and Mrs. Van Cise loved books and all the refining things of life, and in this atmosphere their children and grand children were reared.  They were descended from the early Quaker settlers of Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Roberts' great grand parents were married by the old time Quaker ceremony in which the young people in the presence of the congregation in the meeting house repeat the vows without a minister's officiating.  She was educated in the public schools and the Iowa Wesleyan College.  She is a member of the Unitarian church and active in all its departments.  She is a member of the Art Study Club, the Rommel Musical Club, the P. E. O. sisterhood, the Ladies' Library Association, and is chairman of the First District I. F. W. C., is a member of the board of trustees of the Public Library.  She is a woman of quiet voice and gentle manner, a gracious hostess and a woman of great executive force.



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