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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Cromwell General Directory





Came to


Allen, Arthur Laborer      
Barr, H. W. Merchant Penn 1876  
Beesler, John Mason Penn 1876  
Belvue, Frank Laborer      
Caldwell, Arch Farmer Vermont 1872  
Cochrane, N. Landlord Penn 1874  
Cresswell, E. S. Merchant Iowa 1868  
Dentler, S. S. Miller Penn 1873  
Drury, Chas. Blacksmith Illinois 1876  
Emerson, W., M. D. Physician Indiana 1876  
Fredericks, John   Ohio 1876  
Hall, R. Shoemaker New York 1876 Boards Hotel
Harmon, John Farmer Illinois 1876  
Henderson, W. S. Farmer N. H. 1871  
Henderson, W. D. Constable Vermont 1871  
Higgins, George Works Sparr Penn 1868  
Humphrey, Thos. Farmer Ohio 1876  
Hubbell, Rev. M. S. Baptist Minister Michigan 1872  
Huntley, A. W. Laborer     Boards Passage
Johnson, Farmer Norway 1873  
Johnson, John Farmer Bohemia 1873  
Johnson, Z. Physician Penn 1871  
Johnson, S. M. Farmer Ohio 1872  
Sohnson, R. H., M. D. Physician Ohio 1869  
Lunnie, F. W. Carpenter New York 1874  
McCaldwell, Dr. Physician Penn 1876  
McClelland, W. D. Station Agent Indiana 1875  
McDonald, C. W. Cl'k, J. A. Rogers Iowa 1875  
McEwen, J. C.        
Mayne, P. T. Land Agent Ohio 1871  
Miller, P. M. Drayman Michigan    
Morford, W. L. Blacksmith Maryland 1874  
Murphy, Henry Engineer Ireland 1872  
Ohlschlager, Fred Section Hand Germany 1872  
Ohlschlager, Wm. Section Boss Prussia 1868  
Olswarth, Thos. Laborer England 1874  
Parmenter, Rev. C. O. Cong. Minister New York 1876  
Passage, J. D. Laborer New York 1876  
Penches, W. H. Blacksmith, etc. New Jersey 1875  
Petznick, Chas. Laborer Germany 1872  
Phelps, O. Druggist Vermont 1869  
Pickering, J. S. Wagon Maker Ohio 1874  
Purviance, M. W. Merchant Ohio 1870  
Raus, Robert Laborer Prussia 1876  
Rogers, J. A. Agric'l Implem'ts Mass 1869  
Rogers, J. E. Clerk Mass 1868  
Rogers, W. H. Clerk Mass 1868  
Thomas, John W. Farmer Illinois 1876  
Thomas, Matthew Farmer Indiana 1876  
Waffle, C. H. Saloon Keeper Illinois 1869  
Walters, Jacob Carpenter Penn 1875  
Williams, J. C. Merchant Wales 1869  



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