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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Directory of Douglas Township

"R" stands for Renter.



Post Office

Came to




Alton, John Indiana Creston   Farmer 27 R
Alderson, Jona. England Creston   Farmer 22 R
Batton, Sam'l H. Penn. Cromwell   Farmer 28 80
Bartle, W. T. N. Jersey Cromwell   Farmer & Minister 17 120
Bayliss, S. J. Illinois Cromwell   Farmer 16 240
Bailey, A. S. Ohio Cromwell   Farmer 18 R
Beck, J. L. Virginia Creston   Farmer 23 160
Bird, J. M.   Cromwell   Farmer 18 80
Brown, J. H. Scotland Creston   Farmer 9 480
Britton, J. B. Ohio Creston   Farmer 3 160
Brooks, D. H. Vermont Creston   Farmer 3 160
Brice, Frederick England Cromwell   Farmer 31 120
Bowman, E. Penn. Creston   Farmer 34 80
Campbell, M.            
Calloway, A. T.   Creston   Farmer 36 80
Cantlon, Jos. Ireland Cromwell   Farmer 29 40
Chapman, J. C. New York Creston   Farmer 2 R
Child, F. C. New York Creston   Farmer 5 160
Clayton, Wm. N. Jersey Cromwell   (Res. Peake.)    
Coons, S. F. Indiana Cromwell   Farmer 20 120
Coe, Charles England Creston   Farmer 27 80
Cole, Henry Iowa Creston   Farmer 34 R
Cunningham, F. W.   Creston   Works Cole    
Coons, John Virginia Cromwell   Farmer 31 160
Colbert, Robert Ireland Cromwell   Farmer 5 240
Colwell, S. A. New York Creston 1874 Engineer Resevoir    
Colwell, John New York Creston 1874 Switch'n C.B.&Q.    
Culver, F. F. New York Creston   Farmer 2 R
Danna, Frank New York Creston   Farmer 14 R
Davis, L. Indiana Creston   Farmer   80
Davis, Wm. C. Kentucky Cromwell   Farmer 33 80
Davis, J. Kentucky Cromwell        
Davis, R. Ohio Cromwell   Farmer 29 160
Dutro, Michael Ohio Creston   Farmer 4 R
Dutro, Charles Ohio Creston   Farmer 4 R
Davis, J. W. Indiana Creston   Farmer 34 R
Ewing, A. Ohio Cromwell   Farmer 6 R
Elliott, John New York Cromwell   Farmer 21 80
Furrow, T. Illinois Creston   Farmer 28 R
Geier, Jacob Germany Cromwell   Farmer 18 80
Garruth, G. Penn     Farmer 20 40
Gentle, T. E. Ohio Cromwell   Farmer   320
Gentle, Ellis Ohio Cromwell   Farmer   320
Goole, L. Illinois Cromwell   Farmer   80
Grounds, Wm. Illinois     Farmer 22 160
Groves, Geo.   Cromwell   Farmer 6 R
Hawkes, John Ireland Creston   Farmer 28 60
Hawkes, Wm. Ireland Creston   Farmer 21 40
Hathaway, Wm. Virginia Cromwell   Farmer 19 160
Hathaway, J. S. Indiana Cromwell   Farmer 19  
Hathaway, F. Indiana Cromwell   Farmer 19  
Hartman, Geo. Penn. Creston   Farmer 35 80
Herr, M. Penn. Creston   Farmer 35 R
Heady, Geo. S       Wks. Scudder    
Johnson, L. C.   Cromwell        
Johnson, J. K. Ohio Cromwell   Farmer 18 160
Johnson, S. M. Ohio Cromwell        
Johnson, G. B. Ohio Cromwell        
Kelsey, S. E. Illinois Creston        
Knuteson, Knute Norway Cromwell   Farmer 18 80
Knuteson, O. Norway          
Klystaver, Wm.       Works J.H. Brown    
Kinkade, Wm. Illinois     Wks. Merrel    
Landan, Matt France Cromwell 1872 Farmer 5 200
Leavitt, W. J. M. Maine Creston   Farmer 35 240
Lieurance, Hiram   Cromwell   Works Riggs    
Lytle, J. S. Penn. Cromwell       40
Lytle, Franklin Penn. Cromwell        
Lowe, John   Cromwell   Works Baylis    
Mayer, C. N. Penn. Creston   Farmer 35 160
McEwen, Jas. Penn. Cromwell   Farmer 9 R
Malone, Rob't Ireland Cromwell   Farmer 3 R
McLean, John   Creston   Farmer 15 40
McKee, R. T. Ohio Cromwell   Farmer 8  
McKee, L. Illinois Cromwell        
Maher, E. C. Illinois Creston   Farmer    
Maher, T. F. Illinois Creston   Farmer   80
McClure, Wm.   Creston   Farmer 34  
McClure, R. L.   Creston   Farmer 34 120
McClure, W. L. G.   Creston   Farmer 34  
Merrill, A. H. Illinois Creston   Farmer 20 160
Mutter, A. M. Illinois Creston   Farmer 28 80
Mutter, Wm. Illinois Creston   Farmer 27 40
Murphy, Isaac (Col.) Kentucky Creston   Works Taylor    
Norwood, J. Missouri Creston   Farmer 3 80
O'Donnell, T.   Cromwell   Farmer 32 60
Olsen, Ben Sweden Creston   Farmer 24 R
Ours, J. H. Penn. Creston   Farmer 36 80
Patzwick, G.   Cromwell   Works Colbert    
Peach, John Austria Cromwell   Farmer 32 50
Peake, John Illinois Cromwell   Farmer 32 160
Piepgrass, Henry Germany Cromwell   Farmer    
Piepgrass, Chas. Germany Cromwell   Farmer   80
Popjoy, Walter England Cromwell   Farmer 31 80
Ramsey, W. T. Penn. Creston   Farmer 36 40
Ramsey, W. B. Ohio Creston   Farmer 27 80
Ratcliffe, Robt. Ohio Cromwell   Works Bird    
Rau, Wm. Penn. Cromwell   Farmer 30 R
Rau, George Penn. Cromwell   Farmer 30 R
Reynolds, B. Ireland Creston   Farmer 24 400
Riggs, Samuel Kentucky Cromwell   Farmer 30 400
Riggs, Jasper Iowa Cromwell   Farmer    
Retenour, J. E. Virginia Kent   Farmer 29  
Roberson, C. W.   Creston   Works Britton    
Roberts, B. Iowa Creston   Farmer 34 200
Rowell, Wm. Maine Creston   Farmer 28  
Rowell, Frank Maine Creston   Farmer 28 120
Rowell, Adolphus Maine Creston   Farmer 18  
Robinson, George   Cromwell   Works Riggs    
Ryan, Philip   Creston   Farmer 12 R
Sammons, P.   Kent   Farmer 29 80
Schooley, Jas.   Cromwell   Lives Snyder 32  
Schell, Frank   Creston   Farmer 10 80
Scudder, C. C. New York Creston   Farmer 25 R
Scudder, M. New York Creston   Farmer 80  
Scudder, C. S. New York Creston   Farmer 80 160
Shroder, J. H. Maryland Cromwell   Farmer 8 160
Smith, A. J. Maryland Cromwell   Farmer 7 200
Smiley, Jas.   Cromwell   Works Peak    
Snider, B. P. Wisconsin Cromwell   Farmer 32 40
Spencer, Herb. M. Illinois Creston   Farmer 15 480
Spinner, M.   Creston   Works Dana    
Stalker, Edward Isle of Man Creston        
Stalker, Edw., Jr. Isle of Man Creston   Farmers 15 160
Stacey, John Missouri     Works Elliott    
Stalker, H. L. Isle of Man Creston   Farmer 8 80
Sturges, E. M. Kentucky Cromwell   Farmer   R
Sturges, J. H. Kentucky Cromwell   Farmer   R
Swepstone, P. A.   Cromwell        
Swope, Walter   Cromwell   Works Grounds    
Taylor, Wm. Vermont Creston   Nurseryman 2 20
Turner, Lou Canada Creston   Farmer 28 R
Underwood, A.       Works Dana    
Vent, M. H. Creston     Works McDonald 25  
Walkington, Thos. Isle of Man Creston   Farmer 15 40
Waterman, L. New York Creston   Farmer 26 240
Wharton, Tristm Iowa Creston   Bds. Spencer 15  
Wharton, Wm. Iowa Creston   Bds. Spencer 15  
Wharton, John Iowa Creston   Bds. Spencer 15  
Widman, R. Ohio Creston   Farmer 13 240
Widger, C. E. Ohio Creston   Farmer   160
Willis, Wm.   Creston   Works Turner    
Williams, Ed New York Creston   Bds. Spencer    
Wolfkill, M.   Creston   Bds. Waterman 26  
Woodruff, J. C. New York Creston   Farmer 27 80



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