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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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In presenting the Centennial Sketches, Map and Directory of Union County to the subscribers, we desire to express our appreciation of your good will, co-operation and patronage.  The work was undertaken in the belief that such a publication, carefully compiled, was demanded by the citizens of the county, and our later experience has shown our judgment well founded.

The topographical part of the work has been carefully, and, we believe, thoroughly performed; and, as a precaution, after the tracings were ready for the engraver's hands, we submitted them to the careful inspection of well-posted residents of the several townships for final correction, before giving them to the lithographer.  In this part of the work we have spared neither time nor expense, that we might offer you a correct map of the county.  In the sketches of the early history, we have gathered facts and figures from a large number of the old settlers, and, so far as possible, have sought to reconcile occurrences, dates and circumstances, so that all might harmonize.  Laying no claims to the qualifications of an author, we have sought to place in a permanent form scraps of early history, which, with the death of the present generation, unless preserved, would be irrecoverably lost.  We have invited facts and incidents from a large umber o old residents; some have not seen fit to furnish us with the data in their possession, while many others have lent us every assistance in their power; to one and all we extend our hearty acknowledgments for favors received.

The directory is as complete as it is possible to make it, considering the transient character of the inhabitants of some portions of the county.  The digest of laws of the State, tabular statements of county growth, personal sketches, and the various other features of the work, we trust, may be found interesting and profitable.  A larger number of engravins might have been inserted, but the stringency of the times deterred many from making investments in that direction.

We desire especially to express our obligations for information and favors to H. A. Botleman, County Auditor; B. F. Martz, Recorder; Samuel Riggs, J. S. Lytle, J. H. Lemon, G. A. Ide, J. A. White, R. J. McKee, Rev. John Clough, R. C. Carter, W. T. Cornwall, A. C. Cooper, Mrs. Benj. Lamb and family, I. K. White, L. J. Williamson, J. S. Lorimor, William Groesbeck, Henry Groesbeck, Ira Seeley, T. M. Robinson, J. F. Bishop, Geo. W. Emerson, J. D. Spaulding, Dr. J. A. Day, and many others, who will ever have our gratitude and best wishes.

Without claiming our work to be perfect in all respects, we leave it in the hands of an indulgent public, whose kind consideration is asked by




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