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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Thayer Business and General Directory





Came to


Allen, Mrs. S. E.       Thayer
Atkinson, R. H. Merchant, J. S. Lafavre & Co. Virginia 1866 Thayer
Bowen, A. Laborer     Thayer
Cooper, J. W. Salesman J. S. Lafavre & Co. Ohio 1875 Thayer
Cooperider, D. C. Laborer Ohio 1876 Thayer
Criswell, Wm.   Penna 1864 Thayer
Criswell, D. A. Operator Ohio 1864 Thayer
Criswell, J. R. Laborer Ohio 1864 Thayer
Catholic Church Rev. Father E. Phalen, P. P.  Services every 4th Sunday in each Month.
Crowley, Michael Laborer Ireland   Thayer
Daly, John Section Boss Ireland 1868 Thayer
Downing, S. B. Farmer Illinois 1874 Thayer
Doolan, Eugene Laborer Ireland   Thayer
Evans, S. E. Physician, Druggist & Gro. Indiana 1876 Thayer
Edson, F. W. Blacksmith New York 1876 Thayer
Evangelical Church Rev. Mell, Pastor;  Services every two weeks.  Sunday School -- S. A. Northrup, Supt.
Forbes, George Station Ag't C. B. & Q. Iowa 1876 Thayer
Glenn, Patrick Engineer Ireland 1869 Thayer
Gabler, John R. R. Laborer Iowa 1876 Thayer
Gibson, O. B. Hotel Keeper Illinois 1869 Thayer
Hendrick, F. Salesman J. S. Lafavre & Co. Illinois 1868 Thayer
Heckathorn, A. Eng'r and Farm'r Ohio 1873 Thayer
Keys, O. A. Night Operator Ohio 1875 Thayer
Lafavre, J. S. & Co. D'lrs in Gen'l Merchandise & Hardware     Thayer
  Lafavre, J. S.
  Atkinson, R. H.
McCulloch, G. W. Laborer Iowa   Thayer
O'Neil, James Laborer Ireland   Thayer
Post Office, Thayer, J. S. Lafavre, P. M.
Peterson, John Laborer Denmark 1872 Thayer
Reckerd, T. Night Watch Maryland 1875 Thayer
Rowley, L. H. Laborer New York 1866 Thayer
Shehan, James C., B. & Q. R. R. Ireland 1869 Thayer
Seeley, P. Grain Dealer Penna. 1856 Thayer
Stithem, John A. Car Rep, C. B. & Q. Ohio 1854 Thayer
Stithem, Andrew Farmer New York 1854 Thayer
Welsh, Thomas Laborer Ireland   Thayer
Welsh, Pat Laborer Ireland   Thayer
Wines, John Shoemake Virginia 1872 Thayer



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