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A History of The Middle
New River Settlements
and Contiguous Territory.

By David E. Johnston (1906).


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Appendix A.  The Courts, Judges, Magistrates, 
Attorneys, etc.  (Part 2)


West Virginia Constitutional Conventions 1863-1872.

Captain Richard M.Cook, of Wyoming County, claimed to have represented Mercer County in the West Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1863, but no evidence can be adduced that he was ever legally elected as such representative, or had any legal authority to sit in that body as the representative of the people of Mercer County.

In the convention of 1872 the Senatorial District Delegates were Doctor Isaiah Bee, of Mercer, and Honorable Evermont Ward, of Cabell; and Elder James Calfee represented the County of Mercer.

United States Senators from West Virginia from 1863 to the present:

Peter C. VanWinkle, Parkersburg; December 7th, 1863, March 4th, 1869.
Waitman P. Willey, Morgantown; December 7th, 1863, to march 4th, 1871.
Arthur I. Boreman, Parkersburg; March 4th, 1869, to March, 1875.
Henry G. Davis, Piedmont; March 4th, 1871, to March 4th, 1883.
Allen T. Caperton, Union; March 4th, 1875, to death July 26th, 1876.
Samuel Price, Lewisburg; appointed August 26th, 1876; December 4th, 1876, to January 30th, 1877.
Frank Hereford, Union; January 31st, 1877, to March 3rd, 1881.
Johnson N. Camden, Parkersburg; March 4th, 1881, to March 3rd, 1887.
John E. Kenna, Charleston; March 4th, 1883, to March 3rd, 1895. (Died in 1893.)
Charles J. Faulkner, Martinsburg; March 4th, 1887, to March 3, 1893.
Johnson N. Camden, Parkersburg; March 4th, 1893, to March 3rd, 1895. (Unexpired term of John E. Kenna.)
Charles J. Faulkner, Martinsburg; March 4th, 1893, to March 3rd, 1899.
Stephen B. Elkins, Elkins; March 4th, 1895, to March 3rd, 1901.
N. B. Scott, Wheeling; March 4th, 1899, to Mach 3rd, 1905.
Stephen B. Elkins, Elkins; March 4th,  1901, to March 3rd, 1907.
N. B. Scott, elected January, 1905, for a term of six years.

Congressional Elections, 1864-1904.

In the 3rd and 5th Districts of West Virginia, which districts embrace Mercer County:

1864--K. V. Whaley, Rep., over John M. Phelps, Dem., by 1236 majority.
1866--Daniel Polsley, Rep., over John H. Oley, Dem. by 1471 majority.
1868--John S. Witcher, Rep., over Charles P. T. Moore, Dem., by 1409 majority.
1870--Frank Hereford, Dem., over John S. Witcher, Rep., by 1493 majority.
1872--Frank Hereford, Dem., over J. B. Walker, Rep., by 8884 majority.
1874--Frank Hereford, Dem., over  John S. Witcher, Rep., by 5779 majority.
1876--Frank Hereford, Dem., over Benj. T. Redmond, Rep., by 17,573 majority.
1878--John E. Kenna, Dem., over Henry S. Walker, Gr. B., by 2827 majority.
1880--John E. Kenna, Dem., over Henry S. Walker, Gr. B., by 5310 majority.
1882--John E. Kenna, Dem., over E. L. Buttrick, Rep., by 4465 majority.
1883-4--C. P. Snyder, Dem., over James H. Brown, Rep., by 1230 majority.
1884--C. P. Snyder, Dem., over James W. Davis, Rep., by 2119 majority.
1886--C. P. Snyder, Dem., over James H. Brown, Rep., by 815 majority.
1888--John D. Alderson, Dem., over J. H. McGinnis, Rep., by 1293 majority.
1890--John D. Alderson, Dem., over Theophilus Gaines, Rep., by 5014 majority.
1892--John D. Alderson, Dem., over Edgar P. Rucker, Rep., by 1946 majority.
1894--James H. Huling, Rep., over John D. Alderson, Dem., by 4018 majority.
1896--Charles P. Dorr, Rep., over E. W. Wilson, Dem., by 3631 majority.
1898--David E. Johnston, Dem., over William S. Edwards, Rep., by 765 majority.
1900--Joseph H. Gaines, Rep., over David E. Johnston, Dem., by 6570 majority.
1902--James A. Hughes, Rep., over David E. Johnston, Dem., by 4750 majority.
1904--James A. Hughes, Rep., over Simon Altizer, Dem., by 6317 majority.

State Senators
From the senatorial district composed of Mercer and other counties from 1863:

Robert Hager.
William Workman.
Mitchell Cook.
Thomas B. Kline.
I. E. McDonald.
W. E. Wilkenson.
Ira J. McGinnis.
Joel E. Stollings.
C. V. White.
Clark W. May.
David E. Johnston.
Wayne Ferguson.
Jerome C. Shelton.
John W. McCreery.
John B. Floyd.
William M. Mahood.
John A. Sheppard.
W. H. H. Cook.
James F. Beavers.
W. W. Whyte.

The following are the names of the representatives of Mercer County in the House of Delegates of West Virginia, from 1863 to 1905, inclusive:

1863-7--Thomas Little.
1868--Regular and extra session, George Evans.
1869--William M. French.
1870--George Evans.
1871--Sylvester Upton.
1872--William L. Bridges.
1872-3--Isaac J. Ellison.
1875--William M. Reynolds.
1877--William B. Davidson.
1879--Carroll Clark.
1881-3--Isaiah Bee.
1885--A. C. Davidson.
1887--William M. Reynolds.
1889--R. G. Meador.
1891-93--H. M. Shumate.
1895--J. C. Pack.
1897--James A. White.
1899--Isaiah Bee.
1901--James Hearn.
1903--D. P. Crockett and Thomas Reed.
1905--E. S. Baker and James Hearn.

The following is a list of the attorneys-at-law admitted to practice in the Circuit Court of Mercer County:

Henley Chapman.
Thomas J. Boyd.
David Hall.
Sterling F. Watts.
William P. Cecil.
A. A. Chapman.
John J. Wade.
Henry L.Gillespie.
Hugh S. Tiffany.
James H. McGinnis.
William A. Monroe.
J. Speed Thompson.
David E. Johnston.
C. A. Sperry.
R. C. McClaugherty.
Alonzo Gooch.
James H. French.
J. W. Hale.
Martin Williams.
D. W. McClaugherty.
George E. Floyd.
Edgar Rucker.
A. J. May.
S. M. B. Couling.
Thomas L. Henritzie.
Benjamine F. Keller.
Thomas Bruce.
Allen T. Caperton.
Joseph Stras.
Evermont Ward.
James P. Kelley.
Manilius Chapman.
James D. Johnston.
Robert A. Richardson.
Wade D. Strother.
Frank Hereford.
A. G. Tebbetts.
James W. Davis.
F. W. Mahood.
James B. Peck.
H. C. Alderson.
W. W. Adams.
Thomas J. Munsey.
Samuel W. Williams.
John W. McCreery.
W. W. McClaugherty.
S. D. May.
John Osborne.
Robert L. French.
James L. Hamill.
Joseph S. Clark.
Q. W. Reynolds.
A. C. Davidson.
M. T. Browing.
Okey Johnson.
E. W. Hale.
P. W. Strother.
Bernard McClaugherty.
J. W. Chapman.
G. J. Holbrook.
Wirt A. French.
Charles R. McNutt.
Albert G. Pendleton.
Nathaniel Harrison.
James H. Ferguson.
John A. Kelly.
Alexander Mahood.
Samuel Price.
John Echols.
James W. English.
W. G. Ryan..
Cyrus Newlon.
John Phelps.
J. M. Killey.
Samuel C. Graham.
S. S. Dinwiddie.
M. M. Lowry.
James M. French.
George Evans.
E. T. Mahood.
Charles W. Smith.
James W. St. Clair.
W. L. Taylor.
J. R. Fishburne.
James E. Brown.
H. A. Ritz.
Joseph S. French.
Z. W. Crockett.
H. W. Straley, Jr.
Hugh G. Woods.
B. W. Pendleton.
Jesse D. Daniel.
John M. Anderson.
James S. Browning.
R. R. Henry.
I. C. Herndon.
R. Haden Penn.
Martin H. Holt.
John R. Pendleton.
Frank M. Peters.
J. Frank Maynard.
Jas. French Strother.
D. M. Easley.
George Crockett.
Jas. A. Strother.
William M. Mahood.
John M. McGrath.
A. M. Sutton.
J. W. Hicks.
Wyndham Stokes.
A. P. Gillespie.
J. W. Heptinstall.
Claude Holland.
John Nininger.
Joseph M. Sanders.
Cyrus Martin.
John R. Dillard.
D. H. Johnston.
Norman S. Allen.

The following is a list of persons who have held the office of    Sheriff of Mercer County from 1837 to the present time:

1837--William Smith was appointed by the governor of Virginia.

1838--William Smith.
1839--John Davidson.
1840--John Davidson.
1841-2--John Brown.
1943--Robert Gore.
1844-6--Elijah Peters.
1847-8--H. A. Walker.
1848-50--Cornelius White.
1851--Robert Hall.
1852-3--Benjamine McNutt.
1854--Ralph Hale.
1856--Ralph Hale.
1858-60--John A. Pack.
1860-64--John A. Pack.
1866-70--Benjamine White.
1870-1--John T. Smith.
1872-6--George L. Karnes.
1876-80--John S. Carr.
1880-4--Jos. H. McClaugherty.
1884-8--George L. Karnes.
1888-92--James A. White.
1892-96--R. C. Dangerfield.
1896-1900--J. E. T. Sentz.
1904--L. B. Farley.
David Lilley elected sheriff in 1870, but declined to qualify and John T. Smith was appointed in is place.

Surveyors of Mercer County.

Robert Hall.
Andrew White
W. J. Comer.
George W. Caldwell.
Edward H. French.
L. M. Stinson.
John Bailey.

Judges of the Criminal Court of Mercer County.

Hon. James M. French.
Hon. John M. McGrath.
Hon. Charles W. Smith.
Hon. Hugh H. Woods.


The following is a list of the names of the Clerks of the County Court of Mercer County from 1837 to the present time:

1837--Moses E. Kerr served seven years.
1844--Charles W. Calfee served seven years.
1851--William F. Heptinstall served for one year.
1852-65--Charles W. Calfee.
1865--George Evans, Recorder and Clerk of Circuit Court.
1870-71--Joseph H. Alvis, Recorder and Clerk.
1872--George Evans, Recorder and Clerk.
1873-9--Benjamine G. McNutt, Recorder and Clerk.
1879-85--C. R. McNutt.
1885-91--Samuel P. Pearis.
1891-7--William H. H. Witten.
1897-1903--A. J. Hearn.
1903--Estill Bailey, elected for six years.

The following is a list of the names of the Clerks of the Circuit Court for Mercer County from 1837 to the present time:

1837-43--James M. Cunningham.
1843-55--Alexander Mahood.
1855-59--Joseph H. Alvis.
1859-65--William A. Mahood.
1865-69--George Evans.
1869-70--Joseph H. Alvis.
1871-3--George Evans.
1873-9--R. B. Foley.
1879-85--F. A. Bolin.
1885-96--R. C. Christie.
1896-1902--W. B. Honaker.
1902--W. B. Honaker.

The following is a list of the names of Justices of the Peace for Mercer County from 1837 to 1904:

1837--Moses E. Kerr.
1837--William Smith.
1837--Josiah Meador.
1837--Robert Lilley.
1837--John Davidson.
1840--Henry Brooks.
1840--James Shrewsbury.
1850--William Smith.
1855--Cornelius White.
1865--A. W. Cole.
1865--A. W. J. Caperton.
1865--James Bowling.
1865--Joel Sloane.
1866--Russell G. French.
1866--R. Hambrick.
1866--Joel Sloane.
1866--A. W. J. Caperton.
1866--William Meadows.
1867--A. W. Cole.
1867--James Bowling.
1867--A. W. J. Caperton.
1868--Lorenzo D. Little.
1869--A. J. Davis.
1870--William C. Honaker.
1871--John J. Hetherington.
1872--Henry Davidson.
1872--Zachariah Fellers.
1872--A. J. Davis.
1872--A. W. J. Caperton.
1872--Eli Bailey.
1872--Lorenzo D. martin.
1872--Lewis Lilley.
1872--David B. Pendleton.
1872--A. G. Stovell.
1872--Andrew White.
1872--William A. Wiley.
1877--William Meador.
1877--Henry Davidson.
1881--Elijah Bailey.
1881--Joshua Day.
1881--Henry Davidson.
1881--Harmon White.
1881--Henry Higginbotham.
1891--W. J. Clark.
1892--Willoughby Miller.
1894--H. G. Thorn.
1894--A. I. Godfrey.
1894--J. A. Chambers.
1894--David French.
1895--G. C. Bailey.
1895--William J. Clark.
1895--H. E. Thomas.
1895--John L. Biggs.
1896--Davis Thorn.
1896--T. C. Comer.
1896--W. J. Rumburg.
1896--L. L. Hearn.
1896--E. T. Oliver.
1897--C. S. Hedrick.
1897--F. J. Brown.
1897--G. C. Bailey.
1897--David French.
1897--Allen C. Wiley.
1899--C. W. Gore.
1900--C. W. Gore.
1900--James H. Brinkley.
1850--George W. Pearis.
1850--N. B. French.
1850--Elijah Peters.
1854--James Brammer.
1854--H. W. Straley.
1854--William M.French.
1854--John S. Carr.
1854--Ralph Hale.
1881--Leonidas Goodwyn.
1881--A. I. Godfrey.
1881--Lewis Lilley.
1881--John L. Johnston.
1881--L. D. Martin.
1881--T. J. Monroe.
1882--J. F. Holroyd.
1882--N. B. French.
1883--Gaston P. Walker.
1884--John L. Johnston.
1884--John S. Carr.
1884--Lewis Lilley.
1885--George W. Belcher.
1885--H. F. Gore.
1885--Elijah Bailey.
1885--Leftwich Bailey.
1885--James F. Holroyd.
1885--John L. Johnston.
1886--A. J. Young.
1887--A. W. Read.
1888--A. W. Read.
1888--L. C. Shrewsberry.
1888--R. C. Dangerfield.
1889--Z. T. Rodgers.
1889--W. F. Steele.
1889--George Burch.
1889--John T. Carr.
1889--William A. Cooper.
1889--A. I. Godfrey.
1889--H. F. Gore.
1889--L. L. Hearn.
1889--Lewis Lilley.
1890--D. E. Burgess.
1890--M. W. Franklin.
1890--James H. Bare.
1900--F. J. Brown.
1900--T. C. Hubbard.
1900--W. S. Harless.
1900--E. T. Oliver.
1900--Davis Thorn.
1903--Joshua Day.
1903--J. A. Chambers.
1903--Allen C. Wiley.
1903--George O. Tavor.
1903--J. D. Burkholder.
1903--John T. Carr.
1903--W. T. Eperly.
1903--W. A. Henderson.
1903--R. A. Glendy.
1903--J. M. Anderson.
1904--E. P. Godby.
1904--W. S. Harless.
1904--James A. Lilley.
1904--J. A. Chambers.
1904--C. W. Gore.
1904--George P. Danewood.
1904--............... Burk.



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