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History of Cedar
County, Iowa, 1878.


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Biographies - Center Township

A - Ca


Acher, G. S., farmer; Post Office Tipton.

Adams, Robert H., blacksmith, Tipton; born in Rockbridge County, Virginia., July 4, 1817; lived there twenty-four years; learned his trade there; lived in Ohio eighteen months; came to Cedar County, and arrived in Bloomington (now Muscatine) in April, 1843; came to Tipton on foot and engaged in his present business, and has continued it ever since, and is the oldest mechanic in Tipton.  People used to come to him to get their work done from fifteen to twenty miles distant, and he would commence work sometimes at 2 o'clock in the morning.  He has worked at his trade forty-three years.    When he came here he only had $130, and now, by industry and management, he owns a farm of 200 acres in Fairfield, besides town property.  Never belonged to any church, temperance society, or secret society of any kind.  Married Miss Barbara Thompson, from Maryland, February 5, 1846; they have five children --- Robert, Emmet, Hugh, Ella, Kate and Lota.

Alden, W. H., traveling agent.

Aldrich, Wm. W., breeder of trotting and draft horses, Section 35; Post Office Tipton; owner and proprietor of the Border Lawn Stud and Stock Farm; born in Delaware County, Ohio, Sept. 13, 1826; lived there fourteen years, and came to Cedar County with his parents in 1841; one of the early settlers; went to California in 1850, and was there three years dealing in stock; was in the hotel business here for ten years, proprietor of the Aldrich House; engaged in stock raising, and started one of the first herds of "Short horns" in this State; for the past three years has given his attention to raising fine trotting and draft horses; owns a fine farm of 625 acres.    Married Mrs. Mary Belle Whitson, from Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, November 1855.   They have ten children --- Catharine, Emma, Lilly, Herman, Hattie, Mary, Charles, Lewis, Oscar and a baby.

Ameman, W. D., farmer rtr.; Post Office Tipton.

Auten, Enoch, farmer, Section 29; Post Office Tipton.

Auten, H.,  farmer, Section 33; Post Office Tipton

Auten, J.,  farmer, Section 33; Post Office Tipton.

Ayers, Newton,  farmer, Section 36; Post Office Wilton; born in York County, Pennsylvania, Aug. 24, 1836; lived there nineteen years, and came with his parents to Cedar County in June, 1855; they settled on the township corners; he was in the army; enlisted in the 11th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company D; returned and engaged in farming and stock raising; owns 200 acres of land.  Married Miss Lucretia L. Cole, from New Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio, January 1, 1869; she came to this county in 1861, and was engaged in teaching for some years; they have four children -- Carrie O., born May 25, 1871; Hattie M. and Hallie B. (twins), March 26, 1874; Alfred, March 14, 1876; lost one son --- Albert C., born Aug. 19, 1872, and died March 11, 1873.

Bagley, Arvin, grocer.

Bagley, Wm.,  agent, Le Grand Seminary.

Bagley, Wm. H.,  dealer in coal and wood.

Bailey, Harrison W., Manager Tipton Co-operative Store, Tipton; born in Columbiana County, Ohio, November 27, 1836; lived there sixteen years; came to Cedar County, town of Rochester, in March, 1851; engaged in farming until the breaking out of the war; enlisted in the 2d Iowa Infantry, Company C, in 1864; was with General Sherman in his march to the sea, and was with his regiment in its fights and skirmishes.  He has held the office of Secretary of the Cedar County Agricultural Society, and is now its President, and has held all the various town and school offices; owns a farm of 250 acres; was elected General Manager of the Tipton Co-operative Store.  Married Miss Catharine E. Thayer, from Rochester, New York, November 29, 1857.  They have seven children --- William F., Leslie H., Anna E., Sherman C., Omar E. Ida H., Delia A.

Bangs, A. V.,  railroad conductor.

Barclay, Geo., farmer, Section 20; Post Office Tipton.

Barclay, John,  farmer; Section 19; Post Office Tipton; born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, February 9, 1808; lived there thirty-five years, and moved to Ohio in 1843; lived there twelve years and came to this state in 1855; came by wagon and was about a month on the way; located at Mt. Vernon, Linn County, for three years then came to this county and has lived here twenty years; owns 120 acres of land, and has held school offices.   Married Ellen McCracken from Pennsylvania in 1834; she died in 1844; they had six children --- Thomas, Jane, Mary, Martha, Margaret, Ellen and John.  He married Mary Fourney from Pennsylvania, in 1848; they have six children --- William, George, Elizabeth, James, Ann and Ben Franklin.  John was in the army in the 2d Volunteer Cavalry, and was drowned crossing Wall River, Tennessee.

Beaty, Geo.,  farmer, Section 33; Post Office Tipton.

Beatty, G. E.,  farmer, Section 32; Post Office Tipton.

Beck, Jacob,  farmer, Post Office Tipton.

Bellgard, G., farmer, Section 13;  Post Office Tipton.

Bellgard, J.,  farmer, Section 13;  Post Office Tipton.

Bellgard, P.,  farmer, Section 13:  Post Office Tipton.

Beltz, Elias,  farmer; Section 23; Post Office Tipton; born in Crawford County, Ohio, July 4, 1834; lived in Ohio about twenty-five years engaged in farming and milling business; came to Cedar County, Iowa, in 1859;  bought the saw-mill known as the "Beltz Mill," and has run it since; also engaged in farming; owns 250 acres of land; has held school offices.  Married Miss F. Goodale, from Ohio, in 1860; she died in 1865; they had three children --- Elma E., living, and lost two.  Married Harriet McCracken, from this town and county, December 1874; they have one son --- Alonzo Gilman, born November 8, 1877.

Betts, S. B.

Bickford, John,  renter; Post Office Tipton.

Bird, Chas.,  laborer, Section 34; Post Office Pleasant Hill.

Birk, Adam,  farmer; Section 31; Post Office Tipton; born in Oakley, Ohio, August 13, 1840; lived there fourteen years, and then came to Linn County, Iowa, in 1854; lived there fourteen years and came to this town and county in 1869; has lived here nine years, engaged in farming; owns a farm, of eighty acres adjoining the town.  Was in the army; enlisted in the 14th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company, H; was in battles of Ft. Donelson and Shiloh, and injured his back working one of the guns in the battery.  Married Miss Emeline Shafer, from Pennsylvania, July 4th, 1865; they have three children --- Annie Louise, Mary and Maggie.

Birss, Lexander,  farmer; Post Office Tipton.

Birss, John,  farmer, Section 10; Post Office Tipton; born in Scotland, November 9, 1818; lived there twenty-nine years, and lived in England two years, then came to this country in 1849; started to California and after getting out on the plains was taken sick and walked back to Cedar County; arrived here in harvest time, 1850;    he bought the farm where he now lives the same year, and has lived here twenty-eight years; it was all Government land between here and Round Grove, Scott County;    he began life with nothing and now owns 330 acres of land; has held school and road offices in this town.   Married Miss Ann Yule, from Scotland, in 1851; she died in 1865; they had five children, four of them living --- Ann, Ellen, Mary, John.    Then married Margaret Gray, from Scotland, in 1867; they have six children --- Charles, George, William, Kate, Margaret, Martha.

Blatner, J.,  farmer; Section 28; Post Office Tipton.

Blattner, Susanna, Mrs.,  Section 28; Post Office Tipton; born in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, in 1815; she lived there twenty-nine years.    Married Henry Blattner in 1842; he was born in Germany and came to this country in infancy; they came to Cedar County, about the year 1844, and were early settlers; engaged in farming; he died in May, 1856.  She owns a farm of eighty-six acres, and has four children --- Isaac, Fietta, Annetta and Jared, and lost one son.   Jared Blattner was born Jan. 29, 1862, in this town and county; he married Miss Anna Young, from Kansas, November 28, 1876; they have one son --- Albia Ernest, born August 9, 1877.  Mr. Blattner farms the home place.

Bolton, J. D., Express Agent.

Bolton, John H.,  farmer, Section 16; Post Office Tipton; born in Center Township, Cedar County, March 23, 1843, and has lived here thirty-five years, and is among the oldest now living here that was born in this town, his parents being early settlers; he was in the army; enlisted in Company E,  11th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry; was in the battles of Shiloh, Iuka and Corinth, and was discharged on account of sickness on the Vicksburg campaign; engaged in farming and stock raising; owns 240 acres of land; holds office of Town Trustee.  Married Miss Cornelia A. Culver, daughter of O. M. Culver, Esq., December 31, 1863; they have five children --- Harry, Nettie, Lucy, Johnnie and Florence.

Bossert, B. F.,  carpenter.

Bowers, C. B.,  Homeopathic physician.

Boyd, Jasper W.,  insurance agent, Tipton; born in Philadelphia October 12, 1819; lived there and in Montour and York Counties until 1861, when he came to Linn County, Iowa; came to Tipton in 1864 and has lived here thirteen years.  He has held the office of Assessor of this town for three successive terms.  Married Miss Elizabeth Osmond, from Oxford, Chester County, Pennsylvania, May 19, 1861; they have two children --- William Robert, born May 19, 1863; Lydia J., November 3, 1867.

Bradley, Luther,  retired farmer.

Brandis, F. H.

Brink, Ezekiel M.,  attorney, Tipton; born in Bradford County, Pennsylvania., June 1, 1841; lived there fifteen years, and came to this county in 1856, and prepared himself for his profession here.  He was elected Auditor of this county in 1869, and was re-elected in 1871.  Married Sarah J. Brink, from Pennsylvania, Aug 23, 1869; they have three children --- Nellie, Joseph B. and Ulysses.

Brown, C. N.,  clerk.

Brown, Henry D.,  undertaker, Tipton; born in Madison County, Kentucky, February 13, 1813; lived there fourteen years; moved to Ohio and lived there ten years; came to this county in April, 1837, and settled at Rochester; the Indians had just left; he was one of the earliest settlers; built a saw-mill at the mouth of Rock Creek, and also worked at carpenter's trade; has been engaged in business here twenty-seven years; he has been class leader in the M. E. Church forty-four years; he and Col. Hardman and wife, Daniel Han, wife and daughter composed the first M. E. Class in Cedar County; it was organized by Chauncey Hobart in August, 1837 --- over forty years ago.  He married Emeline Patterson, from Iowa City, in October, 1843; they have three children -- Laura, Nettie and Emma; lost three children --- Leonidas, their son,, was in the army, in Company I, 46th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry; was shot in the head and mortally wounded in a skirmish near Colliersville, Tennessee, and died in Chicago February 5, 1865.    Margaret and Roscoe died in infancy.

Bunker, John,  farmer, Section 13; Post Office Tipton.

Burns, W. H.,  physician.

Burroughs, George F.,  Tipton; born in Salem County, New Jersey, October 30, 1818; learned trade of iron moulder; after working at his trade, was foreman of the Mercer Company, Iron Works, at Trenton, and also the National Iron Works, of Camden, and the Burlington County Iron Works; he was in the army in the engineer's department, on the fortifications around Washington; came to Cedar County in 1869; has been Superintendent of the Poor Farm for the past five years.  Married Miss Sarah Major, from New Jersey, in 1857; they have ten children --- seven sons and three daughters.

Busier, M. L.,  farmer, Section 20; Post Office Tipton.

Busier, Martin,  farmer, Section 17; Post Office Tipton.

Busier, W. G.,  farmer, Section 17; Post Office Tipton.

Campbell, Alex.,  shoemaker.

Campbell, J. D.,  blacksmith, Section 33; Post Office Tipton.

Carl, Charles W.,  farmer and stock raiser, Section 22; Post Office Tipton; born in Richland County, Ohio, February 24, 1833; moved to Indiana in 1836; was there one year and a half, and came with his parents by wagon with two yokes of oxen and a horse to Cedar County, being four weeks on the way, and arrived here in October, 1838; they settled in a shanty on Crooked Creek; they made a claim where his brother now lives, and entered it when it came into market;  there was plenty of Indians here when they came; there are few settlers now living here who were here then;  Mr. Carl had but very little when he began; he now owns 520 acres of land; has held town and school offices.  Married Amanda Whitmer, from Ohio, March, 1857; she died in 1865; they had three children --- Josiah B., Charlie C. and Effie C.  Married Rhoda J. Owens, from Ohio; they have one daughter --- Mary M., and have lost one son, Arthur.

Carl, Julia Ann,  Section 13; Post Office Tipton; formerly Miss Julia Ann Taylor; was born in Richland County, Ohio, and moved to Crawford County, and lived there until 1857, when she came to Cedar County.  Married John L. Carl, from Ohio, March 1, 1860; he was engaged in farming and stock raising; he died in 1869, leaving a large estate; they had eight children --- Frank P., Willis G., John B., Minnie M., Myrtle A.; they lost three children; Mrs. Carl owns 320 acres of land.

Carl, Preston, F.,  farmer and stock raiser; Section 22; Post Office Tipton; born in this town on the farm where he now lives July 31, 1845, and he has lived in this county thirty-two years, his parents being early settlers; he owns 500 acres of land and is largely engaged in farming and stock raising, principally cattle and hogs.     He has held school and road offices.  Married Miss Alice C. Osborn, from New York State, March 20, 1866; they have six children --- Ira H., Charlie P., Cyrena F. Martha C., Lula, Guy F.

Carlin, Patrick,  billiard hall.

Carr, Henry C.,  attorney at law, Tipton; born in Jamestown, Rhode Island, April 13, 1839; lived there about twenty-three years, and received his education there; attended East Greenwich Seminary four years; Brown's University in 1858, and graduated in class of 1862; went to city of New York and studied law with Chauncey Shaffer, and was admitted to the bar in 1864; practiced his profession there until 1867, his office being 41 Park Row, over New York Times;  in 1867 came to this town and engaged in practicing his profession; has held office President School Board six years, also Mayor of this town.  He represents this district, embracing Cedar and Jones Counties, in the State Senate.  Married Miss Louise Low, daughter of Francis S. Low, of Albany, New York, in 1866; they have three children --- Kate, Lizzie and Henry C.; lost one daughter.

Carroll, Moreau,  County Auditor, Tipton; born in Highland County, Ohio, March 20, 1841; lived there nineteen years, and came to Iowa in 1861 to Cedar County; enlisted in August, 1861 in Company C, 2d Iowa Cavalry; was in many expeditions, and in the engagement before Corinth May 9; being known as the Farmington Charge, and following the retreat of Beauregard; was in the battle of Iuka and at Corinth with Rosecrans; was mustered out of the service in 1865.  Held office of Assessor for three terms; was elected Auditor of this county in 1873, and re-elected in 1875 and again 1877.  Married Miss Margery J. Grace from Ohio, March 10, 1869; they have four children --- Frank, Nancy, Mary and Lizzie; lost two children, twins.

Carper, John R.

Cary, Moses,  stone quarryman; Section 13; Post Office Tipton.

Casad, John W.,  merchant; clothing, gents' furnishing goods, hats and caps; born in Logan County, Ohio, September 6, 1830; lived in that State twenty-six years; engaged in business with Wm. Gilmore at Bellfontaine, July 12, 1854; came to Tipton, Iowa September 13, 1856, and engaged in business; they have occupied their present location since 1857, and have been associated together the longest without change of any mercantile firm in this county, and what is somewhat very unusual, they have never had a misunderstanding nor a cross word with one another.  Married Ida L. Gilbert, June 6, 1871; she was from New York and was born in New Jersey; they have one daughter --- Edith.

Casad, S. D.,  agricultural implements, coal and wood.

Casebeer, John,  farmer, Section 17; Post Office Tipton; born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, October 2, 1812; moved to Ohio when 3 years of age, and lived there twenty-two years, and in Indiana two years, and came to Iowa in 1839; they came by wagon, being four weeks on the way, and arrived May 5; settled in this county in the Fall of the same year; entered land from the Government; there are only a few here now who were here when he came; was engaged in teaching school; he and his brother were in the nursery business some years; owns 100 acres of land.  Has held the office of Justice of the Peace four years, and was Assessor of this town.  Married Lorinda Humphrey, from near Columbus, Ohio, in August, 1845; they have six children --- Sarah Jane (engaged in teaching), James A. (Principal of a school in Nevada), Chas. Sumner, Lemuel H., William J., Bessie (attending Grinnell College); lost one daughter --- Emma A.

Casebeer, L. H.,  farmer, Section 17; Post Office Tipton.

Cattell, C.,  farmer, Section 15; Post Office Tipton.



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