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History of Cedar
County, Iowa, 1878.


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Biographies - Center Township

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Chambers, Charles L.,  physician and surgeon, Tipton; born in Rockingham County, Virginia, May 18, 1818; when 12 years of age, removed with his parents    to Dayton, Ohio; received his education there, and studied medicine with his father, who was a physician; he came to Muscatine in 1847, and practiced his profession in that county for three years, and came to Tipton in June, 1850; has practiced his profession here for twenty-eight years, and longer than any physician in this county.    He was in the army, Surgeon of the 35th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry.    Married Miss Anna E. Hudson November 11, 1847; she was born near Lexington, Kentucky, and is a daughter of Rev. John Hudson, of Muscatine County.   He is the oldest minister in this Presbytery, being near 80 years of age.   They have five children --- Mrs. Bessie Kirk, of Wilton, Mary L., Willie H., George and Louis; they have lost three sons --- Mustoe, John and Charles L.

Chapman, A.,  farmer, Section 14; Post Office Tipton.

Chapman, Chas. S.,  farmer and stock raiser, Section 2; Post Office Tipton; born in Binghampton, New York, July 18, 1832; lived there twenty-two years; came to Cedar County, Iowa, in October, 1854; settled one mile west of Tipton and worked for Mr. Aldrich; he had nothing at all when he commenced, and now owns 240 acres of land and is engaged in farming and stock raising.  He has held town, school and road offices.   Married Miss Pamelia A. Aldrich, daughter of the late Solomon Aldrich, November 26, 1857; they have eight children --- Solomon A., Emma I., Mary E., William T., Charles E., Francis H., Ann E. and Eunice J.  Mrs. Eliza Aldrich, mother of Mrs. Chapman, is one of the early settlers of this county; she was born in Washington County, New York; she married Solomon Aldrich, from New York State; he was born in Vermont; they came to this county in 1841; he died May 16, 1874.  Mrs. Aldrich resides with her daughter, Mrs. Chapman.

Chapman, Ed.,  farmer, Section 14; Post Office Tipton.

Chapman, Wm.,  farmer, Section 14; Post Office Tipton.

Chapman, Wm. H.,  farmer, Section 13; Post Office Tipton; born in Chenango County, New York, January 12, 1830; lived there thirty-four years; was engaged in farming; was in the army; enlisted in the 126th Regiment New York Infantry, and served under Gen. Thomas; after the was came to Cedar County; engaged in farming; rents 240 acres of Carl estate.  Married Miss Elizabeth Weston, from England in December, 1863; he has eight children --- four sons and four daughters.

Chase, J.,  farmer, Section 5; Post Office Tipton.

Clapp, D. P.,   retired.

Clapp, S. S.,  laborer.

Clark, Frank,  laborer.

Clover, S. P.,  Post Office Tipton.

Cobb, A. B.,  farmer, Section 20; Post Office Tipton.

Cobb, C. O.,  farmer, Section 20; Post Office Tipton.

Cobb, William H.,  merchant, hardware, and house furnishing (late of the firm of Reichert & Cobb); Tipton; born in Springfield, Massachusetts, February 24, 1838; lived there ten years; moved to New Hampshire, and lived also in Maine, his father being engaged in the factory business; came to Illinois and enlisted in the army in Company E. 126th Regiment Illinois Infantry, for two years, and then was stationed at Point Lookout, Maryland.; was Commissary of prisoners of war --- all prisoners in the Federal army being exchanged there; was in the siege of Vicksburg and in many skirmishes; came to Iowa in 1865 and engaged in the dry goods trade until three years ago.    Married Miss E. V. Boynton, from Tipton, January, 1868; she was born in Ohio; they have two children --- Forrest and Brett.

Collar, R.,  drayman; born in Livingston County, New York, June 10, 1818; lived there sixteen years, and lived Pennsylvania twenty-five years; came to Ogle County, Illinois, and lived there fourteen years, and came to this county in 1862, and has lived here fifteen years.  Married Miss Mary Ann Ball, from Erie County, Pennsylvania, January 26, 1846; they have two children --- Alvin and Adelia Alice; they have lost three children --- Myron J., William and Amanda.  Adelia married Wm. A. Young October 17, 1875; they have one son --- Charlie.  Amanda married Henry Theban, from this county, December 8, 1867; she died February 7, 1869.

Coller, Jesse,  lime kiln.

Collins, Edwin S.,  (firm of Collins Brothers., livery, sale and boarding stables);  Post Office Tipton; born in Cedar County, October 25, 1854, and has lived in this county twenty-five years; was engaged in farming, and pressing and baling hay until 1875, when he came to Tipton and engaged in the livery business; in 1877 his brother, Alonzo Collins, became associated with him in the firm of Collins Brothers.

Collins, W. H. 

Collins Bros., livery and feed stable, Tipton; Edwin S. was born in Cedar County, Iowa, in 1854, and Alonzo in 1856; engaged in their present business in 1875; are successors to Pritcherd Bros.

Conway, George,  barber.

Cotton, Luzerne,  bakery and restaurant; Post Office Tipton; born in Jefferson County, Ohio, July 14, 1833; at the age of 5 years went to Athens, Ohio, and lived there until coming to Cedar County, Iowa, in 1855, and has lived here ever since, and has been engaged in farming twenty-two years; owns a farm of 210 acres; engaged in his present business in 1877; has held office of Town School Treasurer seven years, and also other School offices.  Married Miss Mary A. Dwiggans, from this county, in 1858; they have four children --- Alonzo A., Charles C., Frank and Jennie P.; lost one daughter.

Cottrell, M.,  blacksmith.

Coutts, William,  farmer, Section 5; Post Office Tipton.

Coutts, William,  farmer, Sec. 5; Post Office Tipton; born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, about the year 1812; came to this county in 1834; lived in Ohio three years and walked from Ohio to Cedar County and arrived with John Chapell April 12, 1837; settled at Red Oak; was one of the earliest settlers; only three or four persons at the grove when he came; made a claim and entered the land when he could; the Indians were here then; they were not required to leave until the following year.  After three years Mr. Coutts went back to Ohio and walked the whole distance, being 19 1/2 days on the way.  By industry and good management he has acquired a large property and owns 511 acres of land; during the centennial year he returned to his native land, visiting Scotland and many other places.  He has held school and road offices.  He has been married twice.  His first wife was Rachel Bandeen, from Scotland; she died in 1848.  Married Barbara Bandeen, from Scotland, May 19, 1849; they have seven children --- John, Jane, William, Sarah, Mary, Martha and Ida.

Craig, W.,  nursery renter; Post Office Tipton.

Crawford, Andrew J.,  farmer, Section 34; Post Office Wilton; born in Michigan October 8, 1821, and at 7 years of age went to Indiana and lived there eight years, and came with an ox team to Cedar County; they were three weeks on the way and arrived here June 9, 1836; they settled on the farm where he now lives; made the claim and entered the land from the Government when it came in market.  Mr. Crawford is the oldest settler in Cedar County, having lived here forty-two years; Messrs. Baker, Porter, Hardman and Starrett came the same year; there were plenty of Indians here then; during the Winter of 1837 his father got lost on the prairie and had his feet both frozen off, and the care of the farm depended upon Andrew, and though he had nothing at all when he began he now owns 320 acres of land.  He has carried wheat to Muscatine and sold it for 30 cents a bushel, and sold dressed pork at $2 per cwt.  Married Elizabeth Carl, from Indiana, in the Fall of 1851; she came here forty years ago; they have three children --- Cordelia, born July 11, 1853; Maria, June 26, 1859; Henry, February 1, 1864; lost two children in infancy.  His father died March 17, 1855.  His mother died January 1, 1864.

Cripliver, Jacob,  farmer; Section 28; Post Office Tipton.

Cripliver, Jacob R.,  retired farmer.

Cripliver, S. W., carpenter.

Crisman, David,  clerk co-operative store, Tipton; born in Ohio, October 22, 1825; moved to Pennsylvania, and lived there until 1852, when they came by wagon to Cedar County; arrived October 29, same year and settled in Sugar Creek.  He has held office of President of the School Board, and was Clerk of the town two years.     Married Miss Elizabeth A. McMurray, from Pennsylvania, March 26, 1846; they have nine children --- Francis A., Sanford A., George L., James G., Anna M., William McM., Aaron W., David, Frank B.; lost one son --- John H.

Crisman, J. G., clerk.

Crisman, John W.,  farmer, Section 4; Post Office Tipton; born Medina County, Ohio, August 10, 1828; moved to Pennsylvania in infancy and lived there until 1852, when he came to Cedar County by wagon, being six weeks on the way, and arrived May 20, 1852; settled in Sugar Creek.  There was but little improvement there then.    He went to Tama County, bought land and laid out a town there, and has made permanent improvements in several counties in the State.  He has been in fifty-two counties in this State and now owns three farms --- 488 acres of land.  He was delegate to the first Republican State Convention held at Iowa City, and has been delegate to State Conventions several times since then; has held the office of Justice of the Peace and Notary Public eight years, and has held town and school offices.  Married Elizabeth C. Horn, from Pennsylvania, 1847.  They have ten children --- Fred M., Maggie, Annie, John W., Maria, Ezra, Samuel, Emma, Charles and Frank; they lost two daughters.

Crispin, E. C.,  farmer, Section 28; Post Office Tipton; born in Richland County, Ohio, February 4, 1839; lived there fourteen years and came with his parents to Cedar County in 1853; they came by wagon, and was twenty-one days on the way; arrived here June 1st, and settled where they now live; has lived here twenty-five years, except two years spent in Ohio; engaged in farming, and owns a farm of 130 acres.    Has held road and school offices; was President of Town School Board for years and Master of Grange one year; was elected Assessor of this town in 1877.   Married Miss Mary Gay, from Virginia, October 25, 1869; they have four children --- Charles A., Celia May, Dr. Emerson and Bessie Jane.

Crist, J. G.,  farmer; Post Office Tipton.

Criswell, Wm., farmer, Section 17; Post Office Tipton.

Croghan, Joshua, farmer; Post Office Tipton.

Culbetson, John, lumber dealer, Tipton; born in Centre County, Pennsylvania, August 13, 1814; was clerk in his uncle's store, and then engaged in business for himself; came to Indiana in 1839, and came to Iowa May 7, 1840, in this place; not a building here, only shanty used as claim house; he put up a small house and the Commissioners of the county proposed if he would build an addition to his house and keep hotel they would furnish the lumber.  Very frequently his house would be filled with travelers at night and he would have nothing for breakfast; he would get up at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning and run around to his neighbors to help him out on his breakfast; kept hotel six years, then engaged in mercantile business for twenty-four years.  He has held the office of Clerk of the District Court.  Married Miss Margaret Jones, from Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, December 12, 1837; they have three children --- John T.; Mrs. Ella Ferguson, Margaret B.; lost one daughter.

Culver, David M.,  farmer; Section 16; Post Office Tipton.

Culver, Orace M.,  farmer, stock raiser and dealer, Section 16; Post Office Tipton; born Cuyahoga County, Ohio, June 14, 1821; lived there eighteen years; then came with his parents to Cedar County; he drove a pair of oxen with a horse on the lead; the horse was "Old Bob," and his father bought his for a bushel of potatoes; they arrived here September 10, 1839; they built the log cabin where Mr. Busier now lives; three families --- Mr. Culver's, Mudge's and Cook's, all lived in this cabin with only one room during the Winter, and they were all sick but Orace and he used to carry water a mile for the family.   He used to get up at 3 o'clock in the morning and pound up corn for bread until daylight and then begin his day's work.    His father then constructed a rude mill, which was used by them and the neighbors; the Indians used to come to his father's.   Mr. Culver taught the first school in Center Township, in the Burr Oak school house.   He entered some of the land of his farm from Government; commenced in life without anything and now owns 500 acres here, and 375 acres elsewhere, and is largely engaged in feeding stock.  He has geld just as few offices as he possibly could get along with.   Married Lucy Ann Cook, from Ohio, June 14, 1843; she died August, 1845; they had one daughter --- Mrs. Cornelia A. Bolton.  Married Barbara C. Harry, from Harrison County, Indiana; they have eight children --- John G., Alfred L., Phylivia J., Alvah, William P., D. Rosencrans, Lucy and Nancy B.  Lost one son --- Lincoln.

Culver, S. P.,  farmer, Section 26; Post Office Tipton.

Cumming, D., farmer, Section 13; Post Office Tipton.

Dairy, Henry, retired on account of old age; is a pensioner of the war of 1812.

Dale, J.,  tenant farmer, Section 23; Post Office Tipton.

Davis, Hiram,  farmer, Section 33; Post Office Pleasant Hill; born in Ohio, October 7, 1812; lived there twenty-two years, and came to Chicago in 1834, and settled at Algonquin, on Fox River; he went to Chicago, at one time and offered $100 in silver for two barrels of flour, and it was refused; came to Iowa in 1838; returned to Ohio and came by wagon to this county in 1841 and settled permanently; located in this neighborhood, and has lived here thirty-six years --- one of the early settlers; the first hog he ever sold weighed 300 pounds., at Muscatine, and he got for it a pair of shoes and one dollar's worth of coffee; owns a farm of ninety acres; has held office of Road Supervisor.  Married Mrs. Susan Sweitzer, formerly Susan Leverich, November 26, 1842; she was born October 22, 1812, and came to this county in the Fall of 1837 --- one of the earliest settlers; they have five children --- Charles, Henry and Mercy A. Sweitzer, John W. and Nathan A. Davis; lost two children --- Frances and Sarah Jane.

Davis, J. W.,  farmer, Section 33; Post Office Pleasant Hill.

Davis, John,  tenant farmer, Section 33; Post Office Pleasant Hill.

Davis, N. A.,  farmer, Section 33; Post Office Pleasant Hill.

Dayton, A. M., harness and hardware.

Dean, Hiram L.,  merchant, dealer in boots and shoes, also dealer in poultry, Tipton; born in Worcester County, Massachusetts, December 17, 1845; lived there twenty years and came to Tipton in 1865; has been engaged in the boot and shoe business, and has one of the largest, if not the largest store in the State, and has his stock manufactured to order, and does the largest boot and shoe trade in the county; Mr. Dean has been dealing in poultry and game for the past ten years; for some years he has been extensively engaged in shipping poultry and supplying the Eastern market, and is the largest dealer and shipper in the State, employing from twenty to forty men, during the Winter, in dressing and packing, all of which is done with great care; it is then frozen and is shipped East and stored in the mountains in Vermont and Massachusetts, and is kept frozen until required for use in New York and Boston and other Eastern markets, all through the Summer, commanding the highest market price; his shipments last year were over 200,000 pounds; Mr. Dean also deals largely in butter and eggs, which are brought here from this and adjoining counties.  He married Miss Marian Prouty, from Worcester County, Massachusetts, in September, 1867; they have two children --- Eddie S. and Addie M; they have lost two children --- Lucius and Alice.

Dean, Perrien,  merchant, dry goods, Tipton; born in Worcester County, Massachusetts, November 20, 1840; lived there about twenty-three years.  Was in the army; enlisted in the 51st Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Company B; was in the battles at Kingston and Goldsboro, and in the fighting between the two places.    Came to Tipton, Cedar County, in the Fall of 1863; was clerk in a boot and shoe store, then engaged in dry goods business here.  Married Miss Mary Baum, from Pennsylvania, in December, 1867; they have two children --- Harry S. and Mary F.

Dean, William,  merchant, dry goods and carpets, Tipton; born in Worcester County, Massachusetts, August 18, 1835; lived there about nineteen years; came to Tipton in May, 1857; engaged in boot and shoe business.  Enlisted in Company A, 5th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry; was in the battles at New Madrid, Iuka, Corinth, Jackson, Champion Hills and Vicksburg; he was promoted to the Captaincy of Company A, and lost many men in his command; returned and engaged in mercantile business.  Has held town and school offices.  Married Miss N. J. Woodes, from Worcester County, Massachusetts, in December, 1856; they have four children --- George W., Anna J., Hattie K. and Emma Frances; lost two daughters.

Deardorf, D. K.,  carriage and wagon maker.

Deemer, W. H.,  carpenter.

Delaplane, J. V.,  farmer, Section 31; Post Office Tipton.

Delts, W.,  laborer, Section. 32; Post Office Tipton.

Denton, Stephen,  farmer, Section 12; Post Office Tipton.

Dick, Nicholas.

Dickinson, J. D., farmer, Section 15; Post Office Tipton.

Dilts, Wm. K.

Dodge, Henry,  well digger.

Dolan, James,  farmer, Section 15; Post Office Tipton; born in Ohio October 12, 1806; lived there thirty-eight years and came to Cedar County April 20, 1844, and located at Gower's Ferry during the Summer and moved to where he now lives October 17, 1844; bought the claim and entered the land from the Government; there were plenty of deer, turkeys and wolves here; only few are here now who were here when he came; owns farm of eighty acres; has held school and road offices.  Married Nancy Harris, from Ohio; she died in 1846; they had five children.  Married Amanda E. Stratton, from Champaign County, Ohio, in June, 1852; they have four children --- Pitt, Sallie, Arabella and George B.; had two sons in the army; they enlisted in the 24th Regiment Iowa Infantry and were in many battles.

Doyle, James,  stone quarryman.

Doyle, Michael, laborer, stone quarry.

Doyle, Thomas, laborer, stone quarry.

Duncan, S.,  laborer, Section 28; Post Office Tipton.

Duncan, T.,  farmer, Section 34; Post Office Pleasant Hill.

Dutton, G. W.,  engineer on Railroad.

Dwigans, James,  farmer and stock raiser, Section 34; Post Office Tipton; born in Guernsey County, Ohio, February 27, 1827; lived there ten years; came to Rock Island County, Illinois, for a year, and then came to Cedar County in the Spring of 1839, and settled on the farm where he now lives, and entered it from the Government.    There were plenty of Indians here then; only few persons are here now who were here then; in the Spring of 1850, went to California and was engaged in mining; returned in 1853 and engaged in farming and milling, about four miles south of here; in 1868, he bought the old homestead where he now lives; engaged in farming and stock raising; he owns 500 acres of land and has held town, school and road offices.    Married Mrs. Mary Labhart, formerly Miss Mary E. Ives, from Coshocton County, Ohio, in December, 1863; they have two children --- William O. and Charles C.



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