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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Afton General Directory (A - L)





Came to


Abel, Fred Baker Germany 1857  
Abraham, C. Clerk Indiana 1874 Bds. Madison Hotel
Alser, Miss Alice Dining Room, Far. H.      
Alley, J. W. Justice of Peace      
Alton, J. E. Laborer Illinois 1876  
Ames, Wm. Teamster Illinois 1854  
Arnold, Lewis Tailor Germany 1876  
Ashby, M. V. Clerk, Thornton's Ohio    
Ashby, T. C. Harness Maker Ohio 1866 Kansas street
Ashby, Mrs. M.   N. Jersey 1864 Fillmore street
Averell, W. S. Dentist, &c. Canada    
Babcock, L. D. Prop. Far. Hotel New York 1865  
Babcock, A. L. Carpenter New York 1874  
Ballard, S. R. Farmer Ohio 1856  
Ball, E. A. Painter Indiana 1872  
Bartholomew, F. M. Stone Mason Ohio 1866  
Barnum, S. R. Farmer Vermont 1875  
Barnum, A. H. Farmer Vermont 1875  
Barber, James Teamster Ohio 1871  
Barron, F. Laborer Ohio 1876  
Barnum, G. L. Clerk Vermont 1869  
Barger, J. P. Painter Illinois 1870  
Baxter, Mrs. S.   Ohio 1872  
Baxter, John Printer Ohio 1872  
Bean, Jos. Laborer Iowa 1873  
Bedford, W. S. Jeweler Indiana 1876  
Bennett, R. G. P. Elder M. E. Ch. New York 1873 Fillmore street
Bishop, J. F. Ed. Afton News New York 1855  
Bolich, J. C. Shoemaker Penn 1876  
Bolinger, M. Lumberman Penn 1865  
Bolinger, A. Blacksmith Penn 1876  
Botleman, H. A. County Auditor      
Botleman, R. A. Butcher Ohio 1855  
Brockman, F. W. Dry Goods Germany 1857  
Bray, W. D. Nurseryman      
Branan, Mrs   Ireland 1872  
Briggs, T. Carpenter Ohio 1868  
Bridges, Miss P. Seamstress Ohio 1870 Kansas street
Brown, A. Blacksmith Ohio 1870  
Burke, J. Liveryman Indiana 1873  
Burns, David H. Laborer Missouri 1856  
Burns, J. F. Traveling Agent Ohio 1876  
Bolich, Dan'l D. Shoemaker Penn 1876 Bds. Madison Hotel
Bolich, C. F. Shoemaker Penn 1876 Bds. Madison Hotel
Bolich, N. A. Shoemaker Penn 1876 Bds. Madison Hotel
Bolich, Oscar Shoemaker Penn 1876 Bds. Madison Hotel
Calahan, Dennis Laborer Ireland 1871  
Campbell, I. City Marshall Ohio 1870  
Campbell, C. H. Carpenter Kentucky 1875  
Carney, Partrick Laborer Ireland 1862  
Carson, James Carpenter Penn 1874  
Chamberlin, Geo. Peddler New York 1869  
Chaston, S. P. Sewing Machine Agent   1875  
Childs, W. H. Blacksmith Vermont 1868  
Childs, Wm. Carpenter Vermont 1868  
Cherry, J. W. Farmer Ohio 1875 Kansas street
Clemens, James Farmer Virginia 1855 Fillmore street
Cogell   Vermont    
Collier, Isaac Laborer Missouri 1876  
Collings, Wm. Stoves and Tinware Illinois 1855  
Cook, N. P. Attorney at Law Maine 1849 Kansas street
Cosner, Philip Carpenter Ohio 1869  
Cox, William Farmer Ohio 1876  
Cowl, W. P. Grain Buyer Penn 1875 Bds. Madison Hotel
Covey, E. J. Photo Artist New York 1869  
Cramer, A. Printer Vermont 1876 Bds. Madison Hotel
Creel, J. F. Sewing Machine Agent Virginia 1860  
Cunningham, Rev. R. H. Presbyterian Min. Penn 1875  
Cunningham, I. Farmer   1855  
Cunningham, Jas. Barber Iowa 1876  
Davenport, D. Attorney at Law   1876 Bds. Madison Hotel
Draper, James   Penn    
Draper, A. Clerk England 1869  
Davis, O. E. Banker Ohio 1860  
Deberry, Thomas Farmer Missouri 1875  
Delong, Thomas Farmer     Bds. Bishop
Delmell, Richard Carpenter      
Devolt, Wm. Carpenter Ohio 1859  
Devore, J. W. Engineer      
Dickenson, A. A. Farmer and S. M. Ag't Mass 1857  
Dismore, John Farmer and S. M. Ag't Indiana 1876  
Dismore, Eli Farmer and S. M. Ag't Indiana 1876  
Dunn, C. M. Telegraph Operator Ohio 1871 Kansas street
Draper, Geo. Livery Stable England    
Draper, Joseph Livery Stable England 1869 Madison House
Enbery, Wheeler Carpenter     Bds. Occidental Ho.
Emmons, E. J. Clerk of Courts     Bds. Occidental Ho.
Fleming, Frank Insurance Agent     Bds. Madison House
Fisher, D. C. Carpenter Indiana 1876  
Gadd, I. N. Traveling Salesman Ohio 1868 Fillmore street
Gilbert, I. Laborer Indiana 1873  
Goslisch, H. Blacksmith Germany 1874  
Gleason, D. E. Fireman     Bds. Occidental Ho.
Grant, J. A. Miller Ohio 1869  
Griffin, Neil Organ Merchant Michigan 1870  
Grimes, H. C. Commercial Traveler Missouri 1868  
Grimes, Joseph Porter Madison House Missouri 1876  
Groves, L. S.        
Guthridge, D. J. Sewing Machine Agent Ohio 1855  
Guthrie, R. Miller Canada 1873 Bds. Madison House
Hancock, H. W. Organ Dealer, &c.     Bds. Occidental Ho.
Hale, Mrs.   Penn 1870  
Hayes, Thos., M. D. Physician Ohio 1869 Kansas street
Hayes, James Physician Ohio 1869 Fillmore street
Heinbaugh, A. Blacksmith     Bds. Occidental Ho.
Henderson, H. Barber Vermont 1870  
Hewett, Edw. Traveling Man Penn 1876  
Hicks, W. H. Liveryman Ohio 1856 L. E.
Hicks, Mrs. Nancy   Ohio 1875 With W. H. Hicks
Hide, C.T. Carpenter Ohio 1860  
Holliday, Thomas Miller Rhode Isl'd 1874  
Holliday, G. Harness Maker Iowa 1875 Bds. Mateer
Hosband, James Retired Farmer Virginia 1853  
Hopkins, T. S. Farmer Connecticut 1870  
Hulse, B. Carpenter Ohio 1871  
Huntzinger, Jas.   Indiana 1868 Fillmore street
Huntzinger, Toby       Madison House
Ickis, O. U. Postmaster, Afton   1856 Fillmore street
Ingham, Anna   Iowa 1846 Fillmore street
Jack, G. Tailor Penn 1874 Fillmore street
Jeffreys, E. Organ Dealer, &c.     Bds. Occidental Ho.
Johnson, C. M. Printer Ohio 1870  
Jungst, H. Baker Germany 1868  
Kane, John Laborer Ireland 1870  
Keating, Henry Hardware, &c. Maine 1857 Kansas street
Keating, Joshua Hardware, &c. Maine 1857 Kansas street
Keller, Benjamin Mason Ohio 1870  
Kelley, Reuben   Connecticut 1872  
Kirkendol, J. Engineer in Mill Penn 1874  
Keating, Wm. Hardware Maine 1856 1-2-1
Keller, H. C. Trader Ohio 1870 Madison House
Layman, S. Teamster Penn 1875  
Lawson, L. Engineer      
Lea, P. Sewing Machine Agent      
Lemon, N. Farmer Wisconis 1875  
Leonard, A.        
Letts, N. H. Landlord Madison House Ohio 1870  
Lewis, J. W. Agricultural Imp. Agent Tennessee 1876  
Lewis, James, M. D. Physician Virginia 1852  
Lewis, Mrs. L. A.   Ohio 1853  
Lilley, I. K. Baker, &c. Penn 1860  
Lloyd, John Constable      
Lupher, Wm. Real Estate D'ler Penn 1873 Fillmore street



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