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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Afton General Directory (M - Z)





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McDowell, Dan'l C., B. & Q. R. R.     Bds. Occidental Ho.
McBride, H. B. Wheelwright Ohio 1867  
McDaniel, G. N. Blacksmith Indiana 1867  
McDell, J. W. Attorney at Law Ohio 1857  
McDonald, C. H. Laborer New York 1868  
McElderry, S. W. Attorney at Law     Bishop & McL.
McNeal, Hiram Liveryman Penn 1871  
Maynard, Jos. Carpenter Wisconsin 1875  
Martz, B. F. County Recorder Penn 1860 Fillmore street
Martin, Alice Dining Room     Madison House
Matcer, G. W. Harness Maker Ohio 1874  
Merrill, Rev. E. F. Minister Evang'l Church Ohio 1876  
Melvin, Louisa       Madison House
Miller, O. Retired Farmer Penn 1856  
Miller, Joseph Drug Clerk (Beebe) Ohio 1870  
Milligan, J. M. Attorney at Law Penn 1868  
Miner, B. F. Farmer Ohio 1875  
Mitchell, B. Attorney at Law   1876 Bds. Madison House
Mooe, B. J. Farmer Kentucky 1875  
Morley, Thomas Laborer Canada 1875  
Morrow, William Retired Farmer Penn 1864  
Muchler, H. Laborer New York 1876  
Murray, William Laborer Ireland 1872  
Myers, T. J. Stock Dealer Ohio 1856  
Needham, Joe Clerk Ohio   B'ds Madison House
Nelson, L. Shoemaker Sweden 1868  
Neylon, James Section Boss Ireland 1868  
Nixon, Rev. G. J. Minister Virginia 1870  
Nobe, A. E. Brakeman     Boards Occidental
Nun, H. Laborer Indiana 1866  
Nun, W. A. Blacksmith Virginai 1848  
Nun, John Clerk Iowa 1856  
Olsen, August Shoemaker Sweden 1866  
Owens, S. H. Blacksmith Ohio 1875  
Penney, F. Machinist F'ndry Maine 1876  
Penney, M. Machinist F'ndry Maine 1876  
Penney, M. A. Machinist F'ndry Maine 1875 Kansas street
Perkey, Wm. Carpenter Penn 1870  
Perry, D. Laborer      
Perry, O. H. Nurseryman Ohio 1873  
Petrie, Lorenzo Baggageman, C.B.&Q. R.R. New York 1876  
Pridgen, W. E. Wagon Maker Virginia 1866  
Probasco, Wm. Saloon Keeper      
Potts, John Plasterer Virginia 1858 Bd's Madison H'se.
Powers, Nancy Chambermaid     B'ds madison H'se.
Probasco, Frank Clerk   1876 B'ds Hadison H'se.
Raguet, L. Merchant Ohio 1860  
Ramsdale, E. S. Machine Ag't      
Randall, Nancy Weaving Kentucky 1870  
Raymond, B. B., B. & Q. R. R.      
Ream, J. H. Landlord Madison House Illinois 1872  
Renshaw, A. W. Lightning Rod Peddler Penn 1868  
Reynolds, J. D., M. D. Physician Ireland   Fillmore street
Richey, F. M. Sheriff, Union Co. Ohio 1855  
Rice, I. N. Merchant, Richards & Rice Indiana 1865  
Ridgway, C. W. Farmer Illinois 1876  
Rigour, H. Retired Merch'nt Penn 1861  
Robb, Chas. W. Carpenter Penn 1856  
Robb, H. W. Grain Dealer Penn 1856  
Roberts, W. R. Mail Agent Kentucky 1867  
Robinson, T. M. Carpenter Ohio 1855  
Robinson, Volney Dairyman Illinois 1865  
Rockwell, Hiram Engineer Ohio 1874  
Rogers, C. Well Borer Penn 1865  
Rogers, J. Well Borer Penn 1876  
Rogers, Mrs. Jane   Indiana 1856  
Rourke, Patrick Laborer Ireland 1871  
Rowell, N. W. Attorney at Law Ohio 1868  
Rowell, Safford Farmer Ohio 1872  
Rutter, Wallace Clerk      
Sagser, J. W. Sec. Hand C.B.&Q. R.R. Ohio 1871  
Scott, Mrs. M.   Missouri 1875  
Seeley, Ira Editor Tribune Penn 1855  
Shafer, Wm Shoemaker Penn 1871  
Shepherd, Mrs. M.   Virginia 1860  
Shepherd, B. F. Laborer Ohio 1860  
Shelton, Mrs. C. Laundress Indiana 1873  
Shockey, Mrs.   Ohio 1876  
Shoot, J. W.   Mass 1870  
Sibley, J. D. Carpenter Mass 1869  
Simmonds, Geo. Coal Dealer England 1864  
Slater, Henry M. Clerk Ohio 1871  
Smith, Jos. Carpenter Ohio 1875  
Snelling, C. G., Prof. Sup't Pub Schools Maine 1873  
Soll, James Shoemaker Germany 1869  
Sommer, Fred Jeweler Germany 1860 Kansas street
Southward, Mrs. E.   New York 1869  
Spahr, Mrs. Milliner New York    
Spencer, D. J. Bricklayer Iowa 1868  
Spencer, J. A. Laborer Indiana 1862  
Spooner, F. A. Shoemaker New York 1875  
Statter, Stephen Carpenter Ohio 1864  
Stark, C. P. Laborer Iowa 1871  
Stanfield Laborer Ireland 1876  
Stanfield, Mrs.   Ohio 1874  
Stanfield, P. H. Auctioneer Indiana 1869 Fillmore street
Stanfield, T. L. Tinner      
Stayt, Rev. J. A. M. E. Minister England 1874  
Steel, A. B. Laborer Ireland 1868  
Stewart, D. Clerk Scotland 1873  
Stier, George Harness Maker      
Straignt, H. Laborer Germany 1868  
Strop, Miss B. Waitress Far. H.      
Sutler, E. J. Bricklayer Illinois 1872  
Syp, John Merchant Ohio 1865  
Syp, D. N. Merchant Iowa 1865 Fillmore street
Syp, J. F. Farmer Ohio 1855  
Syp, W. K. W. K. Syp & Co.      
Swan, Frank Clerk      
Swain, George Clerk      
Swain, Truman Clerk      
Swain, C. Carpenter New York 1874  
Taylor, John Carpenter Indiana 1858  
Thompson, H.   Iowa 1860  
Thompson, O. C.   Ohio 1868  
Thompson, D. A. Hardware Illinois 1868  
Tilden, C. L. Grain Dealer New York 1869  
Titus Blacksmith Iowa 1876 Bds. Madison House
Tolman, E. G. Meat Market Ohio 1868 Kansas street
Truman, R. Banker Ireland 1867  
Vancie, W. Retired Kentucky 1870  
Vickers, L. V. Post Office Clerk      
Wallace, Jonas Laborer      
Walters, J. M.   Ohio 1873  
Wedge, C. O. Farmer Connecticut 1870  
Weger, E. L.   Illinois 1876  
Westerman, B. Engineer New York 1876  
Whitaker, J. L. Mason Indiana 1865  
White, A. J. Contractor Vermont 1869  
White, R. Cook Pennsylva'a 1876 Madison House
Willford, J. O. Painter Ohio 1871  
Wilson, G. C. Ag'l Implmt. Dlr. Ohio 1871 Kansas street
Wimmer, Henry Blacksmith Indiana 1870  
Winkler, Mrs. S. Works Edward Ohio 1856  
Works, Edward        
Wray, Seth Farmer England 1861  
Waters, John     1876 Bds. Madison House
Washington, M. Laundress Mexico   Bds. Madison House
Yeager, J. Clothier Ohio    
Young, Jas. Mac. Surveyor Indiana 1856  



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