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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Creston General Directory (A - B)

* Name appears in Business Directory




Came to


* Abrahams, Geo. Butter and Eggs     Tremont House
Ackley, WM. Farmer Ohio 1873 Cherry street
Ackley, Mary   New York 1874  
Ackerman, Wm. Carpenter New York 1876 Cherry street
Adams, E. M. Law Student Iowa 1875  
Adams, W. E. Attorney at Law Ohio 1875  
Akers, Chas. A. Laborer Iowa 1875 Elm street
Albert, Mat Butcher Germany 1876 Maple street
Alderson, Ed Conductor Illinois 1871 Revere street
Alger, William Bridge Carpenter Canada 1869 Union street
Alick, Lewis     1876  
Allen, John F. Depot Agent Vermont 1869  
Allen, H. L. Miss Milliner Indiana 1872  
Allen, C. S. Conductor Canada 1875 Clarke street
Allen, E. M. Miss Milliner Indiana 1872  
Allen, R. F. Carpenter Canada 1875 Elliott st., L. View
Allen, M. J. Milliner Indiana 1872  
Allen, S. R. Grocer Kentucky 1873 Union street
Allen, C. P. Sewing Machines New York 1878 Union street
Alloway, J. Laborer   1875 Montgomery street
Anderson, A. G. Laborer Sweden 1870  
Anderson, Wm. Barber Penn. 1873 Birch street
Anderson, N. J. Clerk Sweden 1875  
Anderson, J. M. Farmer Sweden 1871 Vine street
Andrews, J. C. Carpenter Ohio 1871  
Andrews, C. E. Con. C.B. & Q. R.R. New York 1868  
Andrews, Mrs. M. Seamstress New York 1868  
Andrews, G. A. Carpenter New York 1870  
Andrews, T. L., M. D. Homeop. Physi'n Connecticut 1875 Pine street
Applegreen, S. Weaver Sweden 1872 Walnut street
Armstrong, J. Livery Stable     Creston House
Augustine, John Blacksmith Germany 1872 Elm street
Augustine, Henry Farmer Ohio 1872 Elm street
Austin, Jennie Waitress Indiana 1874 Ogden House
Austin, E. Mechanic Wisconsin 1875  
Austin, Edward Brakeman New York 1876  
Ball, W. K. Architect New York 1875 Montgomery st.
Babcock, ----- Harness Maker     Tremont House
Balch, H. O. Real Estate New York 1873 Elm street
Ballreich, Willie   Iowa 1876 Cherry st. (Hoff'n)
Ball, Harry Engineer      
Bartlett, W. H. Engineer Illinois 1873 Vine street
Bartlett, J. W. Machinist Illinois 1876 Vine street
Bartlett, J. W. Carpenter New York 1875 Vine street
Barnwell, J. A. Carpenter Ireland 1873 Cherry street
Barringer, G. Teamster   1875 McDonald's Add'n
Bassett, D. P. Mason Illinois 1873  
Bassett, Miss K.   Illinois 1876  
Battey, S. W. Furniture Dealer R. Island 1873 Pine street
Bauer, Henry Grocer & Jeweler Germany 1870 Walnut street
Bean, S. S. Jeweler   1875 Maple street
Beach, Mrs. A.   Vermont 1869  
Beach, F. H. Carpenter Ohio 1868 Maple street
Bell, W. R. Furniture Ohio 1874 Pine street
Beckman, L. Painter Germany 1875  
Becker, John, Jr. Dry Goods Penn. 1874 Pine street
Beckwith, G. L. Engineer Michigan 1869  
Beebe, J. C. Carpenter Ohio 1862 Cor. Wal. & Clarke
Beerkle, Frank Butcher Germany 1875 Maple street
Bell, L. B. Teamster Illinois 1874 Montgomery street
Bell, Chas. E. Stone-cutter Penn. 1876  
Bennett, O. E. Insurance Indiana 1876  
Berry, W. C. Engineer New York 1874 Walnut street
Berry, B. K. Brakeman Ohio 1875 Revere House
Berry, Rev. T. V. Minis'r Chr'n Ch. Maine 1874  
Berger, C. Mechanic, R. H. Germany 1875  
Bettner, W. R. Stone-cutter Penn. 1876  
Beymer, M. C. H'dware, Lumb'r Ohio 1868  
Biltgen, Mat.     1876 Montgomery street
Biltgen, Mrs. M.   Sweden 1871 Montgomery street
Bissett, Robert Foreman R. Ho. Scotland 1871  
Bissett, Thomas Machinist Germany 1875 Pine street
Bishop, P.   Michigan   Cherry street
Bivens, Eliza Empl. Penn Hou. Ohio 1874 Union street
Black, J. S. Bank Teller Vermont 1876 Wyoming avenue
Blanchard, Mark Capitalist, Farm'r Vermont 1875 Devoe's Addition
Blanchard, N. A. Butcher Vermont 1872  
Bodell, Jacob Butcher Canada 1873 Maple street
Bollenbach, Wm. Butcher Germany 1874 Maple street
Bollig, Peter Blacksmith Germany 1874 Maple street
Bollig, Jacob Farmer Germany 1874 Maple street
Bowker, George Fireman New York 1876 Elm street
Bowie, Peter Shoemaker      
Booth, J. T. Drayman New York 1860 Walnut street
Border, W. B. Clerk, A. P. S's Penn. 1875 Creston House
Boyd, John Laborer, R. Ho. Ireland 1869 Walnut street
Boyd, George Fireman Ohio 1876 Vine street
Bowman, Sarah   Ohio 1874 Bds. F. Clark
Bowman, William Mechanic Germany    
Bradish, L. Section Hand Ireland 1876  
Bradfield, A. N. Livery Stable Penn. 1870 Wyoming ave.
Branan, Martin Section Hand Ireland 1876  
Breitenstein, H. Machinist Missouri 1875 Pine street
Breitenstein, W.  Machinist Iowa 1875 Pine street
Breeds, Fred'k   New York   Maple street
*Brennan, Pat'ick Blacksmith Ireland 1871 Birch street
Bridges, Eliz'beth Seamstress Ohio 1872 Lake View, Elliott st.
Briggs, B. S. Carpenter New York 1872 N. Y. avenue
Brookman, J. H. Carpenter Indiana 1870 Vine street
Brown, L. H. Mechanic R. H. Penn. 1876  
Brown, Charles Landlord Leavenworth H. N. H. 1860 Birch street
Brown, E. S. Butcher New York 1872 McDonald's Add.
Brown, Rev. Clergyman M. E. C.   1876  
Bruns, Henry Butcher Germany 1872 Ogden House
Brydon, David Painter (C. & B.) Scotland 1870 Cherry street
Burns, Thomas   Illinois    
Burkett, W. F. Clerk Beymer & Co. Penn. 1874 Commercial House
Buckman, Milt T. Clerk (Hatton) Illinois 1878  
Buckman, Z. C. Restaurant Illinois 1876  
Bush, Ed Bookkeeper Bank Creston     Creston House
Burke, Mike Engineer     Creston House
Burdett, Chas. Boiler Maker Sweden 1873  
Butler, William Laborer Ireland 1875 Union street
Butler, S. Carpenter Illinois 1875 Vine street
Butler, W. G. Blacksmith Indiana 1875 Vine street
Butler, James Grocer Ireland   Walnut street
Byrne, J. M. Lumber Dealer Ireland 1875 Montgomery street
Butts, G. P. Restaurant New York 1870 South Pine



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