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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Creston General Directory (C - E)

* Name appears in Business Directory




Came to


Cahill, D. Laborer Vermont 1873 McDonald's Add.
Campbell, John       Union street
Cane, J. S. Wiper, Round H's   1870 Clark street
Candon, Martin Machinist   1876 Birch street
Carlstrom, G. Carpenter Iceland 1875 Bds. O. V. Cummings
Carter, Michael Conductor Canada 1872 Vine street
Carter, Michael Laborer Ireland 1873 Maple street
Carter, Charles Boiler Maker Indiana 1874 Maple street
*Carney, H. W. Wheelwright Canada 1875 Maple street
*Cartlich, G. W. Merchant Ohio 1873 Walnut street
Carpenter, W. W. Carpenter New York 1875  
Carpenter, W. O. Retired Rhode Isl'd 1870  
Carothers, T. J. Landlord Penn. 1876  
Cartright, S. Clerk     Chicago House
Carr, S. M. Laborer England 1873 Vine street
Castineight, S. T. Clerk Indiana 1876 Pine street
Cavanaugh, J. Laborer Ireland 1858 Bds. Chicago House
Cessford, A. G. Engineer New York 1876 Elm street
Chatterton, W. A. Train Master C.,B.&Q.R.R. N. H. 1876 Vine street
*Chambers, L. Dyo Attorney at Law Ohio 1875 Walnut street
Chamberlain, Mrs. K.   Germany 1874  
Chamberlain, Mrs. S. A.   New York 1874 Sycamore street
*Chaney, R. L. Grocer Missouri 1872 Swigert's Add.
Champ, William Mason Virginia 1876 Union street
*Childs, A. M. Attorney at Law New York 1875 McDonald's Add.
*Childs, A. P. Harness Maker New York 1873 South Pine street
Christian, Peter Laborer Sweden 1876 Pine street
Christie, W. H., M. D. Physician New Jersey 1874 Maple street
Clawson, H.   Ohio 1876 Vine street
Clark, W. C. Carpenter Illinois 1874 Elm street
Clancy, John Glass Grinder Penn. 1876  
Clark, N. A. Painter New York 1871 North Pine
*Clark, E. K. Painter (C. & B.) Ohio 1873  
Clark, William Engineer Maine 1865 Union street
Clark, Geo. A. Engineer      
Clark, James     1876  
Clark, F. Painter Iowa 1869 S. Cherry street
Clymer, Peter Laborer   1875 McDonald's Add.
Coffman, T. D. Laborer Illinois 1876 Bds. Hamilton
Coggeshall, John Car Reporter Penn. 1874  
*Coggeshall, Mrs. J. C. Dressmaker Penn. 1873 Maple street
Colby, C. J. B'k Pub & Ins Agt Illinois 1872 Vine street
Cole, C. W. Mechanic R. H. Iowa 1874 Vine street
Cole, Eliada Carpenter Mass. 1869 Maple street
Cole, Frank B. Teacher Mass. 1869 Maple street
Collom, B. F. Engineer Pennsylva'a   Pine street
Colman, Robert Laborer Missouri 1876 Union street
Colt, P. K. Painter Illinois 1875 Maple street
Combs, A. B. Engineer Illinois 1873 Birch street
Considine, James Laborer Ireland 1875 Pine street
Conklin, H. Teamster Indiana 1875 W. Montgomery st.
Conklin, Elias Section Hand Indiana 1856 Union street
Connett, Chas. Brakeman Indiana 1865 Union street
*Cook, Frederick Cigar Manufac'r Germany 1872 Birch street
Corey, Nathan Machinist   1870 Vine street
Cornet, James Machinist Ohio    
Cosgrove, Thos. Brakeman Wisconsin 1876 Revere House
Cox, T. P. Laborer Illinois 1875  
Craig, John Fireman   1874  
Cramer, Mary Domestic Wisconsin 1876 Adams street
Crawford, J. H. Engine Repairer New York 1872 Vine street
Critcher, N. Laborer Iowa 1876 Vine street
Croyden, B.   Ireland    
Cummings, O. V. Boarding House Indiana 1875  
*Cunningham, W. H. Gazette Prin'g Co. Ohio 1876 Maple street
Cunningham, Mat. Laborer Ireland 1876  
Curfees, W. H. Section Hand Ohio 1870  
Curtis, J. Mech'ic R. House Ireland 1872  
Cutler, Mrs. M. A. Photo Artist Indiana 1876 Maple street
Curtis, Pat Engineer      
Dahme, William Mech'ic R'nd Ho. Germany 1872  
Dahlberg, Charles Laborer R'nd Ho. Sweden    
Dalton, Ed C., B. & Q. R. R. Iowa 1876 Creston House
Dano, E. A. Fireman Wisconsin 1875  
Daniel, Joseph Laborer Kentucky 1874  
Davis, George Wiper   1876  
Davis, J. W. Mechanic R. H. England 1876  
Davis, S. R. Editor, Democrat Illinois 1876 Bds. Commerc'l Ho.
Davis, T. J. Printer, Democrat Illinois 1876 Bds. Commerc'l Ho.
Davis, J. N. Delivery Ohio 1874 Vine street
Dawson, R. Carpenter Vermont 1869 Commercial House
Dean, H.   Iowa   Bbs. Riddlemoser
Dean, Anson Teams'r, Coal D'r Ohio 1874  
Deinup, F. Section Hand Germany 1875  
Devine, A. Teamster Ireland 1874  
*Dietz, Anton Baker Germany 1875 Maple street
Dillon, Michael Blacksmith Ireland 1874 Pine street
*Diven, Samuel Deputy Sheriff Pennsylva'a 1871 N. Pine street
Derr, Philip, Sen. Retired France 1874 Elm street
Derr, Phil A. Clerk (Cartlich) Pennsylva'a 1874 Elm street
Derr, George Cl'k, A. P. Steph's France 1876 Elm street
Derr, Ed Grocer (Evershed & Derr) Pennsylva'a 1874 Elm street
*Dobbs, E. M. Grocer (Dobbs & Nye) Iowa 1876  
*Doge, A.   Germany 1870 Montgomery street
Dodge, H. C. Ag'l Imp'l Dl'r New York 1869 Pine street
Doman, Levi Laborer Virginia 1876 Bds. Hamilton
Donaldson, Jake Fireman Sweden 1871 Bds. Burdett
Douglass, T. H. Saloon Keeper Iowa 1873 Adams street
Dooley, William Engineer Ireland 1869 Walnut street
Dority, Michael Laborer Ireland 1875  
Dosey, Robt. Laborer (colored) Kentucky 1876  
Dorr, D. Laborer Ireland 1876 McDonald's Add'n.
Doty, L. H. Saddler Virginia 1872  
Doyle, George C., B. & Q. R. R. Iowa 1875 Elliott street
Drawyer, C. Mechanic R. H. Illinois    
Driscoll, P. Laborer Ireland 1875 Union street
Driver, L. S. Carpenter Pennsylva'a 1871 Maple street
Drew, Frank Laborer Indiana 1872 Cherry street
Drop, Frederick Laborer Germany 1876  
Duggan, Matt   Ireland 1871 Walnut street
Duggan, Stephen Merchant Ireland 1873 Elm street
Duggan, J. H. Train Despatcher New York 1871 Bds. Mrs. Duggan
Duggan, Mrs. B. E.   Ireland 1871 Adams street
Duggan, Matt. J. Engineer Illinois 1870  
Dunst, Adolph Retired Germany 1871 Oak street
Dunst, Albert Laborer Germany 1875 Oak street
Duffy, Peter   Ireland 1874 Union street
Durlin, W. W. Engineer Iowa 1875 Howard street
Durlin, Charles Brakesman Iowa 1875 Howard street
Dyer, Joe Druggist Illinois 1874 West Creston
Eads, D. Bl'cks'h R. House Indiana 1865  
Eads, George Bl'cks'h R. House Indiana 1873 Cherry street
Eagan, Con. Engineer Ireland 1869 Tremont House
Eagen, Thos. Engineer      
Ecker, J. T. Restaurant Illinois 1874 Maple street
Ecker, W. A.   Illinois 1874 Maple street
Eckerson, C. W. Mast. Mec. C., B. & Q. R. R. New York 1876 Vine street
Eckhart, John Plasterer Ohio 1875 Elliott street
Eckhart, F. P. Plasterer Ohio 1875 Bds. Elliott street
Edgerton, C. E. Hardware Merc't   1875 Bds. Creston House
Edelstron, H. B. Engineer Ohio 1875  
Edgecomb, Wm. Machinist England    
Eells, Peter Carpenter Sweden 1870 Elm street
Egberts, Barney Machi't R. House Missouri 1873  
Elledge, J. S. Mason Illinois 1875 Vine street
Elftman, M. Laborer Germany 1871 Oak street
Emery, James Firemen   1874  
Emery, J. H. Well Borer Ohio 1873 Union street
Emerson, G. W. Real Estate Agt. Ohio 1857  
Emerson, W. Prof. Penmanship Iowa    
Ettien, D. H. Att'y Law, Wilson & Ettien Penna. 1872  
Evans, J. P. Engineer Indiana 1876 Birch street
Evans, T. J. Creston Mill   1874 North Pine street
Evershed, E. Grocer England 1874 West Montgomery



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