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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Creston General Directory (F - H)

* Name appears in Business Directory




Came to


Fahlsing, C. W. Merchant Prussia 1872 Montgomery street
Fael, Jacob Tailor Germany 1875 Montgomery street
*Farley, Harvey Land Agt., Farley & Co. Virginia 1871 Vine street
Farrell, James Conductor Illinois 1872 Revere House
Farrell, Michael Brakeman Illinois 1873 Revere House
Feyers, Robert Machinist Prussia 1875  
Fellows, F. J.   N. Hamps'e 1874  
Field, A. Conductor N. Jersey 1870 North Pine street
Fifer, C. Mech'ic R. House Germany 1874  
Fifer, H.   Germany 1874 Res. Hoffman
*Finkelstein, S. Deal. in Hides, &c Germany 1875 Montgomery street
Fisher, Charles Laborer Germany 1871 Oak street
Fisher, Geo. Engineer      
Fitzgerald, John Laborer Ireland 1876 Bet. Pine & Walnut
Fitzgerald, Mary   Ireland 1870  
*Fleming, G. C. Clerk (Belden & Scott) Penna. 1875 Birch street
Foerder, Charles Bricklayer Prussia 1876 Union street
Fogg, S. L. Speculator Maine 1872 Walnut street
Fogg, Wm. Clerk R. R. Ticket Office Maine 1872 Walnut street
Foster, Joseph Horticulturist N. Hamps'e 1875 Elliott st., Lake View
Foot, I. M. Carpenter Ohio 1873 Walnut street
Forseburg, John Laborer Sweden 1876  
Frasier, J. W. Lumber Dealer New York 1871 Pine street
Frasier, R. C. Laborer New York 1875  
Frederick, Peter Laborer Germany 1871 Oak street
Frethey, Charles Fireman Illinois 1874 Vine street
Friday, John Car Repairer Germany 1870 Vine street
Fry, W. H. Fireman Penna. 1874 North Pine Street
Funk, Franklin Farmer   1875 Tremont House
Furr, C. S. Mason Ohio 1873  
Furusse, Frank Shoemaker Bohemia 1871 Vine street
Fuller, M. E. Agricultural Imp. New York 1876  
Gamp, L. R. Painter Bohemia 1872 Birch street
Ganey, James Mechanic R. Ho.      
Garrett, Thomas Carpenter Ireland 1858 Elm street
Gaul, Mrs. Maggie   Ireland 1873 Birch street
Gavin, James Section Boss Ireland 1871 Maple street
Gavin, John Engine Wiper Germany 1875  
Geaney, P. Fireman Ireland 1871 Bds. Duggan
Geaney, M. Fireman Ireland 1873 Bds. Duggan
Gebhart, J. T. Mason Illinois 1875  
Gidley, Thomas Brakeman Maine 1876  
Gidley, P.S. Conductor Penn. 1875  
Gifford, S. B. Laborer New York 1875 Vine Street
Gilbert, Mrs. A. S.   Vermont 1875  
Ginkins, Aleck Laborer (col'd) Maryland 1876 Union street
Given, George Carpenter Ireland 1875 Maple street
Given, H.A., M.D. Physician and Surgeon Illinois 1872 West Creston
Godfrey, L. Laborer Iowa 1871  
Goddard, L. S. Carpenter Illinois 1869 Maple street
Golden, A. S. Plasterer     Walnut street
Golden, Patrick Teamster Ireland 1869 Union street
Golden, James Fireman Ireland 1870 N. Pine street
Goldsmith, S. G. Cooper Maryland 1874 Union street
Good, Russell Brakeman Indiana 1872 N. Pine street
Goodrich, Ervin Mason Ohio 1875 Maple street
Gove, F. B. Conductor N. H. 1870 Pine street
Gordon, N. F. Carpenter New York 1875  
*Grantham, Thos. Druggist New York 1874 North Pine street
Graham, C. A. Mechanic, R. H. Ohio 1875 Howard street
Graves, J. W., M. D. Druggist Ohio 1870 Pine street
Graham, Jos. Carpenter Indiana 1870 Birch street
Gray, W. H. Machinist   1875 N. Pine street
Gray, Charles Boiler Maker New York 1876 N. Pine street
Green, William Carpenter Connecticut 1875 Cherry street
Green, A. C. Express Agent New York 1871 Elm street
Greeley, Henry Farmer Germany 1876 McDonalds's Add'n
Griffes, H. P. Mechanic, R. H. Ohio 1876 Vine street
Griffin, James Merchant Ireland 1871 Creston House
Gummere, R. M. Carpenter Indiana   Elm street
Guthrie, G. L. Farmer, &c Tennessee 1875 Lake View
Guthridge, A. L. Real Estate Ohio    
Hackett, John Depot Restaurant Michigan 1875  
Hackett, James Depot Restaurant Michigan 1875  
Hagedorn, Chas. Helper Boiler Maker Germany 1875 Maple street
Hagedorn, Wm. Car Repairer Germany 1870 Oak street
Hall, John Ice Dealer, &c Illinois 1870 Elm street
Hall, R. Shoemaker New York 1870 Creston House
Halstead, John Mason Sweden 1874  
Hall, Thomas Market Gardener Illinois 1871 Devoe's Addition
Hall, Albert B. Butcher Illinois 1870 Devoe's Addition
Hampton, George Brick Maker Ohio 1876 Pine street
Hamilton, Jas. K. Farmer Kentucky 1876 Pine street
*Hamilton, W. H. City Marshal Ohio 1872  
Hand, Mrs. Nurse Maine 1876 Pine street
Haney, J. F. Traveling Agent Penn. 1872  
Hansen, Martin Carpenter Denmark 1869 Wyoming avenue
Harding, B. L. Broker Illinois 1876 Vine street
Harris, William Agent Illinois 1874 Maple street
*Harvey, G. W. Harness Maker Penn. 1873 Pine street
Harvey, G. W. Laborer Penn. 1875 Pine street
Harwood, A. Bridge Carpenter Indiana 1869 Vine street
Harrington, W. H. Machinist Louisiana 1876 Montgomery street
Hardesty, Anna   Iowa 1876 Bds. Bell
Harris, E. Brakeman Illinois 1872 Elliott street
Harsh, J. B. Banker Ohio 1870 Walnut street
Hartman, J. C. Wagon & Carriage Maker Penn. 1876 Elm street
Hart, D. Engineer   1873  
Harvey, James Harness Maker Penn. 1874 Pine street
Hatton, John W. Grocer, &c Missouri 1872  
Hattischwheeler, N. Boiler Maker Switzerland 1876 Walnut street
Haverick, J. L. Clerk Ohio 1872 Pine street
Hawk, Mrs. Sarah Tailoress Illinois 1872 Vine street
Hawkins, H. Jeweler Kentucky 1876 Vine street
Hawkins, J. B. Conductor C.B.&Q. R.R. Indiana 1871 Pine street
Hayward, Mary   Penn.   Bds Riddlemoser
Haxel, William Laborer Illinois 1876  
Heacock, E. E. Carpenter Penn. 1870 Wyoming avenue
Heckison, John Engineer Sweden 1876 Tremont House
*Hendricks, C. V. Land Agent Ohio 1874 Creston House
Helme, C. H. Hardware Merc't New York 1875 W. Montgomery st
Henseley Laborer   1875 Bds Bell, Mon'ry st.
Heinley, B. F. Grocer Penn. 1874 Maple street
Hewitt, James Carpenter Indiana 1872 Cherry street
Hicks, G. W. Carpenter Ohio 1876 Pine street
Hicks, G. B.       Creston House
Higbee, D. W. L'd Dep't Harsh & Perrin Penn. 1876  
Hill, John Plasterer Ohio 1875 Maple street
Hobbs, George Carpenter Maine 1871 Pine street
Hoeffer, P. Tinsmith Penn. 1874 McDonald's Add'n
Hoeanadle, C. Butcher Germany 1875 Pine street
Hoffman, H. Mechanic, R. Ho. Germany 1870 Vine street
Holmes, Olin Clerk Michigan 1876 Pine street
Hoffstatter, W. C. Clerk, J. W. Graves Ohio 1876  
Holliday, J.       Chicago House
Holenback, John Brakeman Bohemia 1872 Maple street
Holloway, Oscar Mechanic, R. H. England 1870  
Holmes, J. W. Clerk Virginia 1873 W. Montgomery st.
Homes, O. C. Cigar Maker Virginia 1873 W. Montgomery st.
Holloway, R. Boiler Maker England 1871 Cherry street
Holloway, Jos. Barrel Maker England 1871 Bds. R. Holloway
Hook, Al Brakeman     Tremont House
*Hogue, Nelson Saloon Keeper Canada 1869  
Hoskinson, Thos. Well Digger Kentucky 1870 Elm street
Hosea, A. R. Teamster Indiana 1868 Vine street
Houseley, S. F. Machinist England 1874 Elm street
Howard, Charles Fireman Connecticut 1873 Birch street
Hopkins, B. E. Hotel Keeper Ohio 1870 Creston House
Hughes, Mrs. L. M. Laundress Illinois 1876 Vine street
Huffman, J. Farmer   1872  
*Humphrey, Mrs. Dressmaker      
Hunter, C. A. Machinist Maine 1876  
Hunter, G. T. Machinist Maine 1876  
Hunter, C. H. Carpenter Norway 1876  
*Hurst, G. H. Bldr. & Carp'ter Maryland 1876  
Hurd, G. H. Frt. House, C.B.&Q. R.R. New York 1873  
Hurley, Con Engineer Vermont 1870 Union street



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