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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Creston General Directory (I - L)

* Name appears in Business Directory




Came to


Imgard, M. Teacher      
Irwin, William Carpenter Penn 1872 Walnut street
Irvine, John Dairyman Penn 1871 Pine street
Isenhour, Abe Teamster, etc Penn 1871 Elm street
Jackson, Wm Teamster 1875 1875 Union street
James, John Fireman   1870  
Jamieson, Wm. L. Yardmaster R. R. Canada 1871 Maple street
Jenner, T. S. Carpenter Michigan 1876  
Johnston, L. W. Mechanic, R. H. England 1872  
Johnson, T. P. Clerk Ohio 1874  
Johnson, And'w Engineer Sweden 1869  
Johnson, C. G. Laborer, R. Ho. Sweden 1869  
Johnson, F. A. Mechanic, R. H. Sweden 1874 Vine street
Johnson, A. A. Fireman New York 1870 Vine street
Johnson, S. Cook Missouri 1870  
Johnson, Wm. Laborer   1874 Bds. Montgom'y st.
Johnson, P. Laborer Sweden 1871 Walnut street
Johnson, P. Laborer Germany 1870 McDonald's Add'n
Johnson, A. H. Train Despatcher Canada 1872 Elm street
Johnson, Wm. Conductor Penn 1872 Pine street
Johnson, Marsh'l Brakeman Penn 1874 Pine street
Jolley, O. P. Drayman Penn 1869 Walnut street
Jolley, Wm Laborer      
Joseph, J. M. Farmer Ohio 1874 Vine street
Jones, Mrs. M. Hotel Keeper Ireland 1873 North Pine street
Kane, John Laborer Ireland 1876  
Kearney, John Miller Ireland 1875 Maple street
Keith, A. E. Merchant Ohio 1876 Walnut street
Kelley, Thomas Laborer Ireland 1874 McD.'s South Add.
Kelley, Michael Laborer Ireland 1875  
Kelley, W. N. Merchant Penn 1874 West Creston
Kennelly, E. Farmer Ireland 1874 McD.'s South Add.
Kendall, Luke Fireman Vermont 1873 Vine street
Kennedy, J. S. Engineer New York 1870 Walnut street
Kendall, T. W. Agent Maine 1869 Walnut street
Kenney, P. Laborer, R. R. Ireland 1869  
Kennedy, W. L. Carpenter Kentucky 1875 Elm street
Kendrett, James Laborer   1876 Union street
Kerr, William Mechanic, R. H. Scotland 1873 Vine street
Kerr, Aleck Conductor Ohio 1871 Walnut street
Kilburn, G. F. Lawyer N. Hamp're 1876 West Creston
Kinsel, Fred Conductor Wisconsin 1871  
King, I. R. Engineer Michigan 1870  
King, James Stone-cutter New Jersey 1875  
King, Ed Mechanic Illinois 1873  
King, Mrs. A.   Ireland 1876  
Kinzie, Julia   Wisconsin 1875 Bds. Thurber
Kiplingler, Rev. S. W. Evangelist Min'r Ohio 1874 Howard street
Kirsch, J. B. Fireman Germany 1871 Pine street
Knecht, Peter Carpenter Germany 1870 Birch street
Koster, Martin Carpenter   1874  
Kragler, Henry Stock Raiser Germany 1871 North Pine street
Lacock, M. Laborer Bohemia 1872 Walnut street
Lafferty, W. H. Printer Missouri 1875 Walnut street
Lamborg, John Carpenter Sweden 1869  
Lamb, G. Carpenter Vermont 1875 Lake View
Landes, J. B. Teamster Ohio 1871 North Pine street
Lance, Gust Laborer Germany 1873 Elm street
Lane, William C.,B. & Q. R.R. Illinois 1876  
Laporte, A. Stone-cutter France   Pine street
Larrabee, W. E. Painter New York   Creston House
Larrison, W. T. Road Master, C.B.&Q RR Ohio 1868 West Creston
Lash, Nicholas Laborer Germany 1872 Alley, W. of Elm st.
Lassaux, Mrs. E.   Ohio 1871 Montgomery street
Lavy, J. L. Farmer Ohio 1873 Vine street
Lawson, C. J. Brakeman Penna 1875 Maple street
Lawrence, H. Laborer Illinois 1876  
Ledgerwood, Mrs. E.   Indiana 1876  
Ledgerwood, J. M. Engineer Indiana 1873  
Ledgerwood, J. D. Engineer Illinois 1875  
Leens, Andw Shoemaker Sweden 1870  
Leeper, J. J. Hotel Keeper Penna 1855 Tremont House
Leeper, L. J. Conductor Ohio 1865 Vine street
Leighton, G. R. Brakeman Missouri 1876 Maple street
Lemon, James Horse Dealer   1876 Bds Bell, Mont'y st.
Lemon, W. V. Merchant Indiana 1868 Montgomery street
Lenox, Ash Laborer Penna 1876  
Leonard, C. T. Train Despatcher Indiana 1875 Walnut street
Lester, Frank Teacher Illinois 1871 Walnut street
Lester, D. Painter, R. House Illinois 1876 Vine street
Levine, J. P. Tailor      
Lewis, James Fireman   1874  
Lewis, F. Fireman Ohio 1871 Birch street
Lewis, Byron Teacher     Tremont House
Lewis, H. N. Fireman   1876 Tremont House
*Lichty, J. H. Pro. Penna. House Penna. 1876 Union street
Lindemuth, W. Gravel Pit Penna 1874 Revere House
Linebarger, O Restaurant Illinois 1871 Vine street
Lock, W. M. County Coroner Massachu's   W. Montgomery st.
Lombard, Jas L. Banker Illinois 1874 Creston House
Logas, Bedney, Col. Laborer Missouri 1876 Union street
Longley, James Cook     Tremont House
Lott, W. R. Fireman   1872 McDonald's Add'n
Louden, A. R.   Indiana 1871 Maple street
Louden, Mrs. M.   Indiana 1871 Maple street
Louden, A. D.   Indiana 1871 Maple street
Louden, William Clerk Iowa 1871 Pine street
Love, George Carpenter New York 1876  
Low, P. M. Fireman Penna 1873 Cherry street
Lust, Geo Fireman   1876 Walnut street
Luster, E. W. Tanner Canada 1875 Elm street
Lundborg, J. Carpenter Sweden 1871 McDonald's Add'n
Lundguest, C. Mech. R. House Sweden 1870 Cherry street
Luikert, G. A. Restaurant Germany 1876 Adams street
Lynch, C. E. Brakeman     Revere House



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