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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Creston General Directory (M - P)

* Name appears in Business Directory




Came to


McBride, Sam'l Laborer Indiana 1869  
McCleary, Rob't Bridge Carpenter     Tremont House
McClure, J. W. Fireman New York 1874 McDonald's Add'n
*McCandless, A. D. Att'y at Law Illinois 1876 Devoe's Add'n
McCandless, Wm. Farmer Illinois 1876 Maple street
McCandless, Mrs.   Penn. 1876 Maple street
McCormack, J. F. Attorney Ireland 1871  
McCune, Chas. Carriage Painter New York 1876 Ogden House
McCue, Thos. Laborer Ireland 1876  
McCanna, F. Mason Canada 1872  
McClure, J. Shoemaker      
McDermott, Mrs. Midwife Ireland 1876 Birch street
McDevitt, D. Engineer      
*McDonald, A. S. Land Agent Ohio 1874  
McDowell, Eph. Fireman   1875  
McGuire, S. Carpenter Illinois 1873 Vine street
McGrety, Jas. Laborer Ireland 1875 Union street
McGowan, Thos. Laborer Ireland 1876 Lake View
*Mackemer, R. S. New Agent Missouri 1875 Creston House
Mackemer, I. L. Grocer Iowa 1873 Maple street
Mack, E. W. Train Dispatcher Michigan 1876 Creston House
Mack, Chas. H. C., B. & Q. R.R.   1876  
McKane, Jane   Ireland 1872 Maple street
McKinnis, Laborer Ohio 1874 Birch street
McLauchlan, Wm. Laborer Ireland 1876 Lake View
*McLeod, R. Shoemaker Scotland 1874 Vine street
McMahon, M. Retired Ireland 1871  
McMullen, John Blacksmith Canada    
McNeil, J.A., Jr. C., B. & Q. R.R. Wisconsin 1869 Pine street
McNeil, J.A., Sr. Blacksmith New York 1869  
McNeil, H. Engineer New York 1869 Cherry street
*Madison, F. B. Grocer, Chaney&Madison Iowa 1875 Vine street
Magrath, Patrick Laborer Ireland 1875 Union street
Magrath, Thos. Laborer Ireland 1876 Union street
Magoone, Dennis Laborer Ireland 1872 N. Pine street
Magann, H. Yard Master Canada 1870 Pine street
Mahoney, Daniel Laborer Penn 1876  
Mahoney, Daniel Foreman R. Hou. Ireland 1873 Maple street
Malone, P. Laborer Ireland 1872 McDonald's Add'n
Martin, George C., B. & Q. R.R. Iowa 1876  
Marshall, Chas. Striker R. House      
Martin, Chas. Carpenter Missouri 1876 Union street
Marrs, D. L. Engineer Indiana 1876 Walnut street
Maxwell, W. T. Postmaster Ohio   Pine street
Martin, P. Laborer Ireland 1872 N. Pine street
Martin, M. Laborer Ireland 1871 McDonald's Add'n
Marshall, Wm. Machinist New Jersey    
Mason, D. A. Music Dealer England 1875 Elm street
Merrill, J. N. C., B. & Q. R.R.   1875  
Mason, W. H. Barber Ohio 1876  
Meskell, Mike Laborer Ireland 1869 Pine street
Milleit, M. Mechanic, Round House Ireland 1871  
Miller, L. Laborer Penn. 1874  
Miller, Ithamar Wiper New York 1874 Pine street
Miller, August Car Repairer Germany 1871 Vine street
Moler, J. M. Mechanic, Round House Indiana 1873  
Monroe, Sarah Seamstress Ohio 1874 Vine street
Montgomery, P. W. Engineer Ohio 1871 Walnut street
Montgomery, Jas. Fireman Ohio 1874 Vine street
Moon, J. D. Carpenter Indiana 1875 Pine street
Morgan, D. Laborer   1876 Montgomery street
Moran, T. C. Mechanic, Round House Ireland 1876  
Moran, C. Laborer Ireland 1872  
Morse, F. M. Farmer Iowa 1876  
Morley, Wm. Switchman New York 1876 Union street
Morrison, N. B. Laborer Vermont 1874 Walnut street
Morey, C. E. Farmer Connecticut 1876  
Morris, Henry Laborer Ireland 1876  
Moulder, Wm. Stone-cutter Penn 1876  
Murphy, John Brakeman   1872  
Murphy, James Laborer Ireland 1875 Union street
Munch, Albert Switchman Ohio 1876 Maple street
Murray, Thos. Carpenter      
Murphy, Pat'k Laborer Ireland   Cherry street
Murphy, John Grocer Ireland 1875 Pine street
Munson, E. Laundress Sweden 1871 Elm street
Mullen, Thos. Mechanic, Round House   1876  
*Mullen, Edw'd Butcher Ireland 1876 Vine street
Myers, G. S. Carpenter Penn 1875  
Myers, G. W. Retired Penn 1875  
Myers, A. A. Oil Man, C.B.&Q. R.R. Penn 1875  
*Meyer, Phil. V. Barber Ohio 1875 Creston House
Myers, Peter Stone-cutter Austria 1876  
Myers, H. W. Prof. Supt. Pub. Sch'ls Penn 1876  
Myers, A. J. Carpenter Penn 1874 Vine street
*Nance, H.I., M. D. Physician Illinois 1876 Creston House
Nash, E. Machinist Ireland 1871 Pine street
Nash, Thomas Machinist Ireland   Chicago House
Nelson, P. Hotel Keeper Norway 1876 Union street
Nelson, Frank Teamster & Cigar Maker Sweden 1870 Elm street
Newell, T. W. Engineer Ohio 1875 Walnut street
Newman, H. Clothier Germany 1875  
Nicholson, F. P. Brakeman     Bds. Tremont Ho.
Noble, O. H. Mechanic R. H. Illinois 1871  
Noble, C. A. Laborer Iowa 1876  
Noidell, O. Stone Mason Sweden 1876  
Noonan, W. Coppersmith Ireland 1864 Birch street
Norton, L. Stage Driver Michigan 1874 Vine street
Norwood, Charls. Clerk Maryland 1875 Tremont
Nugent, Mrs.   Ireland 1870 Maple street
Nye, A. W. Grocer Iowa 1876 Maple street
O'Brien, Pat Hostler Ireland    
O'Brien, E. K. Merchant Missouri 1875 Elm street
O'Brien, Patrick Switchman Ireland 1876 Maple street
O'Brien, Wm. Laborer Ireland 1871 Maple street
O'Brien, D. Plasterer Ireland 1876 Bds. W. T. O'Brien
O'Brien, W. J. Carpenter Ireland 1872 Elliott st., L. V.
O'Connor, J. Tailor Ireland 1875  
O'Day, Thomas Mechanic R. H. England 1873  
Odendahl, Julius Clerk Illinois 1876 Creston House
Ogg, John Teamster Ohio 1874 McDonald's Add'n
*O'Hara, Patrick Butcher Vermont 1859 Adams street
O'Keefe, John Cutter Ireland 1875 Adams street
Oleana, Albert Engineer Ireland 1873  
Olson, P. G. Fireman Sweden 1871 Cherry street
Page, Willis Butcher Penn 1876 Pine street
Palmer, L. G. Carpenter Virginia 1876 Union street
Pardey, Frank Baker Canada 1876  
Parker, John Laborer Illinois 1876 Pine street
Parker, B. E. Fireman Illinois 1873 Pine street
Parkins, Frank Wiper Illinois 1876 Pine street
Parsons, A. H. Teamster, &c Iowa 1873  
Pash, Henry Butcher Germany 1875 Maple street
*Patterson, J. A. Attorney at Law Ohio 1874 Devoe's Add'n
Pearson, J. M. Foreman Ohio 1871  
Patt, J. H. Merchant R. Island 1875 Maple street
Pearson, J. G. Laborer Illinois 1872  
Peck, M. J. Mechanic R. H. New York 1873  
Peck, C. S. Laborer Illinois 1876 Vine street
*Peck, J. W. Livery Stable Keeper Conn. 1876 Vine street
Perrin, M. T. Banker Mass. 1873 S. Pine street
Peebles, Robert Blacksmith      
Pettis, J. Retired France 1872 Pine street
Pearson, C. Cigar Maker Sweden 1875 West Creston
Perkins, Mrs. C. S.   Canada 1876 Walnut street
Peterson, G. Mechanic R. H. Sweden 1870 Vine street
Peterson, J. B. Farmer Penn 1876 N. Pine street
Phelan, Rev. E. Roman Catholic Priest Ireland 1874  
Philpott, James Farmer Kentucky 1858 Pine street
Pierson, H. D. Painter Indiana 1875  
Pierson, C. H. Hotel Keeper Ohio 1872 Creston House
Pierson, A. H. Carpenter N. Jersey 1869 Cherry street
Pike, C. G. Dairyman New York 1869 Vine street
Piece, Frederick       Maple street
Pirie, J. B. Machinist Scotland 1874 Pine street
Platt, M. Conductor Ohio 1872 Revere House
Ponto, A. Car Cleaner Germany 1873 Maple street
*Porterfield, S. N. Prop'r Commercial Ho. Ohio 1876 Commercial Ho.
*Porterfield, F. W. Prop'r Commercial Ho. Iowa 1876 Commercial Ho.
Porter, C. V. Saddler Iowa 1873 Creston House
Potter, J. A. Laborer England 1875 Cherry street
Powers, M. T. Lightning Rod Peddler New York 1873 Birch street
Powers, G. W. Jeweler New York 1873 Birch street
Powers, G. M. Farmer New York 1873 Birch street
Purcell, P. K. Laborer Ireland 1876 Pine street



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