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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Creston General Directory (Q - S)

* Name appears in Business Directory




Came to


Quarterman, Mrs.   Mass. 1873 Walnut street
Quevey, David Teacher     Tremont House
Ragay, J. S. Laborer Kentucky 1876 Vine street
Raper, Frank Butcher Penn 1875 Walnut street
Raper, F. A. Tailor Ohio 1869 Pine street
Ray, Mrs.   Canada 1876 Bds. M. Duggan
Reeder, Ed Mechanic, R. H. Illinois 1872 Cherry street
Reeder, G. C. Retired Farmer Ohio 1873 Elm street
Reeder, Otis H. Works in Lumber Yard Indiana 1873 Elm street
Reeds, Gust. Helper, Blacksmith Germany 1872 Elm street
Reedy, Thomas Laborer Ireland 1876 Pine street
Regnor, J. Baker Bohemia 1875 Elm street
Reginor, Anna   Illinois 1875 Boards Webster
Reilley, J. H., M. D. Dentist Indiana 1874 Boards Tremont H.
Reynolds, F. M. Engineer Vermont 1872 Elm street
*Rex, Ross E. Drayman Ohio 1876 Pine street
*Rex, Chas. S. Coal, Lime, &c Ohio 1871 West Adams street
Richey, J. L. Mechanic, R. H. Ohio 1874  
Rice, William Laborer Minn. 1876  
Rice, Albert Conductor   1872  
Riggs, D. A.   Virginia 1876  
Riddlemoser, H. Boarding House Penn. 1874  
Riddle, H. T. Trucking New York 1876 Bds. Ogden House
Rilden, M. Mechanic, R. H. Ireland 1873 Cherry
Robbins, C. E. Merchant N. H. 1873 Pine street
Robie, R. H. Druggist N. H. 1871  
Roberts, P. Clerk Penn. 1876 Clark street
Robie, S. S. Druggist N. H. 1876  
Robinson, Dora Domestic Illinois 1876  
Robison, J. H. Gazette Printing Co. Indiana 1872 B. Robie, Adams st.
Rochfort, G. B. Sewing Machine Agent Vermont 1876  
Rogers, Mrs. C. Seamstress Ohio 1876 Cherry st.
Roodell, H. Laborer      
Rose, W. C. Druggist Virginia 1875 B. Robie, Adams st.
Rowe, Thomas Laborer Ireland 1876 Bds. Rev. Phelan
Rowser, George Mechanic, R. H. Iowa 1876 Vine street
Rowell, A. C. Bank Teller Maine 1869 Maple street
Rupp, John Jeweler   1875  
Russell, William Clerk Scotland 1876  
Russell, Bedford Engineer Canada 1870 Walnut street
Russell, M. E., Mrs. Milliner Indiana 1875  
Russell, Samuel Bookkeeper Penn 1875 Maple street
Rugh, C. P. Brakeman     Revere House
Runyon, Henry Lumber Yard New York 1875 Tremont House
Salmon, John Watchman Ireland 1874  
Salyer, Mrs. P.   Connecticut 1876 Clark street
Sain, A. H. Clerk Ohio 1876 Commercial House
Sammerson, J.   Sweden 1874  
Sandall, J. Engineer Sweden 1870 Vine street
Sanders, Eugene Merchant   1876 Birch street
Sass, T. S. Carpenter Missouri 1875 N. Pine street
Savage, Q. A. Broom Maker Ohio 1874 McDonald's Add'n
Sawyer, H. P. Conductor Vermont 1872 Walnut street
Schantz, G. S. Silversmith Penn 1874 Maple street
Schnauber, John Watch maker Germany 1871 Revere House
Schmidt, J. C. Brakeman Illinois 1876 Vine street
Schroeder, J. Mechanic, R. H. Germany 1873  
Schuts, Jacob Laborer Germany 1874 Elm street
*Scott, Walter M. Grain Dealer New York 1873 Walnut street
Scott, Edward C., B. & Q. R. R. Iowa 1874 Creston House
Scott, John Butcher Scotland 1875 Union street
Scott, J. C. Farmer Indiana 1868 Montgomery street
Scullen, D. W. Engineer New York 1872 Walnut street
Seeley, E. S. Painter Ohio 1868  
Shinn, J. M. Real Estate W. Va. 1875  
Shanks, M. L. Carpenter W. Va. 1876  
Shanney, M. C. Salesman Ireland 1874  
Shafer, P. (col'd) Stone Mason Kentucky 1876 Union street
Sheahan, J. J. Machinist New York 1874  
Shortliff, G. Clothier England 1875  
Shea, Thomas Laborer Ireland 1876  
Shipley, James Wiper Illinois 1876  
Shroeder, Gus Blacksmith   1874  
Shippey, J. H. Baker Ohio 1876 Maple street
Sherer, C. Section Hand Germany 1875  
Shinley, A. Engineer New York 1869 Bds P. G. Olson
Shusong, Mary Ogden House Bohemia 1873 Montgomery street
Shultz, C. M. Editor and Mayor Kentucky 1874 Birch street
Simmonds, John (Col'd) Wks Livery Stab Kentucky 1875 Union street
Silverthorn, O. J. Real Estate, &c Penna 1874 Maple street
Simson, Chas Mech. R. House England 1875  
Silverthorn, O. E. Druggist Iowa 1874  
Simson, George Mech. R. House England 1875  
Skinner, Joseph Laborer Indiana 1868 Vine street
Skinner, Scott Engineer Iowa 1868 Vine street
Skinner, L. D. Bank Teller Iowa 1872 Vine street
Skinner, William Janitor Indiana 1872 Vine street
Skinner, N. Laborer Iowa 1876 Maple street
Skinner, Joel Retired Maine 1875 Elm street
Skirvin, T. E. Blacksmith Kentucky 1872  
Skelton, J. F. Jeweler   1876  
Slezick, Thos. Blacksmith Bohemia 1873 McDonald's Add'n
Slezick, James Car Repairer Bohemia 1872 McDonald's Add'n
Slusher, Giles E. Policeman, &c Ohio 1875 Bds. Bell
Smith, J. B. Photo. Artist New York 1874  
Smith, Rev. C. G. Minister Ohio 1870  
Smith, A. Fireman Sweden 1874 Pine street
Smith, Gustaf   Sweden 1876 Pine street
Smith, R. P. Capitalist Ohio 1868 Creston House
Smith, William Laborer Germany 1876  
Smith, Peter Laborer Missouri 1875  
Smith, J. E. Laborer Illinois 1868  
Smith, H. S.   Iowa 1875 North Pine street
Smith, F. Engineer Iowa 1874 Bds H. S. Smith
Smith, J. E. Tinner Penna 1874 Birch street
Smith, L. Machinist     Walnut street
Smith, Jos Boiler Maker Ireland 1871 Walnut street
Smullen, Thos. Painter      
Snodgrass, T. C. Section Hand Illinois 1876 Montgomery street
Snedeker, J. P. Druggist Ohio 1869  
Snow, N. F. Carpenter New York 1871 North Pine street
Snedeker, John Machinist Ohio 1869  
Souther, S. A. Engineer Wisconsin 1876 Vine street
*Spalton, Geo. C. Clerk, &c. England 1871 Elm street
Spencer, Geo. C. Grain Dealer Ohio 1872  
Speis, F. J. Mech. R. House Illinois 1873 Vine street
Spring, George Wiper New York 1876 Pine street
Spice, William Laborer     Tremont House
Stanford, Sam'l Carpenter England 1874 Montgomery street
Stanford, R. W. Tinsmith England 1874  
*Stafford, T. J. Attorney at Law   1874  
Stanchfield, C. A. Conduc. C.B.&Q. R. R. Maine 1871 Birch street
Stark, W. G. Carpenter Penna 1874 Elm street
Stabler, J. Brakeman Ohio 1875  
Stephens, A. P. Merchant Ohio 1875 Adams street
Stephens, M. A.   Ohio 1876 Montgomery street
Stephenson, C. Shoemaker Ohio 1874  
Steel, A. Carpenter Ohio 1872 Vine street
Stearns, J. O. Carpenter Vermont 1875 Montgomery street
Stewart, C. E. Merchant Ohio 1876 Maple street
Steinburg, Alb. Wiper Indiana 1875  
Stiles, P. B. Blacksmith Canada 1876 Elm street
Stonehouse, Wm. Brakeman Canada 1876 Revere House
Stockdale, F. J. Fireman Ohio 1876 Walnut street
Stirm, G. J. Brakeman Ohio 1876 Elm street
Streighthorst, W. Laborer Germany 1875 Pine street
Stroy, William Car Repairer Germany 1875 Maple street
Sturrock, James Boiler Maker Scotland 1873 Tremont House
Stubbs, C. C. Laborer Maine 1872  
Sullivan, Patrick Laborer Ireland 1875 Union street
Sunblaw, C. J. Laborer Sweden 1870  
Swanson, A. J. Engineer Sweden   Pine street
Swarter, Jacob Butcher Ohio 1873  
Swan, S. D., Col. Retired Penna 1870 West Adams street
Swan, W. T. Clerk, C.B.&Q. R.R. Indiana 1868  
Swearingen, T. C. Mech. R. House Ohio 1875 Vine street
Swearingen, J. T. Fireman Ohio 1875 Cherry street
Sweeney, Mrs. C.   Penna 1873 Walnut street



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