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Illustrated Centennial
Sketches, Map and Directory
of Union County, Iowa.

Published by C. J. Colby, Creston, Iowa (1876).


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Creston General Directory (T - Z)

* Name appears in Business Directory




Came to


Tanksley, M. Engineer Tennessee 1873 Vine street
Taylor, Herbert Clerk Illinois 1870 Chicago House
Taylor, Lucinda (colored)   Virginia 1876 Union street
Teed, L. C. Timekpr., C.,B.,&Q. R.R. Michigan 1871 Vine street
Tenery, L. Painter      
Tennant, A. L. Carpenter Virginia 1872 Spruce street
Terpenning, C. W. Artist   1876  
Temple, A. D. Banker Iowa 1870 Monroe & Birch sts.
Thornton, A. Retired Penn 1875 Jefferson street
Tharp, J. Laborer Penn. 1871 Vine street
Thatcher, T. H. Teamster Mass 1876 McDonald's Add'n
Thayer, W. O. Policeman Rh. Island 1873 N. Pine street
Thompson, C. B. Laborer Illinois 1860  
Thompson, Sam'l Laborer Penn 1876 Cherry street
Thornton, N. M. Ba'ge Mast'r C.B.&Q. R.R. Illinois 1871 Maple street
Thurlby, G. W. Hotel Keeper England 1869 Revere House
Thurber, E. L. Conductor Penn 1876 N. Pine street
Tipton, Samuel Teamster Penn 1873 Cherry street
Tolland, M. L. Carpenter Ohio 1875  
Town, L. G. Laborer Vermont 1876  
Town, W. R. Supt. Stk. Yds. C.B.&Q. Vermont 1872 North Pine street
Torrey, N.B., M.D. Physician   1875 Creston House
Tournay, Miss E. Teacher Canada 1874 Bds. Scullen
Trumbull, Mrs. E.   Penn 1876  
Trower, James Mason Iowa 1873  
Tryon, Henry Engineer Illinois 1876 Cherry street
Turley, Edward Mechanic, R. H. Ireland 1874  
Turner, E. Machinist Maine 1876  
Tyron, E.   Penn 1875 Res. Beydon
Vance, C. W. Engineer Ohio 1876 McD.'s S. Addition
Vanderbeck, R. J. Fireman Michigan 1873 Vine street
Vandergrift, Mrs. E. D. Seamstress Ohio 1876 Cherry street
Vandeventer, L. Farmer New York 1873 Union street
*Van Horn, J. Barber Virginia 1875 Vine street
Van Stine, Ben Carpenter      
Vickers, N. C. Carpenter Ohio 1874 McD.'s S. Addition
Vickers, Quincy C.,B.,&Q. R. R. Ohio 1874 Creston House
Vietrich, Charles Carpenter Germany 1873 Birch street
*Way, Capt. H. M. Merchant Ohio 1870  
Wagner, Wm Blacksmith Canada 1874 McDonald's Add'n
Wallin, B. Fireman Mass 1875 McDonald's Add'n
Walls, Thomar Farmer Iowa 1875  
Wallbaum, Chas Tinner Penn 1875 Clark street
Wallis, Thomas Fireman Ireland 1865 Vine street
*Walters, Jacob Harness Maker Bavaria 1875 Wyoming Avenue
Ward, A. Retired Connecticut 1876 Adams street
Walters, Joseph Carpenter Ireland 1876  
Waterman, Frank Laborer New York 1869 Vine street
Waterman, J. W. Clerk Illinois 1869  
Wayman, Henry Bridge Carpenter Germany 1875 Vine street
Welch, Amos Machinist     Revere House
Welch, John Mechanic Ireland 1873 Howard street
Webster, G. B. Engineer New York 1869 Walnut street
Webster, G. P. Engineer Scotland 1870 Birch street
Wenkley, Zella
Wenkley, Iola
  Iowa   Res. E. Hien
Wells, J. M. Land Agt. & Just. Peace Vermont 1874  
Wellington, H. Fireman Mass 1875 Maple street
Weston, J. T. Tinner Penn 1873  
Whitlatch, John Teamster Penn 1874 Walnut street
*Whitman, Mrs. C. M.   New York 1872  
Whittlesey, Rev. N. H. Cong. Minister Connecticut 1875  
Whitney, Henry Hotel Clerk Illinois 1874 Revere House
Whitney, Mrs. E. Seamstress N. Carolina 1871  
Whipple, Jas. H. Clerk, C.,B.,&Q. Michigan 1874  
Whipple, E. D. Carpenter Connecticut 1875 L. View, Elliott st.
White, Mrs. M.   Penn 1865  
Whitmyer, Sam'l Carpenter Penn 1870 Walnut street
White, Hudson Teamster Ohio 1872 Cherry street
Williams, B. F. Mechanic, R. H. Ohio 1873  
Williams, John Laborer Canada 1875 Union street
Williams, S. A. Engineer Illinois 1873 Maple street
Willis, Allen Carpenter Vermont 1872 Pine street
*Wilson, J. B., M. D. Physician Mass 1867  
Wilkinson, E. W. Car Tracer England   Elm street
Wilkinson, C. A. Boiler Maker Iowa 1874 Pine street
Wilkinson, Chas. C., B., & Q. R. R.     Chicago House
*Wilson, Geo. P. Attorney at Law Mass 1874 Vine street
Windle, A. Machinist     Union street
Wood, J. Farmer Kentucky 1876 Vine street
Wood, C. N. Brakeman Illinois 1874 Walnut street
Wood, Miss   Ohio   Landis, N. Pine st.
Wooley, David Clerk Indiana 1870 Creston House
Worth, Mrs. Minnie   Illinois 1872  
Worman, O. T. Carpenter Ohio 1876 Devoe's Addition
Wright, J. J. Mechanic Indiana 1870  
Wright, William Teamster Penn 1866 Vine street
Yansey, Charles Broom maker   1874 Montgomery street
Yonson, Erick   Sweden    
York, Howard Carpenter Vermont 1875 Walnut street
Young, William L. Conductor   1872 Revere House
Younkest, Wm. Carpenter Sweden 1870  
Zeigler, C. J. Laborer Penn 1871 Vine street
Zeigler, G. L. Carpenter Maryland 1875  
Zinn, J. S. Carpenter Ohio 1870 Maple street
Zumwalt, W. A. Painter Indiana 1874  



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