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A History of The Middle
New River Settlements
and Contiguous Territory.

By David E. Johnston (1906).


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Appendix F.

The following is a list of field officers who commanded Confederate organizations, in which were men from the New River Valley, upper Bluestone and Clinch:

Fourth Regiment, Virginia Infantry (Stonewall Brigade).

Colonels: James F. Preston.
William Terry.
Charles A. Runald.
Lieutenant Colonels: Lewis T. Moore.
Robert D. Gardner.
Majors: Albert G. Pendleton.
Joseph F. Kent.
Matthew D. Bennett.


Seventh Virginia Regiment of Infantry.

Colonels: James L. Kemper.
Walter T. Patton.
Charles C. Flowerree.
Lieutenant Colonels: Walter T. Patton.
Charles C. Flowerree.
Lewis B. Williams.
Majors: Walter T. Patton
Charles C. Flowerree.
Aylett A. Swindler.


Eighth Regiment, Virginia Cavalry

Colonels: Albert G. Jenkins.
James M. Corns.
Lieutenant Colonels: Albert G. Jenkins.
Walter H. Jennifer.
Henry Fitzhugh.
Thomas P. Bowen.
Alphonso W. Cook.
Majors: P.M. Edmundson
Henry Fitzhugh.
Thomas P. Bowen.


Fourteenth Regiment, Virginia Cavalry

Colonels: Charles Thorburn.
James Cochran.
Lieutenant Colonels: Robert Augustus Bailey.
John A. Gibson.
Majors: George Jackson.
Frank B. Eakle.


Sixteenth Regiment, Virginia Cavalry

Colonel: Milton J. Ferguson.
Lieutenant Colonel: William Graham.
Major: James H. Nounnan.


Seventeenth Regiment, Virginia Cavalry

Colonel: William H. French.
Lieutenant Colonel: William C. Tavener.
Major: Frederick F. Smith.


Twenty-second Regiment, Virginia Cavalry

Colonel: Henry S. Bowen.
Lieutenant Colonel: John T. Radford.
Major: Henry F. Kendrick.


Thirty-fourth Virginia Cavalry Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel: Vincent A. Witcher.
Majors: William Stratton.
John A. McFarland.


Twenty-second Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonels: C. T. Thompkins.
George S. Patton.
William A. Jackson.
Andrew R. Barbee.
Lieutenant Colonels: John C. McDonald.
Robert Augustus Bailey.
Isaac N. Smith.


Twenty-third Virginia Infantry Battalion

Lieutenant Colonels: Clarence Derrick.
William P. Cecil.
Majors: David S. Hounshell.
William Blessing.


Twenty-fourth Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonels: Jubal A. Early.
William R. Terry.
Peter J. Hairston.
Lieutenant Colonels: Peter J. Hairston.
Richard L. Maury.
Majors: J. P. Hammett.
J. A. Hambrick.
W. W. Bentley.


Twenty-sixth Virginia Infantry Battalion

Colonel: Charles A. Crump.
Lieutenant Colonels: Powhatan R. Page.
James C. Councill.
George M. Edgar.
Richard Woodrum.
Patrick H. Fitzhugh.
Joshua L. Garnett.
Majors: William R. Perrin.
William H. Wheelwright.


Twenty-seventh Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonels: W. W. Gordon.
Andrew J. Griggsby.
Lieutenant Colonels: John Echols.
James K. Edmundson.
Charles Haynes.
Daniel M. Shriver.
Majors: Philip Frazer.
Elisha F. Paxton.


Twenty-eighth Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonels: Robert T. Preston.
William Watts.
Roert C. Allen.
Lieutenant Colonels: William L. Wingfield.
Samuel B. Paul.
Majors: Nathaniel C. Willson.
Michael P. Spessard.


Twenty-ninth Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonels: Alfred C. Moore
James Giles.
Lieutenant Colonels: Alexander Haynes.
William Leigh.
Majors: Isaac White.
Ebenezer Bruster.
W. R. B. Hoone.


Thirtieth Virginia Infantry Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel: J. Lyle Clark.
Major: Peter Otey.


Thirty-sixth Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonels: John McCausland.
Thomas  Smith.
Lieutenant Colonels: William E. Fife.
Reid L. Wiber.
Benjamine Linkous.
Majors: Thomas Smith.
William E. Fife.


Forty-fifth Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonels: Henry Heth.
William H. Brown.
William E. Peters.
Lieutenant Colonels: Edwin Harman.
Benjamine F. Ficklin.
William H. Werth.
Majors: Gabriel C. Wharton.
William Sanders.


Fifty-first Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonels: Gabriel C. Wharton.
Augustus Foresberg.
Lieutenant Colonels: John P. Wolf.
James Massie.
George A. Cunningham.
Majors: William A. Yonce.
Stephen M. Dickey.
William T. Akers.
David S. Hounshell.
Peter Otey.


Fifty-fourth Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonel: Robert C. Trigg.
Lieutenant Colonels: John J. Wade.
Henry A. Edmundson.
William B. Shelor.
Majors: John S. Deyerle.
Austin Harman.
James C. Taylor.


Sixtieth Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonels: William E. Starke.
Beuhring H. Jones.
Lieutenant Colonels; John C. Summers.
William A. Swank.
William A. Gilliam.
George W. Hammon.
J. W. Spaulding.
James L. Corley.
Majors: Jacob N. Taylor.
James W. Sweeney.
William S. Rowan.


Sixty-third Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Colonel: James M. French.
Lieutenant Colonels: David C. Dunn.
C. H. Lynch.
John J. McMahon.


Sixty-fourth Regiment, Virginia Infantry (mounted)

Colonels: A. L. Pridemore.
Campbell Slemp.
Lieutenant Colonel: James B. Richmond.
Major: Henry Gray.


Beckley's Cavalry Battalion

Colonel: Henry Beckley.



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