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A History of The Middle
New River Settlements
and Contiguous Territory.

By David E. Johnston (1906).


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Appendix G, Part 3.

French's Mercer County Battery.


Captain: Napoleon B. French.
Lieutenants: John J. Maitland.
Edward G. Tracey.
Theodore Smith.
B. G. McComas.
John A. Douglass.
Charles R. Boyd.


Chapman's Virginia Battery  (Monroe County Company) :


Captain: Beirne Chapman.
Lieutenants: Reed

Non-Commissioned Officers

Cephalis Black.
William T. Patton.
M. M. Balentine.
R. Davidson.
William Dickerson.
J. G. Stevens.
Charles Heeney.
Dr. E. F. Raymond.


Argabright, J. L.
Arnett, Jesse
Andrews, H. M.
Andrews, William
Andrews, Charles
Armstrong, Henry
Alderson, J. W.
Briggs, Miles
Bostic, James
Burns, Matthew
Boyd, Matthew
Ballentine, Andrew
Ballentine, John
Burdett, James
Beamer, Matthew
Beamer, Bird
Banks, Clem
Bran, Robert
Bennet, J. W.
Bradley, George
Clark, Aaron
Coiner, John
Christie, Allen
Christie, Newton
Cummings, Robert
Davidson, Ferdinand
Daugherty, John
Daugherty, William
Humphrey, Berry
Hurt, Garland
Holderlee, W. H.
Kirbey, James
Keaton, Cole
Kiser, Bogle
Layton, Frank
Lynch, Hugh
Lemon, Frank
Lowe, John
Lewis, Thomas
Loudermilk, James
Lee, Mason
Lynch, Henderson
McGhan, Mack
McDowell, Andrew
Mays, Robert
Moran, James
Matheney, George
Mann, Thomas
Mann, Clark
Mann, Kenley
Mann, Johh
Miller, Wilson
McGee, John
Morris, John
McRay, William
Meeks, H. A.
Meeks, Harrison
Morgan, John
Minner, Dick
McNeer, W. R.
Neel, Henry
Neel, A. A. P.
Parker, J. N.
Pyles, John
Vance, Rice
Vance, Henry
Vance, Cape
Vine, George
Vans, Tavern H.
Vaught, Miles
Dickson, Charles
Dickson, Robert
Dungan, Robert
Ellison, Charles
Ellis, Jacob
Ellis, W. H.
Ellis, John
Ford, James
Foster, Jacob
Groves, Alexander
Gray, John
Gray, Alexander
Griffey, Robert
Huffman, George
Hoylman, Francis
Hogsett, B. F.
Hogsett, H. M.
Hogsett, William
Hogsett, Washington
Halstead, Allen
Halstead, Henry
Hill, A. J.
Hines, James
Hines, J. W.
Hamilton, Houston
Hoke, J. H.
Honaker, Ike
Hicks, Samuel
Pyles, Henry
Pharr, Dian
Peek, Jacob
Pitzer, Henry
Pitzer, Wink
Robison, William
Robison, James
Robison, Dick
Robinson, Samuel
Reed, Joseph
Riffe, John
Riffe, Samuel
Swoope, William L.
Stevens, J. A.
Smith, Wash
Smith, Josiah
Smith, Lorenso
Shaver, William
Shumate, William
Shumate, Harry
Saunders, William
Selvey, William
Stuart, James
Sams, Andrew
Sams, Dock
Sams, Hugh
Sawyers, Jesse
Stull, Dan
Spangler, John
Simpson, Jacob
Stickely, John
Sively, Charles
Tracey, J. J. H.
Upton, J. H.
Vance, Adam
Vance, David
Walters, J. W.
Walker, Charles
Walker, Newton
Young, J. C.
Young, George
Young, William


A roll of Bryan's Virginia Battery, in which a number of Monroe County and New River Valley men served:


Captain: Thomas A. Bryan.
Lieutenants: Giles A. Fowlkes.
William Steele.
William H. Jennings.
Mosheim Tabler.

Non-Commissioned Officers

William A. Francis
John T. Simms.
A. J. Patton.
G. W. Branham.
M. W. Humphreys.
A. A. McAllister.
Otho Crebbs.
B. F. Irons.
Judson Howell.
William A. Burdett.
N. A. Dunbar.
H. C. Campbell.
John D. McCartney.
George W. Earley.
William R. Leach.
George W. Wetzel.


Alexander, Henry
Alexander, M. J.
Allen, G. W.
Allen, Hugh
Allen, John
Allen, N. R.
Alvis, ........
Arnold, Alexander
Arthur, Charles M.
Bell, A. M.
Bush, Harvey
Calfee, J. A.
Campbell, A. N.
Campbell, Daniel
Campbell, John E.
Campbell, John P.
Campbell, W. H. H.
Campbell, William P.
Caperton, Hugh
Carroll, James
Carter, William A. Sr.
Carter, William A. Jr.
Chewning, Stephen
Clark, James F.
Clark, Preston
Collins, Edward
Collins, Philip
Connell, M. S.
Ceelican, Thomas McL.
Croghan, Timothy
Crosier, J. L.
Crosier, J. M.
Crosier, T. B.
Crosier, W. B.
Crowder, L. V.
Cumins, Jack
Davis, Charles M.
Dehart, James R.
Dehart, John
Dehart, Michael A.
Dehart, William C.
Debins, Daniel
Doland, Andrew
Doland, Mark
Dooley, James A.
Doswell, R. M.
Kershner, M. M.
King, William A.
Kissinger, Erastus
Knightstep, W. C.
Kountz, Samuel
Landridge, Thos.
Lawhorn, James
Lawhorn, Joseph
Leach, A. U. G,.
Leach, Cornelius
Leach, A. Y.
Leach, Joshua
Leach, William R.
Lewis, John E.
Lewis, John T.
Long, N. B.
Lynch, John
McClaugherty, George E.
McClearn, Alexander
McClowney, J. K.
McCreery, W. H.
McDowell, R. D.
McMahon, A. J.
Manning, Dennis
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Thomas S.
Meadows, E. B.
Meredith, L. D.
Miller, T. J.
Miller, William G.
Morgan, Thomas A.
Mourn, G. W.
Murdeck, James L.
Murrill, Charles H.
Murrill, Thomas B.
Spade, Brice M.
Spade, W. C.
Stack, Thomas
Steele, John
Steele, Lewis M.
Steele, M. G.
Steele, Thomas B.
Stephens, C. I.
Snyder, Alexander
Tabler, J. N.
Teass, Thomas A.
Thomas, D. R.
Thomas, G. W.
Thompson, George H.
Tipton, W. H.
Tolbert, Charles
Tomlison, A. N.
Tomlinson, James P.
Tomlinson, Joseph
Tomlinson, W. C.
Vance, Adam
Vass, Charles
Beckett, Michael
Bland, Alexander
Boyd, George A.
Boyd, F. A.
Boyd, R. A.
Branham, John H.
Bryan, Walter
Bugg, G. W.
Burdett, John K.
Burnes, James T.
Duffy, John H.
Dunbar, C. W.
Dunbar, James M.
Dunbar, John A.
Dunbar, R. S.
Dunbar, Thomas E.
Dunbar, W. M.
Dunn, B. P.
Dunn, Rufus K.
Dunsmore, J. A.
Dunsmore, W. H.
Erskine, Madison H.
Fisher, James T.
Fisher, John I..
Foster, David W.
Fox, I. L.
Francis, John A.
Fullen, William H.
Glover, John H.
Glover, William P.
Graves, John W.
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Robert
Handley, J. A.
Hebberman, .........
Honaker, E. S.
Huffman, G. S.
Huffman, Tim L.
Humphreys, C. A.
Humphreys, John W.
Irons, William Y.
James, W. H. H.
Jennings, Petrie
Kelley, Dennis
Kershner, James
Neal, A. P.
Neal, John L.
Nelson, John F.
Nicholas, John
Nickell, George T.
Obenchain, C. E.
Parker, D. R. P.
Parker, R. Y.
Parker, W. H. H.
Patton, A. D.
Patton, John C.
Patton, John J.
Patton, Napoleon
Patton, Wallace
Pearis, George D.
Ramsey, James W.
Ramsey, John
Reaburn, R. A.
Reaburn, W. H.
Riley, Timothy
Ripley, J. L.
Robertson, Frank
Robertson, B. H.
Robertson, Alexander
Rusk, M. M.
Russell, Walter
Saunders, James
Scott, William
Shanklin, C. A.
Shanklin, H. S.
Sheppard, Joel G.
Shields, William H.
Shumate, R. A.
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Pat
Walker, C. W.
Wallace, John A.
Wallace, John J.
Wallace, William A.
Watson, A. J.
Weaver, Aylett
Weaver, John C.
Witten, Guy M.
Wickline, J. A.
Wickline, S. D.
Williams, S. B.
Williams, George W.
Williams, James
Williams, William P.
Wiseman, Charles A.
Wiseman, John A.
Woodson, A. A.
Woolwine, A. P.
Wiley, Perry
Wiseman, John L.
Young, George
Young, Josiah


A roll of Company D, 23rd Virginia Battalion of Infantry, commanded by Colonel Clarence Derrick  (Tazewell County Company) :


Captains: William P. Cecil, promoted to Major.
D. B. Baldwin.
Lieutenants: Thomas W. Whitt.
David J. Gillespie.
W. M. Witten.
James Gillespie.
Oscar F. Barnes.
James H. Harding, Adjutant.
Hugh Dillon, Fife Major.
John Whetsel, Drum Major.

Orderly Sergeants

David J. Daugherty.
Thomas P. Brewster.
David A. Edwards.

Flag Bearers

John W. Daniels.
Fred Smiley.
Benjanime White.
A. J. Sweeney.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Sergeants, Corporals and Privates

Agner, William
Ayers, Isaac
Ayers, B. F.
Asberry, John
Asberry, Madison
Brown, W. J.
Bowman, Arch
Bowman, Samuel P.
Barnes, John
Brown, William
Carter, John
Carter, Smith
Carter, James
Cooley, Joseph
Conley, Isaac
Cook, B. K.
Doughton, Enos
Doughton, Mitchell
Doughton, George
Doughton, Andrew
Dillion, Henderson
Dillion, Osborne
Dillion, Thomas P.
Dixon, John
Dailey, W. W.
Faddis, John
George, James H.
Redwine, Joseph
Rollins, William
Rader, William E.
Ratcliff, Richard S.
Ratcliff, Howard
Ratcliff, Henderson
Smith, C. D.
Spotts, Campbell
Spence, Jonas
Spence, William
Spence, James
Sparks, Jonas
Sergent, William
Sergent, Johnston
Shannon, Powell
Steele, Montague
Sweeney, I. J.
Gray, James
Gillespie, Robert
Gillespie, George W.
Gillenwalters, James
Hunter, James
Hankins, Richard
Higginbotham, M. N.
Helton, Buch
Hooker, William
Hall, John
Hall, James
Hall, Thomas
Haldron, A. J.
Hensley, William
Mathena, John
Marrs, David W.
Mitchell, Eli
Moore, Robert M.
Newton, James
Newton, William
Pack, Jordan
Puckett, James
Price, William
Pack, John
Quicksell, Harman
Rollins, Davidson
Rollins, Emsley
Vest, James
Vaughan, Jeff
Waldron, M. A.
Whitt, Alfred
Witten, Thomas
Whitt, Montague
Whitt, Elias A.
White, Benjamine
White, James A.
White, Osborne
White, Joseph
Whitt, James A.
White, John
White, Arch
White, John Jr.
Young, Charles
Young, John B.

Note:  This company was engaged in the following actions and battles:   Cotton Hill, W. Va., Dickenson, McCoys, Fort Donelson  (five days fight), Fayetteville, Montgomery's Ferry, Camp Piatt, Charleston, Pack's Ferry, Lewisburg, New Market, Berryville, Shepherdstown, Dry Creek, Monocacy, Opequon, Winchester, Strasburg, Middletown, Fisher's Hill, Fort Harrison, Cold Harbor, Snicer's Gap, Atlee's Station, Lacy Springs, Kernstown.  This company had 33 men wounded, 10 killed, 10 captured, and 7 died of disease.  Osborne Dillion was captured in McDowell County, West Virginia, and brought to a place now known as Roseville, near Pocahontas, Virginia, tied to a tree and shot.


Company H, of the 8th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, commanded by Captains George W. Spotts, John C. McDonald, Thomas P. Bowen and Henry Bowen, was composed in part of the following named Mercer County men, to-wit:

Lieutenant: Jacob A. Peck.


Alvis, Fel
Alvis, James
Alvis, John
Bailey, A. J.
Bailey, Rufus K.
Bailey, Rufus
Bailey, Festus
Bailey, Clinton
Belcher, Henry D.
Belcher, Philip
Belcher, Waddy
Blankenship, William
Calfee, H. S.
Calfee, John
Cassady, R. P.
Clowers, Daniel
Crawford, Reuben
Deweese, Andrew
Duncan, William
George, Robert A.
Godfrey, John D.
Hale, John E.
Higginbotham, J. H.
Higginbotham, Allen
Hight, James H.
Karnes, James A.
Kesterson, Frank
McClananhan, Charles
McNutt, Joseph P.
McPherson, Jacob
McPherson, James
McThompson, John
Mills, James R.
Painter, William L.
Reed, Hiram
Shrader, Robert
Smith, William B.
Stickleman, Thomas
Stovall, John Q.
Tiller, J. P.
Thompson, H. B.
Thompson, Patrick
Thompson, Thomas W.
Thompson, William H.
Underwood, Peter
Walker, William
Wilson, John


The following is a list of officers who commanded various organizations from Tazewell County which served in the Confederate Army:

Company D, 23rd Virginia Batalion of Infantry.

Captains, William P. Cecil, D. B. Baldwin;  Lieutenants, James Gillespie, David J. Gillespie, Montague Whitt,  William M. Witten,  Milburn W. Barrett, Thomas L. Whitt, Oscar F. Barnes, who served at one time Sergeant Major of said battalion.    Captain William P. Cecil was promoted to Major and commanded for a while the said battalion, and he was succeeded by Major David S. Hounshell.  At the reorganization of the army, Lieutenant Colonel Clarence Derrick, a graduate of West Point, became Lieutenant Colonel and commander of said battalion.  Captain William Blessing, of Company A, was promoted to Major, and James A. Harding was appointed Adjutant.

45th Virginia Regiment of Infantry.

Colonels, Henry  Heth, William E. Peters, William H. Brown;  Lieutenant Colonel Edwin H. Harmon;  Captains, Joseph Harrison, Charles A. Fudge, John H. Whitley, John Thompson, Henry Yost, T. V. Williams, James H. Peery.  Lieutenants, B. W. Williams, Henry S. Higginbotham, Robert Wingo, Robert A. Winston, Robert G. Baldwin, R. A. Taylor, Norman Bailey, Henry Davidson, Preston Croft, Joseph H. Bane, W. C. Williams, Charles P. Gillespie, James P. Whitman, James P. Whitman, James W. Smith, John Thompson, and Henry E. Maxwell.

Derrick's Battalion.

Captains, George Gose, Frank Peery;  Lieutenants, S. H. Skelton, H. G. Peery.

29th Virginia Regiment of Infantry.

Captains, Archibald Peery, Rufus Britton, Ebb Brewster, the two latter afterwards promoted to Major;  Lieutenants, P. Barnes, P. Croft.

22nd Regiment of Virginia Calvalry.

Colonel, Henry S. Bowen;  Lieutenant Colonel, ..... Radford;  Captains, Bailey Higginbotham, W. W. Brown;  Lieutenants, Samuel Brooks, Wesley Hall.

16th Regiment of Virginia Cavalry.

Colonel, Milton J. Ferguson;  Lieutenant Colonel, William L. Graham;    Captains, Jonathan Hankins, Robert Taylor, William Edward Peery;   Lieutenants, M. L. Linkous, William Elswick, M. W. Barrett, Henderson Plummer, William Bailey, W. H. H. Witten, John H. Wood, John Whitley, S. J. Thompson, Ferd S. Dunn.

8th Regiment of Virginia Cavalry.

Captains, George W. Spotts, John C. McDonald, Thomas P. Bowen, Henry Bowen;    Lieutenants, Joseph S. Moss, J. H. Abbott, A. J. Tynes (afterwards promoted to Captain).

34th Virginia Cavalry Battalion

Colonel, Vincent A. Witcher;  Captains, Elias V. Harman, David G. Sawyers, John Yost.

50th Regiment of Virginia Infantry.

Captain, Frank W. Kelly.  There were two companies of Tazewell County Reserves at the battle of Saltville, one company by Captain Samuel L. Graham, and the other by Captain Starnes.

United States Census, 1790 to 1900, showing the population of the Counties of Montgomery, Monroe, Tazewell, Giles and Mercer.

Year Montgomery Monroe Tazewell Giles Mercer
1790 13228 ........... ......... .......... ..........
1800 9044 4188 2127 ......... ..........
1810 8409 5444 3007 3745 ..........
1820 8733 6620 3916 4521 ..........
1830 12306 7798 5749 5274 ..........
1840 7405 8422 6290 5307 2243
1850 8359 10204 9942 6570 4222
1860 10617 10757 9920 6883 6819
1870 12556 11124 10791 5895 7064
1880 16693 11501 12861 8794 7467
1890 17742 12429 19899 9090 16002
1900 15852 13130 23384 10793 12023



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