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A History of The Middle
New River Settlements
and Contiguous Territory.

By David E. Johnston (1906).


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Appendix G, Part 2.

Roll of Company H, 60th Virginia Regiment of Infantry  (Mercer County Company) :


Captains: John A. Pack.
John M. Bailey.
Rufus A. Hale.
Lieutenants: John M. Bailey
Rufus A. Hale.
James M. Bailey.
George W. Belcher.
Leftwich Bailey.
Daniel F. Austin.


Oscar J. Emmons.
George D. Bailey.
Thomas M. Shrewsberry.


Council W. Bailey. Andrew G. Belcher.


Absher, Samuel J.
Bailey, Jamison
Bailey, Allen C.
Bailey, George P.
Bailey, Samuel J.
Bailey, Edwin A.
Bailey, Pembroke
Bailey, William C.
Bailey, Jonathan S.
Bailey, Daniel M.
Bailey, Uriah A.
Bailey, Cornelius W.
Bryant, Samuel
Burton, Elias
Belcher, Alexander
Belcher, Henderson
Belcher, Obediah J.
Belcher, Middleton F.
Boggess, Nimrod
Carr, Jesse G.
Caldwell, Madison A.
Cooper, William A.
Cooper, Jas. L.
Crawford, W. H.
Calfee, Henry
Calfee, Jno. A.
Caperton, O. H.
Cooper, Alexander
Carr, Jas. S.
Deweese, Andrew
Dillon, Ballard P.
Dillon, Jesse
Dillon, Jeff.
Dillon, William
Farmer, W.H
Karr, Jos. T
Kahle, Jno B.
Lusk, Matthew E.
Lusk, Reece T.
Maxey, Augustus
Martin, Samuel
McComas, Rufus
Martin, Jos. H.
McPherson, Andrew
Poe, Jesse
Privett, George R.
Reed, Charles A.
Reed, William A.
Reece, Jno. H.
Runyon, Richard
Runyon, John
Shannon, Samuel D.
Shannon, Jno. R.
Saddler, Jas. S.
Sanuders, William I.
Saunders, David N.
Shrader, Samuel W.
Shrader, Jas. McH.
Shrader, Henry A.
Shrewsberry, N. L.
Shutt, Jno. W.
Shrewsberry, T. M..
Farmer, A. B.
French, W. K.
Fletcher, Anderson
Farmer, Jno. D.
Falkner, W. D.
Falkner, Charles L.
Glen, William
Godfrey, Thomas
Graham, David E.
Gilmore, Charles
Grim, Jas.
Hurst, Jas. H.
Hurst, Armistead A.
Helton, Jeremiah
Hodge, Haywood
Hodge, William
Hetherington, J. T.
Hodge, George W.
Hager, Russell
Herndon, W. H.
Hartwell, Jno. L.
Hale, Charles A.
Hubbard, Sam. G.
Hudson, Jno. L.
Jones, W. H.
Jones, Jno. H.
Johnston, Adam W.
Johnston, Jas. E.
Jones, Isaac
Jones, James
Justice, Henry D.
Kirk, W. H.
Karr, Jas. S.
Karr, Giles R.
Karr, Jesse G.
Thompson, Gordon
Taylor, Jno.
Taylor, James
Taylor, William
Tracey, Edward G.
Thornton, W. R.
Tuggle, Lewis
Tuggle, Jno.
Trail, Lewis A.
Underwood, J. A.
Underwood, Jesse
Williams, Jno. A.
Walker, Underwood
Walker, Burrill U.
Whorley, Charles
Whittaker, Byrd
Whittaker, Jno. T.
Whittaker, Franklin
Whittaker, W. D.
Wimmer, Jas. F.
Wilson, Jesse P.
Wilson, Jno. A.
Wall, Henry D.
Worrell, Fleming S.
Walker, George C.
Wright, Jno. J.
White, William F.

Names of members of Company H, 60th Virginia Regiment Infantry, who were killed in battle, died of wounds or disease, to wit:

Dillon, Ballard P., Oct. 1, 1861, of fever.
Dillon, William, Nov. 17, 1861, of fever.
Crawford, William 1861, of camp fever.
Lusk, M. E., Nov. 2, 1861, of camp fever.
Martin, Jos. H., Nov. 14, 1861, of camp fever.
Saddler, James, Oct. 30, 1861, of camp fever.
Shrewsberry, Logan T., Oct. 21, 1861, of camp fever.
Shrewsberry, N. L., Oct. 25, 1861, of camp fever.
Trail, Lewis A., Oct. 27, 1861, of camp fever.
Shrader, Samuel W., Nov. 27, 1861, of camp fever.
Wall, Henry D., Dec. 4,  1861,  of fever.
Lusk, Reece T., Dec. 20, 1861, of fever.
Reade, Charles A. Dec. 5, 1861, of consumption.
Walker, Underwood, April 1, 1862, of consumption.
Dillon, Samuel W., July 10, 1862, from wounds received June 30th, 1862.
Poe, Jesse, July, 1862, from wounds received June 30th, 1862.
McComas, Rufus, July 9, 1862, from wounds received June 30th, 1862.
Walker, George C., Oct. 14, 1862, from wounds received June 30th, 1862.
Bailey, James (Lieu't) Dec. 15, 1861, of fever.
Helton, Jeremiah, June 12, 1863, of fever.
Wilson, Jno. A., May 9, 1864, killed in battle of Cloyd's farm.
Gussler, Henry, May 9, 1864, killed in battle of Cloyd's farm.
Thompson, Gordon, May 9, 1864, killed in battle of Cloyd's farm.
Runyan, Richard, May 31, 1864, wounds received at Cloyd's farm.
Bailey, Pembroke, July 24, 1864, killed in battle of Hernstown.
Runyan, John, Aug. 17, 1864, killed at Winchester.
Belcher, Middleton F., Sept. 19, 1864, wounded at Winchester.
Bogess, Nimrod, Sept. 19, 1864, killed at Winchester.
White, William F., Sept. 19, 1864, killed at Winchester.
Peters, Thaddeus S., Oct. 9, 1864, wounds received in battle of Leetown, Aug. 25, 1864.
Wimmer, Jas. F., Oct. 19, 1864, wounds received at Fisher's Hill, Sept. 22, 1864.
Bailey, George D., Oct. 19, 1864, killed in battle of Cedar Creek.
Karr, Jos. T., Oct. 26, 1864, wounds received in battle of Cedar Creek.
Worrell, Flemming S., Dec. 7, 1864, died of gastritis.
Hager, Russell, Nov. 9, 1864, wounds received in battle of Winchester, Sept. 19, 1864.

It appears that thirty-six of this company died of wounds, disease, or were killed in battle.  The roll of this company is compiled from the original, made by Captain Rufus A. Hale, and on which appears the names of the thirty-eight men marked as deserters, and whose names do not herein appear, as several of those so marked did not go over to the enemy, but united with other Confederate commands and served faithfully to the end of the war, and hence it would be wrong to brand and hand down to posterity their names as deserters.


Roll of Captain Alexander Pine's Company of Mercer County Reserves, composed of men between 45 and 50 years, and boys between 16 and 18 years.  This company served for some time in trenches around Richmond in the fall of 1864:

Bailey, Samuel J.
Bailey, Cornelius W.
Bailey, Enos
Bailey, Uriah A.
Calfee, William
Calfee, Augustus B.
Calfee, Houston
Chatting, George
Carper, Ballard
Clamore, James
Ferguson, John (Orderly Sgt.)
Hurst, Armstead A.
Hearn, Levi
Hubbard, Samuel G.
Hutchinson, Allen
Jones, William H.
Jones, Isaac
Kahle, Jno. B.
Mills, Benjamin
Mills, George
Miller, Floyd
Bailey, Daniel M.
Belcher, Anderson A.
Belcher, Daniel P.
McBride, John
Neeley, William
Neeley, E.
Oxley, Sanford (Lieutenant)
Petrey, Jacob
Phillips, John
Stinson, Charles
Stinson, Loraine  (2d Lieut.)
Shorter, James
Shorter, Philip
Stewart, Vest
Stovall, Levi (1st Lieut.)
Shutt, Jno. W.
Tracey, R. J.
Trail, Jacob
Trail, Damuel M.
Weeks, Bert
Walker, Burrill U.

This company was attached to the 4th Battalion Virginia Reserves, commanded by Colonel Wallace.  A number of Capt. Pine's Company were transferred to Company H, 60th Virginia Regiment of Infantry.


A roll of Company G, 24th Regiment of Virginia (Mercer County Company) :


Captains: Robert A. Richardson.
Hercules Scott.
Benjamine P. Grigsby.
Lieutenants: Benjamine G. McNutt.
William Mc Calfee.
John A. Douglass.
Rufus G. Rowland.
Harvey M. Calfee.


Abshire, Winston
Austin, R. T.
Bailey, Edward
Bailey, G. C
Bailey, Robert H.
Bailey, G. F.
Bailey, N. B.
Bailey, Festus
Bowling, William
Burroughs, Charles
Brown, John A.
Brown, Thomas C.
Belcher, William McH.
Belcher, George P.
Bird, Blueford W.
Batchelor, Robert
Cooper, A. L.
Cooper, R. C.
Cooper, C. W.
Cook, Squire
Coeburn, John
Calfee, Milton H.
Calfee, French
Carbaugh, William T.
Calloway, James
Cox, Jordon
Deeds, John F.
Douglass, John A.
East, Alexander
Easter, John
French, B. P.
French, David
Fellers, Zechariah
Foley, Marshall
Faulkner, Hugh M.
Farley, William
Flick, J. M. N.
Abshire, James A.
Alvis, D. M.
George, Robert A.
Grigsby, B. P.
Grim, Peter
Gore, G. H.
Herndon, William H.
Heptinstall, Leslie
Holston, A. J.
Hearn, Andrew
Hearn, James
Hopkins, James T.
Hill, George
Hambrick, Joseph
Hall, James
Harris, George A.
Hale, Luther C.
Johnson, James H.
Johnson, Dennis
Johnson, Addison
Justice, Henry D.
Kinney, James
Karnes, Isaac
NcNutt, B. G.
McNutt, John W.
McClaugherty, M. H.
McClaugherty, Albert
Mahood, William A.
Mahood, F. W.
Motley, R. D.
Mullins, F. M.
Mills, James H.
Manning, Tobias
Monroe, James M.
Oney, Isaac A.
O'Daniel, William
Peters, Thaddeus


A roll of Company I, 59th Regiment of Virginia Infantry  (Mercer County Company) :


Captain: William B. Dorman.
Lieutenants: C. D. Straley.
James M. McCue.
J. C. Straley.

Non-Commissioned Officers

William L. Bridges.
D. H. Carr.
J. W. Thompson.
J. L. Walker.
Benjamine P. Grigsby.
Thomas C. Gooch.
J. H. Peck.
W. W. George.
James O. Cassady.


Bailey, John H.
Bailey, A. C.
Bailey, Daniel P.
Bailey, Wilson L.
Barbor, H. B.
Bray, Thomas
Brunty, Ranson
Bowling, Lee
Bowling, Thomas, J.
Burnside, A. J.
Carper, William
Calfee, George
Calfee, Davis
Calfee, Henry
Caldwell, M. C.
Caldwell, W. H.
Caldwell, Andrew
Davidson, Henry P.
Dangerfield, Owen
Daniely, W. J.
Davis, A. J.
Davis, Gabriel
French, Ballard P.
French, James H.
Fletcher, William H.
Fletcher, Charles
Gallier, Jack
Gibson, James
Godfrey, Thomas
Gooch, Benjamine P.
Grimm, Isreal
Grimm, Peter
Graley, Isaac
Graley, Henry
Heptinstall, W. F.
Haden, J. E.
Holly, William H.
Holly, W. S.
Hall, ......
Harris, William A.
Underwood, Jesse
Underwood, Peter
Worrell, Fleming
Belcher, Hugh I.
Belcher, Rufus K.
Blankenship, Robert
Brian, Albert P.
Brian, William H.
Harless, N. B.
Hudson, Robert M.
Jones, Nathan
Jones, Fleming
King, William R.
Lavender, Henry
Lilley, J. K.
Lowman, John
Martin, Hardin K.
Martin, French
Martin, H. W.
Martin, John
Martin, William H.
Martin, Henry
Miller, George C.
Miller, George W.
McKenzie, Hiram
Morgan, William H.
Murrill, Drury T.
Oney, Ambrose
Oney, Edward A.
Parker, Giles
Perkins, J. J.
Peters, Elijah
Robinson, John H.
Robinson Rufus
Rowland, Kinsie
Rowland, Rufus G.
Smith, Gaston
Smith, Ballard P.
Spade, Samuel
Tabor, George O.
Thompson, Syms
Thompson, Samuel
Underwood, Isham
Walker, William
White, James
White, Ballard P.

Note:  This was the second company organized in Mercer County and united with the 59th Virginia Regiment of Infantry, of the Wise Legion, under the command of General Henry A. Wise.  This command served for some time in Western Virginia about the Gauley Dogwood Gap and on Sewell Mountain.  It was afterward transferred to eastern North Carolina and captured at the Battle of Roanoke Island.  On the return of these men from captivity, their term of enlistment having expired, they joined themselves to various Confederate commands.


A roll of Company A, 17th Virginia Cavalry Regiment (Mercer County Company) :


Captains: William H. French.
J. W. Graybeal.
Lieutenants: William B. Crump.
Edward McClaugherty.
Judson Ellison.
W. A. Reid.
Robert Gore.
LaFayette Gore.

Men of the Line

Austin, A. G.
Anderson, A. J.
Anderson, David
Alvis, B.
Brown, William
Brown, P. R.
Brown, Joseph
Burnside, Jackson
Burgess, James
Butler, Joel A.
Boling, James
Bolin, J. J.
Campbell, Lewis
Campbell, William A.
Clemmens, John
Clemmens, James
Crawford, G. W.
Caldwell, G. W.
Caldwell, Manilius
Caldwell, Morton
Calfee, A. J.
Calfee, Albert B.
Davis, P.
Easter, James
Easter, C. W.
Fanning, A. J.
French, Allen
French, Milton H.
French, William
Fletcher, William H.
Faulkner, Hugh
Faulkner, George
Foley, Marshall
Foley, Barnet
Flowers, John
Foster, G. W.
Foster, James
Foster, Robert
Farley, Jackson
Gore, H. S.
Gibson, Leroy
Hall, William
Holroyd, W. M.
Hunt, Eli W.
Hunt, G. W.
Hunt, Arnold
Haldren, Samuel
Ratcliffe, Cook
Reed, G. W.
Reed, Clark
Redman, Robert
Redman, William
St. Clair, William
St. Clair, Daniel
St. Clair, E. W.
St. Clair, Bluford
St. Clair, Green
Shorter, W. A.
Shorter, G. W.
Snead, James
Sweeney, William
Stafford, W. H.
Shewsberry, Johnson
Shrader, Robert
Tucker, .......
Thompson, Philip
Bolin, F. A.
Bolin, A. H.
Bolin, G. S.
Bolin, U. A.
Barbor, H. B.
Belcher, Floyd
Brian, G. H.
Brian, Robert
Brian, Albert P.
Batchelor, Robert
Campbell, James
Campbell, Henry
Haldren, G. W.
Haldren, Ballard
Hatcher, Henry
Hatcher, Jackson
Hatcher, Green
Higginbotham, Henry
Higginbotham, G. L.
Lowman, John
Lane, Charles
Means, Charles
Martin, H. E.
Martin, Daniel
Martin, Francis
Martin, Joseph
Martin, J. D.
Monroe, J. W.
Massie, Thomas
Meadows, Harry
Massie, Jefferson
McClaugherty, Joseph
McClaugherty, John
McClaugherty, Nelson
Nash, Albert
Neeley, William
Newkirk, J. R.
Newkirk, William
Nelson, John
Nelson, Lewis
Pennington, Levi
Pennington, G. L.
Prince, Floyd
Prince, Lee
Pettry, William
Pettry, H. F,.
Patton, .........
Thomley, Thomas
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, Allen
Thornton, William
Virmillion, J. R.
Virmillion, S. T.
Walker, John
Woodall, John R.
Woodall, W. A.
Woodall, M. F.
Wright, John
Wiley, Hugh
Wiley, Bird
Wiley, J. A.
Wiley, James L.
Weatherford, Samuel
Williams, Andrew
Wood, J. A.



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